Best Supplements For Healing Leaky Gut


Why Is Leaky Gut So Common

The Top 10 Supplements to Take for Leaky Gut Dr. Salamay

According to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, one in every three Americans suffers from gastrointestinal disorders. Nearly half of adults will develop at least one GI disorder.

Most people who suffer from a leaky gut donât even know they have it because there are no specific tests for this condition. Doctors diagnose leaky gut based on symptoms alone.

Support Our Intestinal Wall

If we can nourish our wall/lining and keep it strong, we can directly reduce leaky gut, which means

we can help our body keep the bad guys out of our bloodstream , whilst simultaneously letting the good guys in .

You see, in an ideal world your gut lining should be like the wall in Game of Thrones.

i.e. it should be permeable , so that the good guys can come and go as they please.

But not so many holes that it starts to let the big bad guys through as well hello toxins and undigested food molecules

To help us achieve this, we want to make sure our intestinal lining is being supported with the nutrients/fuel it craves, as well as an army of their protective friends, like a strong mucus layer.

Help Our Gut Bacteria Aka Microbiome

Since our bacteria can influence our digestion, gut wall integrity, as well as a slew of other functions, such as yeast balance, this is the third big goal.

And the two major things we can do here is send down more of the good guys , and send down more food for them .

If youre starting to feel like your gut really is like a Game of Thrones war zone, and we need to send it all kinds of support, youd be just about right.

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The Best Sibo Supplements For Preventing Food Poisoning While Traveling

If you know youre susceptible to food poisoning or are traveling to a place where risk of parasites runs high , its important to fortify your digestive system every way possible.

The first option is to take small doses of an antimicrobial like oil of oregano while youre away. If you can afford it, Dr. Pimentel recommends carrying rifaximin and taking a low dose with meals. I also like monolaurin for this purpose.

Its also increasingly important to take HCL and digestive enzymes to ensure that your stomach acid and bile are in full flow and ready to take down any foreign invader.

If it agrees with you, a probiotic will also be useful for keeping your immune system in fighting shape. Spore-based probiotics are best for travel since they dont require refrigeration. You can read more all about the best SIBO Probiotics here.

Finally, make sure you pack an arsenal for if symptoms arise: charcoal can help mitigate the damage of ongoing food poisoning, Iberogast or ginger chews can calm your stomach and act as a prokinetic, curcumin can fight the inflammation. I also usually carry with me this bloat relief formula.

Our Ranking Procedure Fo The Best Leaky Gut Supplements

7 Best Supplements For Healing Leaky Gut (That Actually Work)

Ranking the top leaky gut supplements was never an easy task for our research and editorial team. Not all supplements are efficient enough in healing leaky gut issues. We prioritized the supplements that can help to treat leaky gut symptoms.

We had to utilize some practical and logical factors to rank the supplements properly. The following segments will discuss the ranking factors used to rank the listed supplements.

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What Foods Might Trigger Leaky Gut

Essentially, foods that are likely to cause inflammation in your gut or that are difficult for your body to break down are more likely to trigger leaky gut symptoms. Foods strongly associated with dietary allergies gluten and dairy in particular should always be the first thing you turn to when considering dietary reasons for leaky gut symptoms. If eliminating those from your diet doesnt change your symptoms, other foods to consider removing from your daily menu include highly processed food, artificial sugars, alcohol, and food high in caffeine like energy drinks and coffee.

What Foods Are Good And Bad For Your Gut

We cover most of the foods that are good for you in the previous section. Another great food group for your gut is healthy fats, which include ghee and all-natural butter.

Saturated fats are also good for your digestive system, such as coconut oil.

As for the bad foods that wreck your gut, its crucial to avoid specific foods that result in very unpleasant gastrointestinal issues.

These typically fall in the FODMAPs food group, which are:

  • Fermentable oligosaccharides

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Top 7 Best Leaky Gut Supplement Brands

  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility
  • 3rd party tested safety and purity
  • Not formulated by Doctor
  • Not FDA approved

Gut Reg is certainly considered one of the many leaky gut supplements listed here for the use of L-Glutamine, one of the few ingredients that have been proven in many studies to have a real effect on the GI tract. According to BioTRUST, the L-glutamine in Gut Reg is the main source of energy for enterocytes, which may be the same cells that make up the gut lining and cells of your immune system.

Simplicity is becoming a common trend so far, BioTRUSTs Gut Reg uses four active ingredients to help support gut health and clear up digestive issues. The four active ingredients consist of 500mg L-Glutamine, 250mg of ginger extract, and 75 mg PepZin, which provides 15 mg of zinc. Although not formulated by a doctor, BioTRUST was founded by people who have a solid reputation as licensed health personalities and nutritionists and supplement experts respectively.

What Are The Best Supplements For Leaky Gut


Many people wonder what are the best natural supplements to heal inflammation in the gut and leaky gut.

