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Bile Helps Maintain Gut Barrier Function

How I Cured My Gallstones (naturally + pain-free!!)

Like many interorgan networks, the gutbiliary connection is a two-way street. As we covered in the previous section, leaky gut and microbes entering the blood can lead to gallbladder disease and a backup of bile. But a lack of bile entering the intestine can itself cause leaky gut and an alteration in gut bacteria.

How do we know this? Researchers found that when they induced acute liver injury in animals, the animals rapidly showed evidence of increased intestinal permeability. Notably, these changes in the gut barrier preceded any changes in the gut microbiome . Another research group using a mouse model of cholestasis found that stimulating certain receptors in the gut with bile acids resulted in less gut inflammation and improved gut barrier function . This may occur by stimulating host production of antimicrobial properties at the intestinal barrier .

The takeaway:

  • Healthy gallbladder bile acids reduce inflammation proper gut barrier function
  • Gallbladder disease less bile entering the small intestine leaky gut and dysbiosis

What Complications Can Occur If Cholecystitis Is Not Treated

Complications can range from ongoing infection to possible death.

  • Severely Infected gallbladder: A blocked gallbladder that is extremely uncomfortable and painful. Without treatment, it could lead to an overwhelming infection, or even gangrene of the gallbladder.
  • Cholangitis: An acute infection of the main bile ducts and liver that can be extremely life-threating if not promptly treated.
  • Inflamed pancreas : Your common bile duct and the pancreatic duct share the same valve into the duodenum. If a gallstone blocks that valve, the potent pancreatic enzyme juice excreted by the pancreases gets backed up causing pancreatitis, which can also be severe and life threatening.

Symptoms Of Gallbladder Attacks

Here are some of the symptoms that let you know youre having a gallbladder attack. You may have just a couple of these or you may have all of them.

  • Abdominal/chest pain on the right side below the rib cage. Pain can go back into the shoulder blade behind the gallbladder
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • A yellowish tint to your skin or the white of your eyes
  • Light-colored stools or tea-colored urine
  • Excruciating pain can take people to the ER. The pain lasts from 15 minutes up to 24 hours. However, 15 to 4 hours is most common.

Because its so painful and scary, most people opt to go through surgery to have the gallbladder removed rather than experience that again!

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Small Gallstones Can Be Broken Apart With Shock Waves

Another nonsurgical treatment for which gallstones must meet certain criteria is extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy . Although it is most commonly used to treat kidney stones, it can also be used on gallstones. The goal of the treatment is to break up, or fragment, gallstones by sending shock waves through the soft tissue of the body.

This method is only effective on solitary gallstones that are less than 2 centimeters in diameter, so fewer than 15 percent of patients are eligible for ECSWL. A case report published in 2017 in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports found a low success rate for ECSWL patients with multiple gallstones. Even when stones are fragmented, a diseased gallbladder may not expel the fragment.

According to research published in the October-December 2014 issue of the Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, for this form of treatment, children may be the best candidates.

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Raw Edibles: 2 Healing Juices for Gallbladder and Liver Cleansing ...

The need to remove the gallbladder is most often caused by gallstones. These stones sometimes block the flow of bile, causing the gallbladder to swell and become inflamed and infected. The affected gallbladder causes abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and indigestion. Medication and changes to your diet can help alleviate some of the symptoms. Psyllium husk is another type of fiber to include for gallbladder health. It’s been shown to increase the production of bile acids in the liver and help in the elimination of bile. A study published in the American Journal of Surgery found that psyllium husk may reduce your chances of developing gallstones. It may also help with constipation.

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Over The Last 3 Decades There Has Been A 20% Surge In People Suffering From Gallbladder Disease It Is Estimated That 20

An increasingly common solution to this problem is surgery. In fact, there are over 750,000 cholecystectomies performed annually in the US. Thats three quarters of a million people losing their gallbladder every year! Unfortunately, 10-33% of people who get their gallbladder taken out never resolve their symptoms of gallbladder disease and in fact those who have their galbladder removed may suffer from a whole new set of symptoms like fat malabsorption and vitamin deficiencies after surgery.

Endoscopic Drainage Follows The Gallbladders Natural Path

Endoscopic drainage mimics the healthy route of bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine. An endoscopic transpapillary treatment involves accessing the cystic duct with a camera through the mouth and down the throat. Then a wire is placed through the duct into the gallbladder. It is coiled to imitate the trajectory of the bile out of the small intestine, which is the same process as that of a healthy gallbladder. Kumta says that this form of treatment allows the gallbladder to resume normal bile disposal.

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My Top 13 Gallbladder Saving Tips

1. Remove gluten!


2. Eat smaller meals!

3. Keep hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Drink bitter herbs like dandelion, yellow dock and stone root to help promote the flow of bile.

4. Do not eat fried food.

5. Eat healthy fats!

Use It or Lose It

6. Reduce dietary cholesterol intake.

7. Remove sugar and refined carbohydrates.

8. Increase your fibre intake.

The pectin in apples are a great source for bumping up fibre becasue every apple contains 5g of fibre!

