Best Supplements For Healing Back Pain


Herniated Disc Treatment Steps

Best Vitamin for Low Back Pain (Sciatica)

1. Eat a Collagen/Bone Broth Diet

First off, you need to give your body the specific nutrients it needs in order to heal the area, and that means you need to follow what I call the collagen diet. Your body needs collagen to help heal and repair a damaged disc and tissues. In order to do that, collagen is found in protein powder made from bone broth or bone broth liquid.

Drinking bone broth on a regular basis is the No. 1 dietary thing you can do. You can make bone broth at home yourself or simply buy a liquid bone broth online and have it shipped to you frozen. Sometimes you can even find it in your grocery store. You want to consume two to three servings a day its an absolute must for herniated disc treatment.

I recommend you make a big crock-pot soup every single day to consume. For instance, combine chicken, celery, onions, carrots, some organic chicken and some chicken bone broth. Thats going to give you some of the nutrients you need to help heal and repair your low back, stiff neck or wherever you might have a herniated disc.

Also, getting more antioxidants by consuming high-antioxidant foods like blueberries is key. The ideal herniated disc treatment diet looks something like this:

  • Breakfast: A smoothie with a collagen protein powder or protein powder made from bone broth, blueberries, coconut milk and maybe some anti-inflammatory herbs like ginger root.
  • Lunch/Dinner: Soup or stew with the bone broth.

2. Consume Beneficial Supplements

3. Practice Egoscue

Nutrients To Support Healing From Back Pain And Back Surgery

See Food for Thought: Diet and Nutrition for a Healthy Back

Certain nutrients are essential to the immune system. Without them, the bodys ability to heal and recover is reduced. Nutrients commonly used in immunonutrition recommendations include arginine, glutamine, Omega-3, nucleotides, and antioxidants, which are all found naturally in certain foods as well as in nutritional supplements.

Research supports that the following five nutrients play an important role in healing from injury, such as a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease, and from back or neck surgery.

How To Use Turmeric For Back Pain

Consuming more turmeric in food or drinking a turmeric smoothie wonât provide the pain relief youâre looking for. Hereâs why: curcumin, the primary source of turmericâs anti-inflammatory properties, is only about 3.14% of turmeric powder. In other words, youâd need to add a ton of turmeric to your food to feel any benefit, which is hardly feasible.

Youâll need an encapsulated turmeric supplement with a higher ratio of curcumin to treat your back pain effectively. Make sure to get turmeric and black pepper together when purchasing your supplement. The addition of BioPerine significantly increases the absorption of curcumin by 20 times.

Your supplement should also contain between 20-25 mg of AstraGin, a natural patented ingredient that supports a healthy gut environment while boosting turmeric uptake by another 92%. More absorption means greater pain relief.

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Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Gold:

The best supplement for degenerative disc disease is Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Gold. As a supplement, vitamin D may help with lower back problems. In addition, Vitamin D, taken as a dietary supplement, may alleviate back discomfort in the spine.

According to research, people who needed spine surgery due to degenerative illnesses of the spine had a severe vitamin D shortage. Hence, Vitamin D is necessary for the health of bones and collagen-based discs in the spine.

To enhance bone, dental, and immunological health, Vitamin D3 Gold contains a highly accessible form of D3 derived from linchen. Vitamin D3 Gold is prepared in an organic olive oil base to increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Nutrogold Vitamin D3 gold supports bone growth and immune system function. It also helps with calcium absorption. Furthermore, Nutrigold vitamin D3 aids in reducing back discomfort, which benefits the bone and tissue health of the spine.

Its also free of potentially dangerous ingredients like magnesium stearate and hexanes.


Adults should take one mini capsule daily as a dietary supplement or as advised by their healthcare provider.


Survey Says Most People Dont Care What The Science Says: Most People Wont Quit Taking Supplements No Matter What

Schwartz Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Turmeric for Hip, Joint &  Back ...

In 2013, Blendon et al found that only about a quarter of surveyed supplement users would quit taking a supplement if it was shown to be ineffective. Faith in supplements is a freight train that probably cannot be stopped in anything less than a generation. When you consider what the evidence is up against peoples hopes and fears perhaps its remarkable and even encouraging that as many as 25% of people said they would lay off a supplement if it was proven to be useless. And presumably some percentage could be swayed by enough of the right kind of evidence and rhetoric, which hopefully means there is some damned point to our blogging!

You cant reason people out of anything they didnt reason themselves into. Theyre taking supplements not because it makes sense, but because life even for the healthy and wealthy is often tiresome and difficult and discouraging and maybe, just maybe, supplements will make it all a little easier. Unless you can offer something that actually can, youre not going to convince people to stop spending a little of their discretionary income on that gamble.

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Energy Drinks Everymans Ergogenic Aid

The most ubiquitous of the ergogenic aids are the energy drinks, like Red Bull, Full Throttle, or Rockstar. Virtually every imaginable and claimed ergogenic aid has been put into drink form for you Red Bull Vitalizes Body and Mind and their website is festooned with athletic imagery. But almost all of them mainly rely on caffeine for the real effect. Pharmacist and writer Scott Gavura cuts energy drinks down to size:

Despite the impressive lists of ingredients and slick marketing, these products are essentially caffeine delivery vehicles, most of which come loaded with sugar.

