How Long Does Jock Itch Take To Heal


How Is Jock Itch Treated


Over-the-counter and prescription antifungal creams, ointments, gels, sprays or powders effectively treat jock itch. These products contain clotrimazole, miconazole, tolnaftate or terbinafine.

Some prescription antifungal medications are pills. These pills contain fluconazole, itraconazole or terbinafine.

Its important to finish your full course of medicine. If you stop too soon, your jock itch may come back and be harder to treat.

Is There A Pill To Cure Jock Itch

Pills are usually not given for jock itch. Instead, jock itch is treated with antifungal powder, creams, gels, lotions, or sprays that are applied directly to the infected skin. In rare cases, a jock itch infection can stubbornly hold on or the person might have another condition which makes it harder to clear the infection. In those cases, a daily pill will be prescribed for anywhere from six to eight weeks. Side effects, however, are common and unpleasant.

Will Jock Itch Go Away On Its Own

Jock itch doesnt typically go away on its own. If its left untreated, it can spread to other areas of your body, including your:

  • Nails: Fungal nail infections can be more difficult to treat. Theyre often more resistant to many treatments.
  • Hands: A similar fungal infection can spread to your hands. This happens when you scratch your infected groin with your hands or use the same towel to dry off both areas.
  • Feet: The same fungus that causes jock itch can also spread to your feet. Its a condition called athletes foot. The fungus typically spreads from your groin to your feet through your underwear. It can also spread by using the same towel to dry off both areas.

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Using Common Treatment Options

  • 1Use an antifungal cream for a mild infection. Creams contain either clotrimazole, allylamines, or benzylamines to kill the fungus. Your best options include Lamisil AT, Lotrimin AF, Lotrimin Ultra, or Naftin. Over-the-counter options are usually just as effective as prescriptions. Apply cream that contains clotrimazole twice a day for about 1014 days. If the cream is allylamine- or benzylamine-based, then apply it twice a day for 12 weeks.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Academy of Family PhysiciansOrganization devoted to improving the health of patients, families, and communitiesGo to source
  • Try asking your doctor for a prescription antifungal cream if over-the-counter medications dont work. You may be given oral medication for resistant infections or if youre immunocompromised. This may make the cost of the medication a little less expensive too.
  • 2Keep your skin clean and dry. Make sure to dry yourself thoroughly after a shower because fungus thrives in warm, moist environments. When you can, either go without underwear or go naked to expose the affected area to air. When that’s not feasible, at least wear boxers instead of briefs.Advertisement
  • 3Avoid wearing any clothing that rubs or irritates your crotch. Avoid tight underwear and tight pants made from any kind of synthetic fabrics. Change your underwear every day and choose cotton styles to help prevent infections later on.
  • What Causes Jock Itch

    Is jock itch Contagious?

    Our environment constantly exposes us to fungi and other microbes. Tight clothes like underwear and shorts can trap moisture in your groin area. This provides the perfect breeding ground for these otherwise harmless microbes to multiply rapidly.

    The fungus associated with jock itch can develop anywhere on your body. Other common areas include your armpits, under your breasts or pectorals, and on your feet. Moisture and heat are easily trapped in these areas by tight clothing.

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    How Long Does Jock Itch Take To Go Away

    There are a number of factors that influence how long it takes for jock itch to go away. These include:

    How well instructions are followed: How fast the infection goes away will depend on how well one follows the instructions. Where it says the application should be done even after the rash has gone, this should be done. The number of times for oral drugs must be followed as well.

    Severity or chronic jock itch: While mild infections can clear up within two weeks, moderate infections could take up to a number of months. The time for healing takes even longer in severe cases which could last up to one year. It is therefore advisable to seek treatment at the earliest opportunity.

    How long have you had it? The more one spends without giving the itch attention, the longer it will take for it to clear up. You should not feel embarrassed about getting treatment to avoid it from becoming severe.

    A form of treatment used: Home remedies take longer to work than the conventional medical treatments. If you want the itch gone fast, it is best to seek medical attention from a health professional.

    Personal care and hygiene: Where you are undergoing treatment but do not observe personal hygiene, the infection may not go away. Other than the undergoing jock itch treatment, one has to avoid public facilities such as pools, bath regularly, clean clothes well and avoid skin to skin contact with infected people. This will keep the fungus away and ensure fast healing.

    Can Rubbing Alcohol Cure Jock Itch

    Isopropyl alcohol , bleach, and concentrated hydrogen peroxide will kill the dermatophytes that cause jock itch. However, these are harsh chemicals that will damage the skin and possibly poison the body when absorbed through the skin. It is not a good idea to continually apply these chemicals to an infection on the surface of the skin.

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    These Will Be The Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends For 2023

    If you have athlete’s foot, Kim recommends putting on socks before you put on your underwear. If you have jock itch, you can spread it to your feet, so don’t touch your feet to your groin area. The idea is to prevent spreading the fungus around your body.