9. Eat your veggies… and give espresso some thought.

10. Check for food allergies.

11. Aim for 30 minutes of daily exercise.

12. Get your Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


13. See a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine .

Do An Elimination Diet

Gallbladder Cleanse: 5 Steps to a Healthy Gallbladder

This is by far the most effective therapy for gallbladder issues I have seen. Our book, The Elimination Diet, details how to follow one safely and effectively. If you are ready to begin the healing process right now, and need guidance in following an Elimination Diet, then register today for our online Elimination Diet Support Program!

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Foods That Heal Gallbladder Disease Naturally

If you’re experiencing gallbladder pain from gallstones, dietary changes may lower your risk of future gallbladder attacks. You should seek help from your doctor, but limiting saturated fats and refined carbs in favor of fiber-rich foods and protein with plenty of omega-3s is a good place to start.

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You may be able to reduce your risk of developing gallstones by upping your fiber intake and cutting down on high-fat foods and super-sugary treats.

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Natural Ways To Relieve Gallbladder Attacks

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I get a lot of questions about liver and gallbladder problems. Unfortunately, moms have a higher risk of gallbladder attacks, and they often start during pregnancy. Gallbladder attacks are often excruciatingly painful, and theyre one more thing you dont need to be dealing with when raising a family.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your liver and gallbladder health, lessening your chances of having gallbladder attacks. In this article, well cover some natural ways to support the gallbladder.

How Can Cholecystitis Be Treated

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Treatment of cholecystitis usually takes place in the hospital. Treatments may include:

  • Fasting, to rest the gallbladder.
  • IV fluids to prevent dehydration.
  • Pain medication.
  • Antibiotics to treat infection.
  • Removing the gallbladder. This surgery, called a cholescystectomy, is usually performed by making tiny cuts through the abdomen to insert a laparoscope to see inside the abdomen and surgical instruments to remove the gallbladder. The gallbladder is usually removed within 24 to 48 hours of admission if you have a confirmed case of acute cholecystitis.
  • Draining the gallbladder to treat and prevent the spread of infection. This procedure, called percutaneous cholecystostomy, is usually reserved for those who are too ill to undergo surgery.
  • Removing gallstones in the area blocking the common bile duct. This procedure, done by an endoscopist, called endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography , is reserved for patients with a suspected or confirmed blocked common bile duct, and can clear the duct of stones and sludge.

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The Function Of The Biliary Tract

The biliary tract, or biliary system, refers to the liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts, which work together to make, store, and secrete bile. After production in the liver, bile travels via the common bile duct to the gallbladder for storage. When dietary fats enter the small intestine, they are sensed by enteroendocrine cells, which release the hormone cholecystokinin. Cholecystokinin, in turn, stimulates contraction of the gallbladder and the release of bile into the small intestine .

Are gluten intolerance and gall bladder issues related?

Vegetarianism And Gallbladder Diets

Research is mixed on the links between a vegetarian diet and gallbladder disease. For a study published in the journal Nutrients in February 2019 researchers followed 4,839 adults with no history of gallbladder disease. During the course of the study, 22 vegetarians and 82 nonvegetarians developed symptomatic gallstone disease. Researchers concluded that eating a vegetarian diet lowered the risk of developing gallstone disease in women â but not in men.

A second study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in March 2017, had different findings. Researchers analyzed data from 49,652 adults enrolled in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition -Oxford study, roughly one-third of whom were vegetarians.

They found a significant link between an increasing body mass index and the risk of developing symptomatic gallstones. However, once the data was adjusted for BMI and other risk factors, vegetarians actually had a slightly increased risk of developing gallstones when compared to nonvegetarians. The researchers posited that this might be due to increased consumption of starches, but couldn’t conclude this for certain.

Because the bottom line on the link between vegetarianism and gallbladder attacks is unclear, ask your doctor to recommend a diet for you. In some cases, sticking to lean meats and poultry without the skin may help stave off gallbladder pain.

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Massage Your It Bands:

The IleoTibial band area is related to the gallbladder meridian and often gets very tight in individuals dealing with gallbladder stress. Especially the right side. Try stretching these and using a foam roller to loosen them up and through a reflex arc it can have a positive effect on bile flow.

Here is a video where I demonstrate how to use a foam roller on several regions of the body including the IT bands.

Consume A Lot Of Fiber:

Heal your gallbladder naturally in 5 minutes

Soluble fiber helps to grab up old bile and bad estrogen compounds and escorts these toxins out of the body. The best sources of soluble fiber include chia, flax, hemp and pumpkin seeds. Insoluble fiber is found in fruits and veggies and acts like a broom to sweep feces and toxins out through the bowels.

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What Is The Outlook For Patients With Cholecystitis

There is a higher rate of the symptoms recurring if cholecystitis is treated only with medications. There is a higher risk of death, as well, for patients who do not address the worsening conditions.