Although caffeine can actually boost performance in some ways, technically its just a stimulant, not a true ergogenic aid: that is, it makes us feel like we have more energy rather than actually having it. Cocaine and other narcotic amphetamines do the same thing, only more so, infamously making people overconfident about abilities that have not actually changed.

Glucosamine Leading By Example

Glucosamine has long been the king of the supplement hill, and so youd hope it was also the best if any supplements work, it had better be this one. It is known as being good for cartilage, and is mostly used to treat osteoarthritis via alleged anti-inflammatory and other happy effects on cartilage. It doesnt really, and neither does its cousin chondroitin sulfate not enough that even the largest trials can produce an uncontroversial result anyway. But lets look at them earnestly a bit anyway, starting with some chemistry:

  • Glucosamine is an abundant monosaccharide and amino sugar and a building block of proteins and fats, especially in cell walls. It is made commercially by extracting it from crustacean exoskeletons. Shrimp shell!
  • Chondroitin sulfate is major component of cartilage, and it has much in common with glucosamine . It is chemically complex, and its almost impossible to know what youre really getting.

Do we really, though? If you cant find a signal in that much data, there isnt anything interesting to find. If these substances were even remotely useful, dont you think it would be just a teensy bit more obvious? If glucosamine were a student, its parents would get called in for a conference about little glucosamines poor performance. Perhaps theres something going on at home?

In July 2010, Dr. Harriet Hall reviewed the evidence of absence of any glucosamine benefits at and concluded that glucosamine proponents

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How Does Collagen Help With Back Pain

Collagen is one of the supplements we frequently recommend taking if you do have back pain. Its found in most areas of the body, especially in the spine, so if you are struggling with back pain it can help boost the integrity of the spinal structures. Were going to explain today exactly what collagen is, where you can find it, whether you can get enough in a regular diet and also which specific one we recommend.

We hope you found todays topic of collagen to be helpful if youre perhaps considering taking it as a supplement or youre currently struggling with back pain. If youd like to try the collagen we recommend, you can find it in the Shop.

Firsttalk With Your Health Care Provider Before Taking And/or Combining Supplements Or Herbs With Prescription Or Otc Medications

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain (Top 3 Supplements You Should Take)

For some people whose chronic back or neck pain is not adequately controlled with pain relievers, dietary supplements may seem like an attractive option. Many dietary supplements and herbs are advertised as treatments for pain and inflammation. While some people may find herbs and supplements helpful in relieving or reducing their pain, it is important to know these are not magic pills that can cure pain or the depression that can accompany chronic or painful spine-related conditions.

Having a discussion with your health care provider is vital before you consume any type of supplement.Photo Source:

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Turmeric For Back Pain

Research continues to emerge, demonstrating significant benefits in using turmeric for conditions characterized by inflammation like asthma and allergies, IBS, and IBD. Curcumin can even help relieve fibromyalgia and muscle pain and arthritis and joint pain.

Recent studies suggest that turmeric can also help with upper and lower back pain. Curcumin has the potential to reduce inflammation and discomfort associated with sciatic nerve pain, spinal cord injuries, and herniated discs. Thus, it may be an effective natural treatment option for back pain.

Turmeric And Curcumin: Not Just Tasty

Curcumin is a spice. Its the interesting molecule in the bright orange South Indian spice, turmeric, a flamboyant cousin of ginger. There are also other similar molecules , which are polyphenols, huge category of molecules that is associated with astringency and the healthiness of many foods: some fruits and most berries, especially grapes and therefore also wine, plus chocolate and tea. Polyphenols are so diverse and complex that it doesnt really make sense to think of them as healthy and more than youd think that all snacks are healthy. For instance, they may or may not be antioxidants, which in turn are also extremely complex and may or may not actually be healthy.

Is curcumin an antioxidant? Healthy? Good for pain? Yes, probably, and perhaps.

Curcuminoids may have some beneficial effects on knee pain and quality of life in patients with knee OA. However, they are less effective at relieving pain compared with ibuprofen. Curcuminoids appear safe on the short-term, and may reduce the need for rescue medication. Published RCTs vary in reporting quality, are characterized by small sample sizes, and have all been conducted in Asia.

Less than ibuprofen, eh? Well, I like curry anyway

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What Is The Herbal Supplement For Back Pain

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of herbal supplement for back pain is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the herbal supplement for back pain listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Natural Supplements To Consider

Schwartz Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Turmeric for Hip, Joint &  Back ...

1. Turmeric

A plant from the ginger family, turmeric is often used in South Asian cuisine, such as curry. It contains curcumin, the key ingredient that can help decrease inflammation. To be effective as either a supplement or food and not simply metabolized and excreted turmeric should be absorbed with fatty oils, such as avocado or olive oil, and black pepper, which most supplements contain.