    While it’s a good idea to shower regularly, Beall says people with jock itch should use a mild, fragrance-free soap, and only wash their groin or genital area once a day or every other day.

    It might be super itchy and even a little awkward, but dont be disheartened Kim says jock itch is extremely common, and when it happens, it’s not because of anything people are doing wrong. “The day-to-day routine has changed significantly, and by being responsible and staying at home, we are creating a perfect medium for the fungus to thrive,” he explains.

    Listen to Dr. David Kim talk Masks onAllure‘sThe Science of Beautypodcast with co-hosts Michelle Lee and Jenny Bailly:


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    More information on skin conditions:

    What Is Inverse Psoriasis

    Jock Itch Treatment Cream (Medical Tips)

    Inverse psoriasis is an unusual form of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease caused at least partly by genetics.

    An autoimmune disease can develop when your bodys immune system views your healthy cells as foreign objects. The body begins to attack these cells as a defense against a perceived threat.

    Inverse psoriasis appears in areas where skin rubs against skin, including the:

    Unlike psoriasis which has a more complex cause doctors know fungi called dermatophytes cause jock itch. These fungi are similar to those that lead to ringworm.

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    What Is Jock Itch

    Jock itch is a common fungal infection similar to ringworm. Jock itch causes an itchy, stinging, burning rash on the skin around your groin, inner thighs and butt crack . Tinea cruris is another name for jock itch. Tinea is another name for ringworm, and cruris means groin.

    With this infection, your skin may become scaly and cracked or develop bumps or blisters.

    Other Risks Of Apremilast

    Other possible concerns related to the use of apremilast include:

    • Weight loss. Apremilast can also cause unexplained weight loss. Your doctor should monitor your weight for unexplained weight loss during treatment.
    • Effects with kidney disease. Talk to your doctor before taking this drug if you have kidney disease. You may need a different dosage.
    • Drug interactions. You shouldnt combine apremilast with some other drugs, because they make apremilast less effective. Examples of these drugs include the seizure medications carbamazepine, phenytoin, and phenobarbital. Talk to your doctor about other medications youre taking before you start apremilast.

    Systemic treatments also include injected prescription drugs. As with oral drugs, injected drugs called biologics work throughout your entire body to slow the diseases progress. Still other treatments include light therapy and topical medications.

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    What Kills Jock Itch The Fastest

    Store-bought topical antifungals clear up most jock itch infections. They work pretty quickly, eradicating the fungus in about two to four weeks. Topical azole antifungals, such as clotrimazole, miconazole, econazole, ketoconazole, and oxiconazole require twice-daily administration for two to four weeks to do the job.Oct 5, 2020

    How To Get Rid Of Jock Itch: 9 Natural Remedies

    Can jock itch lead to something serious if left untreated or is it more ...

    By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

    You dont have to be an athlete or a jock to get jock itch. However, its most common in athletes because they sweat more than the average person and often wear sweaty clothing for long periods of time. This can make for the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that causes this frustrating fungal infection.

    While it isnt the most appealing topic, jock itch is rather common. In fact, studies show that about 10 percent to 20 percent of the world population is affected by fungal skin infections! Its important to note that candida symptoms can be similar to or even trigger jock itch.

    Luckily, getting rid of jock itch is simple. With proper hygiene, healing foods and essential oils, the infection usually responds within a couple of weeks. Lets look at some of the best natural remedies and more!

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    Change And Wash Clothes Regularly

    Clothes and sheets are the most effective way to spread the infection or re-infect yourself. Change clothes every day and wash them in hot water to kill the dermatophyte spores. Consider changing underwear more than once a day. Sheets and blankets are also covered in spores after a single nights sleep, so they should be washed in hot water every day.

    How Is It Diagnosed

    Jock itch is annoying, but it usually is not serious. If you have had jock itch in the past, you may recognize the symptoms. Your doctor can tell if you have jock itch after asking questions about your symptoms and past health and by looking at your rash. Your doctor may scrape a little of the rash on a glass slide so that he or she can look at it under a microscope.

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    What Is Gold Bond Medicated Powder Used For

    Stay cool, dry, and comfortable with cornstarch-based Gold Bond® Medicated Original Strength Body Powder. Achieve all-over itch relief with menthol and temporarily relieve pain and itching associated with minor cuts and scrapes, minor burns including sunburn, insect bites, and other minor skin irritations.

    Is Jock Itch An Std

    How to Treat Jock Itch Fast | Jock Itch Treatment, Causes, and Prevention (2021)

    Jock itch is not a sexually-transmitted disease, but a fungal infection of the groin that is usually caught from objects contaminated with fungal spores, such as clothes, sheets, towels, or washcloths. Jock itch can also be spread from fungal infections on other parts of the body, such as the feet or nails.

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    Reasons Your Groin Itches And How To Get Relief

    If genital itch has you devising ways to discreetly scratch, talk with your doctor about best way to get relief.