The following is a breakdown of the best supplements for leaky gut. We based this list of the best supplements for healing leaky guts on a few factors including product ingredients and claims from manufacturers, reviews from real users, and scientific evidence and research.

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What Foods Cause Leaky Gut Does Gluten Play A Part

Your diet plays a significant role in inflammation. A nutrient-poor, pro-inflammatory diet is one of the biggest culprits behind leaky gut syndrome. Not all foods are created equal, and some have an inflammatory effect on the body. When it comes to inflammatory foods, one of the biggest offenders is gluten.

Gluten is a family of proteins found in cereal grains such as wheat, rye, spelt, and barley. Its responsible for that sticky glue-like consistency when you add water to flour.

While celiac disease is the most severe form of gluten intolerance, many people have gluten sensitivity. But regardless of whether you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, gluten is a pro-inflammatory food and has negative effects on your digestive tract. Studies have found that gluten contributes to gut irritation, increases intestinal permeability, and promotes atrophy of intestinal villi .

Other foods that have been shown to cause inflammation include:

  • Refined and processed foods
  • Grains and pseudograins
  • Natural sweeteners, such as honey or blackstrap molasses

The Paleo diet is similar to how our Paleolithic ancestors atewhich is why its also called the Caveman Diet. The theory is that cavemen werent chowing down on Twinkies and pizza, so we shouldnt be either. Our modern-day, highly-processed diet has become the root cause of numerous health issues including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Endorsement By Real Doctors

Because doctors have a clear idea of how leaky gut syndrome occurs and can be treated efficiently, these products have a much higher chance of being practical than others.

There are many reasons to choose supplements endorsed by doctors when treating a leaky gut problem.

Some of these supplements endorsed by doctors might help repair leaky gut walls and prevent the symptoms that follow this condition. Many leaky gut supplements improve the internal environment of your digestive tract. It is always good to have medical backing on the products.

If you have symptoms that help you recognize the leaky gut syndrome, you should check it out by a real doctor before taking any supplements.

These supplements could help you potentially manage the early symptoms and prevent the occurrence of a leaky gut.

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How Do You Help Leaky Gut

One of the easiest ways to reduce leaky gut symptoms and to repair the intestinal lining is to remove problematic foods from your diet. This includes things such as processed foods, alcohol, and tobacco. Instead, youll want to infuse your diet with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

A diet thats rich in whole foods may support your intestinal lining as well as a leaky gut supplement will. Now is the time to switch to eating healthier foods so that you can restore your gut health.

Glutamine is one of the main compounds that can help with leaky gut syndrome. According to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research, glutamine may promote gut mucosal integrity. Glutamine works like an energy source and is effective in preventing bacteria translocation. It fuels the immune system while also improving nitrogen balance, especially when the body is stressed.

Many studies have shown a connection between L-glutamine and leaky gut. Most researchers agree that the ideal dose ranges between 500mg to 1,500mg. At this dose, L-glutamine can benefit intestinal permeability.

Another compound that may benefit those with leaky gut is fiber. When eaten, fiber pushes waste outside of the body and supports regularity. According to Samaritan Health Services, eating a high fiber diet nourishes healthy bacteria in the gut. This is why its recommended to eat a diet thats high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes.

Gluten intolerance


The Best Leaky Gut Supplements 2022

Best Supplements For Leaky Gut Syndrome? The Top 3 Best Supplements For ...

If you suffer from the leaky gut syndrome, the right supplement might help decrease intestinal permeability and prevent associated leaky gut symptoms.

The following supplements could help deal with poor gut microbiome and help get rid of harmful bacteria. They include healthy supplements like probiotic supplements that are rich in probiotic bacteria.

Here is a summary of the best leaky gut supplements:

Peak BioBoost

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Buyers Cheat Sheet The Best Sibo Supplements For Your Medicine Cabinet

For more on each of these supplements and why they are good for SIBO symptoms or treatment, scroll back to the first half of this post.

Remember, this is not an all of the above you will want to drill down by efficacy and what you need help with. Hopefully many of these things are already in your medicine cabinet!

How To Pick The Right Leaky Gut

Considering how far-reaching the effects of leaky gut can have on your health, its no wonder more and more people are searching for a powerful supplement that can help shield their digestive tract from future damage and rebuild their gut lining.

However, not all supplements are created equally. Many brands will cut corners, filling their supplements with harmful additives and using ineffective ingredients or weak dosages.That’s why Smarter Reviews has compiled months of research about this emerging category. Well show you what to look for and what to avoid in a leaky gut supplement, and how it can help transform your whole body health.

Before we dive into what makes a leaky gut supplement effective and worth your hard-earned money, its important to understand what exactly it can do for your health.

So with all these amazing health benefits in mind, which ingredients should you look for in a supplement that can help treat leaky gut and what should you avoid?

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Symptoms Of Leaky Gut

Leaky gut can manifest for some as digestive symptoms but in others, it can cause a wide array of symptoms that seemingly have nothing to do with the gut.

