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How To Heal The Third Eye Chakra

EXPAND YOUR SPIRITUAL SIGHT | Third Eye Chakra Healing Meditation Music | Heal Thyself {Ajna}

We have covered basic knowledge regarding our 7 main chakras, how to heal the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra and throat chakra in the previous posts. In this article, let us talk about the signs of the imbalanced third eye chakra and how to help heal and balance the third eye chakra.

Balanced and well-aligned chakras will bring about holistic well-being, the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. This will make the biological energy in the body vibrate, circulate, and receive the endless source of cosmic energy. And the nature of bio-energy includes factors such as waves, pulses, colors, matter, and information, etc. Therefore, we are able to assist the healing of the imbalanced chakras by utilizing those factors in harmony with the corresponding chakras.

The Third Eye Chakra Healing Complete Explanation

The Third Eye chakra is called Ajna in Sanskrit, and it is the 6th of the seven main chakras.

The name Ajna means commandment because it is the energy center that receives commands from the Higher Self in the acceptance of Freud and correlates them with the subconscious and the supra-consciousness of the individual.

Hindu tradition represents two petals designed in the center of the forehead, above the eyebrows.

The two petals symbolize the distinctive function of the two brain hemispheres: the left side logical-rational and the right side figurative imaginative or intuitive.

A symbolic Hindu iconography appears like a circle flanked by two petals with a golden triangle circumscribed, upside down. Other changes include a window of light.

The color of this chakra is indigo. This color is used during therapy to stimulate the thyroid and the parathyroid gland.

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Become An Observer Of Your Thoughts

Best suited to: deficient and excessive blockages

Try Vipassana meditation, which is a type of meditation that involves learning how to watch your mind, and observe your thoughts. The number one reason why the third eye chakra gets blocked is that we believe the thoughts in our head and therefore identify with them. When we learn how to simply observe our thoughts, we can discover that thoughts are very temporary and spontaneous: they dont mean anything about us unless we assign them meaning.

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Third Eye Chakra Meaning

The Third Eye Chakra, also known as the Brow Chakra, or Ajna Chakra, is the sixth chakra.

The Third Eye Chakra is located between and approximately one finger space above the brow. The color associated with the Third Eye Chakra is indigo, representing the search and attainment of spiritual purpose.

Governed by the pituitary gland, the Third Eye Chakra looks after our face, left eye, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebellum, and central nervous system.

The Third Eye Chakra is involved with our intuition and our inner seeing, our higher consciousness, emotional and spiritual love center.

What Is The Pineal Gland

Chakra HealingThe Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) (Audio CD)

The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland in the middle of the brain that looks like a pine cone. It was once a revered tool of seers and mystics, but it is now largely defunct, its divine purpose having been lost over time. It is the organ of supreme universal connection, and its value can be found in every culture around the world.

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Try Using Essential Oils

Havent tapped into your essential oil collection in a while? Its time to get going, especially if knowing how to open your third eye is the goal. Scents like lavender , sandalwood , frankincense, and pine can gently stimulate the pineal gland, Grieve says. Use essential oils in the bath or in a diffuser, she suggests. Kavanagh adds bergamot, vetiver, and patchouli to the list of third eye-opening EO’s, too.

Signs Of An Imbalanced Third Eye Chakra

When any of your energy centers are imbalanced, they may be either underactive or overactive. When your Third Eye Chakra is underactive, you may feel disconnected from your intuition. You might also feel like youre unable to harness the power of your imagination. Rather than feeling mentally strong, you may feel scattered and unable to concentrate or focus.

When your Third Eye Chakra is overactive, you may experience paranoia, and you might start to believe that every little thing you see is some kind of sign.

Heres a list of some of the signs and symptoms of an imbalanced Third Eye Chakra:

  • Lack of intuition

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Symptoms Of A Blocked Third Eye Chakra

No one goes through life without having to think about how to unblock chakras now and again. So, dont worry if third eye chakra healing has to be performed repeatedly.

The most important thing is just to be able to detect signs and symptoms of third eye chakra problems so that you act on them as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common:

  • Lack of faith in your purpose
  • Feeling pointless

Chakra healing for third eye blockages can also trigger a range of troublesome physical symptoms.

The most frequently reported include:

  • Back and leg pain

Everyone has different triggers that spark the need for third eye chakra healing. However, its useful to be aware of some of the most common causes of blockages in the third eye.

For example, when someone belittles your vocation or passion, this can push the third eye chakra out of alignment.

Similarly, going through a transitional life experience like illness, death, job loss or divorce can create a blockage. Even just moving into a new period has an impact on your third eye chakra, given how sensitive it is to your perception of your lifes worth.

Third Eye Chakra: Exploring Decoding The Best 25+ Healing Properties

Third Eye Chakra Healing Guided Meditation | Healing Camp 2016 | Day #6

So, what is the third eye chakra? What are its healing properties and characteristics?