    An itch in your groin area can be difficult to discuss with anyone, including your doctor. But its nothing to feel ashamed of. The problem is common, and it doesnt necessarily mean that you have a sexually transmitted infection .

    Here are 8 reasons, aside from an STI, for itchy private parts along with tips for getting relief.

  • Jock itch. This is a common and treatable skin condition thats caused by a fungus. Its especially common in athletes because the fungus thrives on warm, moist skin thats covered with tightly fitting clothing.A common sign of jock itch is a red, scaly, and incredibly itchy rash, which can develop on the:

  • Crease of the buttocks
  • What can relieve the itch

  • Yeast infection. This is a common cause of:

  • Signs of a yeast infection, also known as candidiasis include thick vaginal discharge, burning, and itching.What can relieve the itch: Start by seeing your gynecologist to make sure that you have a yeast infection. If you have a yeast infection, your gynecologist can recommend treatment thats right for you. Many effective treatments exist.

  • Psoriasis. If you have psoriasis, its important to know that psoriasis can develop in the genital area, appearing on the:

  • Creases of the buttocks
  • What can relieve the itch:What can relieve the itch:

  • Female genitals
  • What can relieve the itch:

    Symptoms Of Jock Itch

    Jock itch can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and annoying but it is important that you recognize the symptoms so you can treat it quickly. It often starts with a red, itchy rash with raised edges that can be painful. The rash then spreads out from the crease in the groin in a half-moon shape onto the upper thigh. Other symptoms include:

    • burning sensation around the affected area,

    • flaking, cracked or peeling skin,

    • scaly, red or brown patches.

    You should see a doctor if your rash doesnt improve within 7 days of starting a treatment. You should also seek doctors advice if jock itch returns within a few weeks after treatment with an anti-fungal medication.

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    What Are The Risk Factors

    If someone in your family has psoriasis, your chances of having it increase. Smoking and stress can also increase your risk of triggering the disease.

    Having obesity or overweight is also a risk factor for jock itch because the fungus can live in skinfolds. The fungus multiplies in warm, moist places. People who sweat more, such as athletes, are also more likely to develop jock itch.

    These treatments will address the symptoms as well as the underlying immune dysfunction. So while they usually wont cure the condition entirely, symptoms are less likely to reoccur.

    Does Gold Bond Powder Help Jock Itch

    Lamisil Spray For Jock Itch

    Most cases of jock itch can be treated with over-the-counter medicines. You can use a topical antifungal cream, like Gold Bond medicated powder, Tinactin or Lamisil ointment, says Dr. Modi. If those dont work, you can go to your doctor and get prescription-strength lotion of a similar anti-fungal powder or cream.

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    Psoriasis And Oral Medications

    Psoriasis is a common autoimmune disorder that causes red, thick, inflamed patches of skin. The patches are often covered in whitish silvery scales called plaques. In some cases, the affected skin will crack, bleed, or ooze. Many people feel burning, pain, and tenderness around the affected skin.

    Psoriasis is a chronic condition. Even with treatment, psoriasis will never fully go away. Therefore, treatment aims to reduce symptoms and to help the disease enter remission. Remission is a period of little to no disease activity. This means there are fewer symptoms.

    There are a range of treatment options available for psoriasis, including oral medications. Oral drugs are a form of systemic treatment, which means they affect your whole body. These drugs can be very strong, so doctors typically only prescribe them for severe psoriasis. In many cases, these drugs are reserved for people who havent had much success with other psoriasis treatments. Unfortunately, they can cause a variety of side effects and issues.

    Read on to learn more about the most common oral medications and their side effects and risks.

    What Can Make The Symptoms Of Jock Itch Worse

    There are a few things you might do that unintentionally make your jock itch worse. Here are some examples:

    • Working out. This can cause the infected skin to chafe against nearby skin or with clothing and irritate it, making the skin more susceptible to a worsening infection.
    • Having poor hygiene habits. Using improperly cleaned, damp towels or clothing, and not keeping skin dry may promote infection.
    • Using the wrong treatment. Spreading an anti-itch cream, such as hydrocortisone, on the infected area wont treat the infection it can actually worsen it. This can increase the area of the infection or make the infection worse.
    • Having a weakened immune system. Taking immunosuppressants for autoimmune disorders or having a weakened immune system from medication or conditions like HIV can make it harder for your body to fight off fungal infections.

    Some conditions look like jock itch, but they arent, so they wont respond to typical tinea cruris treatment.

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    An Accurate Diagnosis Is The Key To Getting Real Relief

    While youve just seen eight very different reasons for itchy private parts, there are many more, including hemorrhoids, menopause, and eczema. Several STIs can also cause your genitals to itch.

    Seeing a board-certified dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment can protect your health and bring much welcomed relief.

    Have a skin, hair, or nail problem?

    No one understands your skin better than a board-certified dermatologist. Partner with the expert for the best care.

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