I recommend making turmeric a part of your daily diet for three to six months to gauge any benefits. Turmeric supplements can be expensive, and inflammation can be treated in other ways. So, if your pain hasnt decreased after this amount of time, we can try something else

2. Cherry juice extract

Anthocyanin supplies both the red coloring and anti-inflammatory benefits in cherries and other red fruits and vegetables. Most of my patients who say cherry juice helps relieve their pain drink about one glass a day, but you can eat a handful of cherries daily or take supplements that contain the pure juice extract cherries are high in anthocyanin. However, because of its high sugar content, I do not recommend cherry juice for diabetic patients.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids

Most patients I see have taken these supplements before without good results. For better absorption I recommend incorporating omega-3s into your diet through foods such as tuna, salmon, sardines, tofu, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

4. Collagen

5. Chondroitin and glucosamine

6. Boswellia

7. Cannabidiol oil

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Things To Remember About Supplements

  • Dietary supplements and herbs do not need approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before they are marketed or sold.

  • Herbs can have drug-like effects on the body.

  • A product sold as a dietary supplement and promoted on its label as a treatment, prevention or cure for a specific disease or condition is considered an unapprovedand thus illegaldrug.

Certain supplements and herbs may interact with prescription and/or over-the-counter medicines you already take. Such drug interactions may cause adverse and even potentially life-threatening effects.

It is especially important for you to check with your health care provider before taking supplements if you are pregnant, nursing a baby or have a chronic medical condition .

Herbal Supplements “Natural” Doesn’t Always Mean Safe. North American Spine Society. Accessed November 16, 2015.

Low back pain. University of Maryland Medical Center. Last reviewed on January 20, 2012. Accessed November 16, 2015.

Handout on Health: Back Pain. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases . March 2015. Accessed November 16, 2015.

Questions and Answers on Dietary Supplements. U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Last updated April 28, 2015. Accessed November 16, 2015.

Best Supplements For Degenerative Disc Disease:

In a market filled with miracle treatments, figuring out whats real from whats hype can be annoying at times. Additionally, the quality of supplements varies widely because FDA does not review or approve them.

Moreover, concentrate on real scientific research as much as possible. This method is applied to avoid marketing and compensated testimonials. When taken over time, the correct supplements can help to slow down the degenerative process. They also help to enhance overall spine health.

So, have a look at these five healthy and best supplements for degenerative disc disease. They help in maintaining greater spine strength and fitness to boost spinal health. All of these are the best degenerative disease supplements 2021. They are usually administered orally and available in tablets, soft gel, syrup, or fine powder.

Lets take a closer look at them.

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Drink Plenty Of Water

Daily water intake should be 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of your body weight. So if a patient weighs 200 lbs then they should consume 100 ounces of water per day.

The human body is more than 70% water. Water is needed in the function, repair, and growth of all avascular white tissues, including ligaments, cartilages, joints and spinal discs1.

Most patients with musculoskeletal problems are already dehydrated, and patients who age more rapidly than their years are often found to have a body composed of 50% water instead of the 70%2.

Water and Your Discs. There is no direct blood supply to the discs. At 12 to 14 years of age, the spinal discs blood nutrition supply and waste elimination system atrophies.4,5 The intake of at least 64 ounces of water or half the persons body weight in ounces is essential for nutrition delivery and waste elimination for spinal discs, ligaments, joints, and all body functions, that is, it they are to perform at an optimal level.1.6 Each spinal disc nucleus contains 88% water. 4,7 75% of a persons body weight is supported by the discs in the low back. If these discs lose water they will lose height which will subsequently shift the weight load from the discs to the posterior joints ultimately leading to degenerative changes and bone spurring in the spinal canal.

Who Needs A Supplement

2 Natural Home Remedies For BACK PAIN RELIEF Quickly

This is the ultimate question. The answer to whether or not you need a supplement is between you and your health care team. If you have dietary restrictions, allergies or simply a poor diet, you might be a good candidate for a supplement.

If you are on multiple medications, you should hold off on taking any supplements until you get a good double check that your chosen supplements do not interfere with your current meds.

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The Best Supplements For Back Pain

  • Wellness blog
  • The Best Supplements For Back Pain
  • Occasional back pain can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. But if you live with chronic back pain, you quickly learn how debilitating it can be. In fact, back pain, especially lower back pain, is the leading cause of work absence around the world. While chronic back pain can stem from an injury, inactivity, or even stress, it may also signal an underlying condition such as spinal degeneration, skeletal irregularities, or osteoarthritis. In this article, youll learn ways to relieve back pain naturally and be given a list of supplements for back pain that you can use.

    Did you know? While an acute case of back pain can temporarily sideline your life, chronic back pain, defined as lasting for 12 weeks or more, can be agonizing and may prevent you from enjoying the activities you love.

    In an effort to find pain relief, many people reach for over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen. Yet taken routinely, these drugs can cause gastrointestinal issues, as well as kidney and liver injury. They can also increase the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. Fortunately, there are safer options for relief from back pain.

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