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The third eye chakra is the sixth among seven chakras that balances your mind from within and clears blocked energies. If you want to do it, quit wasting time and take things into your hand to heal.

Today, Ill teach you every way to do just that by disclosing all the properties of this chakra.

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Work With Your Dreams

One of the ways to remember your dreams is to set an intention that you want to do it.

You can do that by expressing the strong affirmation that youll remember your dreams before you go to bed.

When you put your mind right before you go to sleep that youll remember your dreams, after a few nights youll start to recollect some of your dreams. And especially the last dream that we have before we wake up.

A useful tip is when youre starting to awake, without changing your pose, go back to your dream world and see what youve been dreaming.

You can keep a paper and a pen on top of your night table and when you remember a dream just write it down as soon as you wake up. Otherwise, after a few minutes, the memory of the dream will fade away.

Your pineal gland is connected to the production of melatonin in your body.

Taking melatonin supplements can improve your sleep quality and memory. A side note is that the effect of such supplements affects everyone differently. Some claim of increased dreaming while others feeling exhausted throughout the whole day.

Sun exposure throughout the day can also help your body gets its dose vitamin D. This is also linked to having better sleep during the night. Just be careful not to stay too long out in the sun because of its strength.

Dont Give Up Your Regular Yoga Practice Either

If Kundalini isn’t your thing, a standard vinyasa practice can help you learn how to open your third eye, too. One of my favorite poses for activating the third eye is childs pose, with your forehead pressing into the floor, says Claire Grieve, yoga specialist, stretch therapist, plant-based health coach. Bring your focus, attention, and energy into the chakra. Stay here for two to five minutes, breathe deeply, and visualize your world.”

Another great pose is forward fold: As you drop your head below your hips, blood and oxygen are rushed to your brain, and the third chakra delivers fresh energy for alignment.

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How To Tell If Third Eye Chakra Stone Is Real

Third eye chakra stones are used for healing and spiritual purposes because each one has amazing properties that help the people that use or carry them.

If a particular third eye chakra stone works for you, it should not really matter whether its real or fake because whats important is the healing! Keep doing what makes you feel good and happy.

Many people love surrounding themselves and their homes with third eye chakra stones, so its good if you find the same and more affordable alternatives.

But if youre willing to spend money on genuine third eye chakra stones as gifts or for personal use, you should definitely be aware of expensive fake stones that are being sold as real third eye chakra stones!

It can be very disappointing to spend good money on a gorgeous third eye chakra stone only to find out that its just an imitation stone.

You need to know some of the giveaways of a fake or imitation stone.

If the stone has a playful or unusual name, it most probably is a fake stone. Most third eye chakra stones have historical and traditional names.

If youre shopping online for a third eye chakra stone and you notice that the description is quite uncommon, you might want to skip buying it. Theres a big chance that its not real.

An actual third eye chakra stone will have its real name and short history listed there, along with its main qualities.

If a third eye chakra stone is too bright and sells for a very affordable price, its a big sign that its not real.

Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

Power up that Third Eye! Heres another meditation/mantra to connect to ...

Best suited to: deficient and excessive blockages

Your pineal gland is a tiny pea-shaped mass within the brain that is linked to third eye chakra blockages. While the pineal gland is responsible for regulating our sleep cycles and reproductive hormones, it also has more mystical roots. Many ancient cultures such as the ancient Tibetan, Egyptian, and Chinese believed that the pineal gland is responsible for spiritual consciousness. To decalcify your pineal gland, try to avoid products and water sources that contain fluoride.

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Third Eye Chakra Healing In 8 Steps

More than just the third eye chakra being overactive or underactive, issues may arise from a lack or absence of overall balance in your chakra energy system.

1) You can use the other chakras and their attributes to bring back the balance and heal the affected third eye chakra.

For instance, the sacral chakra can help with filtering your intuitive hits and ground them in your physical and emotional field.

The heart chakra can also bring a more compassionate and balanced perspective to navigate something that might be threatening.

When you work on strengthening the energy of the third eye chakra, it is important that you remain rooted so that you can allow the qualities of the chakra to develop more fully.

When you are not properly grounded, your visions might sweep you away!

To bring back the balance of the third eye chakra, its important that you use subtle but positive lifestyle changes.

2) Start introducing healthy foods in your diet, and get regular exercise.

3) Energy healing such as sound therapy, crystals, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and Reiki can also help in bringing back the balance to your chakras.

These are practices that have high vibrations and suitable to balance the third eye chakra. Just make sure that you focus on the intention of balancing and soothing this chakra.

If the chakra imbalance has become too great, visiting a good and trusted energy healer is definitely something to consider.

8) Release the competition.