Surgery to remove the gallbladder is usually the definitive treatment. The benefits of the surgery outweighs the risks in most cases, since the surgical treatment carries very low risk of complications in most cases. Your surgeon will assess your risks for the surgery and discuss all of your treatment options before the operation.

Risk Factors For Gallbladder Disease

Those who are overweight, female, and over the age of 40 have an increased risk of gallbladder disease. In fact, females are almost twice as likely to develop gallstones , and 25 percent of those who are morbidly obese have gallstones . Underlying diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, and cystic fibrosis can contribute to gallbladder disease, as well as a number of prescription medications . Pregnancy, oral contraceptives, and antibiotic use have all been associated with the onset of cholestasis 80139-7/fulltext?refuid=S0190-962204712-2& refissn=0190-9622″ rel=”nofollow”> 16, 17).

Lifestyle factors also play a role. Reduced physical activity is associated with a higher risk for gallbladder surgery . Gallstones have also been associated with a Western-type diet high in processed foods and sugar . In a later section, well also look at the role that gluten might play in gallbladder disease.

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Looking After Your Wounds

In many cases, dissolvable stitches will be used to close your wounds. These should start to disappear by themselves within a week or two.

If non-dissolvable stitches were used, you’ll usually need to have them removed by a nurse at your GP surgery after 7 to 10 days. You’ll be given an appointment for this before you leave hospital.

You’ll be told about how to look after your wound and stitches, including how long any dressings need to stay on, when they should be replaced and when you can start having showers or baths.

There will be scars where the cuts were made in your tummy. These will probably be red and obvious at first, but should fade over time.

How Can I Reduce My Risk For Gallstones

Pin on Gallbladder broken

There’s no proven way to prevent gallstones, but research suggests some possibilities. Eat three well-balanced meals daily, maintain a normal weight, and get regular exercise . Several studies have linked moderate alcohol consumption to a lower risk for symptom-causing gallstones. The Nurses’ Health Study also found that women with more fiber in their diets and those who ate several 1-ounce servings of nuts per week were less likely to need gallbladder surgery. Avoiding fatty foods won’t prevent or get rid of gallstones, but it may reduce the frequency of attacks.

Image: rob_lan/Getty Images

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Apple Cider Vinegar With Apple Juice

Some people believe that apple juice softens gallstones, allowing them to be excreted from the body with ease.

One cleanse involves mixing apple cider vinegar into the apple juice before drinking it. Although there is limited evidence to suggest that apple cider vinegar does have some health benefits, no studies support its use as a treatment for gallstones.

Furthermore, people with diabetes, stomach ulcers, and hypoglycemia should be wary of consuming large amounts of fruit juice.

Apple cider vinegar is available to buy in health stores and online.

What If There Was A Less Invasive Way Than Surgery To Relieve Symptoms In People With Gallbladder Disease

You may be able to prevent gallbladder surgery by eliminating certain foods from your diet.

Back in 1968 a doctor by the name of J.C. Brenemen published a paper in the journal Annals of Allergy. He was able to relieve symptoms associated with gallstones in 100% of his subjects by doing an Elimination Diet for 1 week. Most symptoms improved within only 3-5 days. When certain foods were added back in the diet, the symptoms would return. Three common foods accounted for the vast majority of reactions. Egg was problematic in 93% of people, pork in 64%, and onion in 52%. Other foods included fowl, milk, coffee, oranges, corn, beans, nuts, apples, and tomatoes. By simply removing the foods, these patients were able to eliminate their symptoms.

Over my ten years in clinical practice I have noticed that those clients who went on an Elimination Diet would often heal their gallbladder symptoms, and avoid gallbladder surgery. By observing my clients, I found that there was one additional food reaction contributing to gallstone disease that Brenemen was missing in his 1968 studygluten.

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Can Diet Prevent Gallstones

Women who eat more fruits and vegetables are less likely to have their gallbladders removed than women who eat very little fresh produce, according to a 2006 study. Also, other sources of fiber such as the psyllium husks mentioned earlier may be beneficial for the gallbladder.

Foods that may cause gallbladder problems include:

I Had To Fix Myself And I Dont Want Surgery

Gallbladder Surgery Explained – Complications and Recovery

So I dumped all the kefir down the drain and tried to eat more greens, veggies, apples, healthy eating was the plan. My gallbladder was screaming at me and my stomach, it was getting worse and worse, I couldnt eat anything, and I didnt want to, everyone saidgo to the doctor. But Im not a fan of doctors. I knew what would happen, tests, more tests, then surgery. I had a problem back in my 20s and we had very good insurance at the time. I had all kinds of tests done and the doctor couldnt find anything wrong. I figured it was my gallbladder so I just stayed in bed for a week and fixed myself. I could do that again. I wanted and need all my inside things. Lol!

My mother had her gallbladder taken out and has nothing but troubles ever since. I started reading about cleanses and even talked to a lady who had done it herself twice and went to the emergency room each time. She must of done something wrong or just couldnt handle the pain. What did I have to lose? I was going to have to go to the hospital soon anyway, the way I was feeling. Why not give it a tryright?

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