Leaky gut has been shown to play a role in several chronic conditions beyond digestive health including:

  • Food intolerances and allergies
  • Autoimmune conditions such as celiac disease, Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis
  • Mental health conditions

How Our Top Recommendations Compare

Top 5 supplements to heal leaky gut

To help you understand the similarities and differences among our top picks, weve created a chart that breaks down all the information you need.

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Joint pain and other forms of inflammation

Some people believe that a leaky gut is the cause of their GI problems on its own, referring to it as leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome isnt something that a doctor will diagnose you with. While the theory that its a separate diagnosable disease is becoming more popular, it hasnt yet hit contemporary Western medicine. A doctor cannot administer formal and reliable tests to check for a leaky gut. Since a leaky gut is a symptom of many GI diseases, its more likely that if you present with these symptoms, youll be tested for things like celiac disease and Crohns disease.

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Work On Strategies To Reduce Stress

The stress you experience in your day-to-day life can impact essentially every aspect of your health, including your gut health.

Animal studies have shown being psychologically stressed can disrupt the balance of microorganisms in your intestines. Along with psychological stress, issues such as environmental stress like excessive noise or sleep deprivation can also impact your gut health.

Work on ensuring you have healthy coping mechanisms in place to deal with stress, try to get enough exercise, and also focus on healthy sleep routines.

Probulin Widest Product Variety For Complete Gut Support



  • Only shipping within the US is free

Probulin was created to support a healthy microbiome and provide you with health that starts from the inside and reverberates outwardly. Probulin operates under the belief that probiotics are just as indispensable as the essential vitamins you include in your daily supplement regimen.

Probiotics are digested differently, depending on how theyâre encapsulated and what they contain, so Probulin created what they call âthe next generation of digestive probioticsâ with multi-strain complete gut health support. Your probiotic should include a prebiotic fiber, which is essential for the survival of the good bacteria in your gut.

In addition, Probulin knows that more isnât always better. Itâs why they follow what the evidence suggests and provide up to 20 billion colony forming units in their formulas. And proper delivery of all the goods is vital for viability, which is why they developed a scientifically validated MAKTrek® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System.

With Probulin digestive probiotics, you have a solid base of ingredients that include:

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Top 11 Leaky Gut Supplements

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition where undigested proteins like gluten, toxins and microbes can pass into the bloodstream. Another name for this condition is intestinal permeability, which means the tight junctions or the gateway between the intestinal wall and bloodstream have been damaged and are allowing the undigested particles to pass through the intestinal wall.

When these particles enter the bloodstream, it will cause system-wide inflammation and can initiate an immune response in the body. Over time, if leaky gut is not healed, it can lead to food sensitivities, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, skin issues like eczema, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, ADHD, nutrient malabsorption and autoimmune disease.

Most doctors will tell you that repairing leaky gut is difficult and it takes time, but for most people who follow my leaky gut diet and treatment plan, its possible to see results fast.

Along with changing your diet, taking the right supplements can make a big difference in fixing leaky gut. These are the 11 key leaky gut supplements that I have recommended to my patients for years that you may consider adding into your daily health routine.

Eat A Diverse Healthy Diet

7 Best Supplements For Healing Leaky Gut (That Actually Work)

Bacteria grow in your intestineshundreds of species in fact.

Each of the specifics of bacteria growing in your stomach plays different roles in your health and needs certain nutrients to thrive. If you have a diverse set of bacteria in your stomach, then thats considered to be a marker of good gut health.

Eating different, varied, and healthy foods can help promote better bacteria health in your gut.

Unfortunately, the typical American and western diets are low in diversity and abundant in fat and sugar.

Try to focus on eating many fruits and vegetables, as well as beans, nuts, and other varied items.

Fruits and vegetables are among the best nutrient sources for healthy microbiota in your gut. Theyre rich in fiber and fiber can help stimulate the growth of some of the bacteria in your gut.

Legumes and beans are also excellent high-fiber choices.

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Vitauthority Gut Health Support + Organic Superfoods


  • Try for 60 days risk free
  • Zero fillers, dyes, and 100% non-GMO


  • Best results require three capsules be taken before breakfast

SBO Probiotics + Greens by Vitauthority contain 50 billion CFUs along with organic superfoods that strengthen your gut health and boost your immunity all in one. When youâre experiencing the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, you know you need good probiotic support to help improve your digestive function and strengthen your intestinal lining.

Soil-based organisms are present in each serving of Vitauthorityâs SBO Probiotics + Greens . Soil-based organisms refer to a new and distinct class of probiotic supplements based on the understanding of how bacteria collaborate in the human body. These probiotics, which are naturally found in organic fruits and veggies, are intended to be a natural part of your diet, which means they are designed to survive and provide you with massive health benefits.

Within the SBO Probiotics + Greens formula, youâll find the following ingredients:

This unique formula infused with organic superfoods improves your bodyâs ability to absorb nutrients and works toward reducing the symptoms associated with leaky gut, like gas and diarrhea.

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