How To Use Stone And Crystals For Healing Third Eye Chakra

  • Use the stones and crystals during meditation. You can place one crystal in the palm for concentration or place them in a crystal grid. Placing any one or a combination of stones on the location of the third eye chakra also proves effective.
  • Recite affirmations while holding the crystal in your hand.
  • Necklaces and earrings are the best forms of jewelry that can be worn with these stones and crystals embedded in them. Headbands are another way to keep them in contact with the chakra.
  • Keep them under or beside your pillow to activate lucid dreaming and visions.
  • You can keep any of the above crystals with you during tarot or psychic readings.

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Whats A Good Third Eye Chakra Meditation Technique

Meditation fills the heart and soul with the elemental energy of light. It helps you shed your limiting beliefs to access the universes history hidden in the Akashic Records.

When youre ready to meditate, its essential to visualize the pineal gland inside your head opening.

If you need to enhance your focus or breathwork, find a Tibetan bowl because it will help you enter the meditative state of theta brain waves.

I recommend trying holotropic breathwork to link with the energy of the Ajna quickly. Also, try to chant the seed mantra at this time.

Signs Of An Unhealthy Third Eye Chakra

852 hz Love Frequency, Third Eye Chakra Healing Music, Frequency of Unconditional Love, Pure Love

The best way to tell whether you need to undergo third eye chakra healing is to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, actions, and physical sensations within your body.

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • You rarely feel creative or inspired by anything
  • You ignore listening to your intuition
  • You are overly logical or overly emotional
  • You become absorbed by the details but struggle to see the bigger picture
  • Youre often lost in your thoughts
  • You habitually escape into daydreaming to avoid reality
  • You are egotistically attached to special powers
  • You are emotionally reactive and get upset easily
  • Youre addicted to external things which you believe will make you happy
  • You struggle to see reality clearly
  • You cant seem to connect to your deeper self or Soul
  • Your interactions with other people are very trivial or superficial
  • You mistrust or dislike people easily
  • You have rigid opinions about the world that you arent willing to change
  • You are stubborn
  • You find it hard to be open-minded
  • You might be perceived as arrogant and opinionated, OR
  • You might be perceived as being dreamy and ungrounded
  • You suffer from frequent headaches or migraines
  • You have a dense and heavy ego
  • Youre strongly attached to outcomes
  • You lack focus and decisiveness
  • You suffer from vision problems and sinus issues
  • You suffer from delusions/mental illness

How many of these signs can you relate to?

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Which Are The Third Eye Chakra Gods

The third eye chakra is associated with the Hindu God Shiva. With Shiva by your side, you can gain wisdom, focus, balance, and consciousness about the higher self.

Notice the eye-like structure on his forehead? Thats the third eye of Shiva. And according to Hindu scriptures, Shiva can destroy the world when he wakes from his meditation and opens the third eye.

What Blocks The Third Eye Chakra

Some people believe that a blocked third-eye chakra is caused by eating the wrong foods. But mostly this is due to eating a diet that is highly saturated in fluoride. You must try to find a water source that does not contain any fluoride. Other people believe that a blocked third-eye chakra is caused by stress and an excessive amount of it over an extended period of time.

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What Can The Third Eye Chakra Do

While there isnt scientific evidence to prove it, Covington believes that the third eye is a window to the spiritual world.

Developing the third eye is the doorway to all things psychic, she says. The illusion of separation between self and spirit dissolves when the third eye connection is cultivated.

Whats more, Covington says you can run into problems if your third eye chakra is blocked. This can include:

Follow these steps to make an essential oil blend for your third eye chakra:

  • Gather one or several of the oils above, as well as a carrier oil of your choice. Because essential oils come in very strong concentrations for use in aromatherapy, always combine them with a carrier oil rather than using them directly on your skin.
  • Mix the essential oils with the carrier oil. For every 6 drops of essential oil, use 1 teaspoon of the carrier oil.
  • Apply the mixture directly to your third eye chakra.
  • Chanting Om as you apply the oil can enhance the effect, Covington says.

    Some essential oils, especially citrus oils like lemon, can cause . Avoid sun exposure after applying citrus essential oils to your skin.

    A Guide To Navigating And Improving The Wellness Of Your Sixth Chakra So That You Can Truly Achieve Balance

    chakra meditation third eye #

    The Third Eye Chakra is one of the seven energy centers in the body, and its constitution can deeply affect physical, psychological, and mental health. Taking care of this chakra will help ensure that youâre living your life to your fullest potential. Feeling out of sorts, or overwhelmed isnât fun for anyone, and balancing your Third Eye Chakra is a good way to remedy that. If youâve ever been told that your Third Eye Chakra is overactive, or you find yourself identifying with signs of an overactive Third Eye Chakra, then this article is the one for you.

    Enrich your life, and achieve a fuller sense of happiness by healing the Third Eye Chakra and its mental and emotional connection to the physical world.

    In this article weâll be discussing:

    • What is the Third Eye Chakra?
    • Overactivity in the Third Eye Chakra
    • Signs of an Overactive Third Eye Chakra
    • How To Heal Your Third Eye Chakra

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