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Heres The Complete Guide How To Fix Damaged Bleached Hair Fast

5 Tips to Grow Out Dry, Damaged & Bleached Hair

How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair with great products and gentle hair care tips.

Ill show you how to fix / repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast!

Read my how to guide: How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair.

Is this you? You bleached your hair and now you have fried, damaged, and dry hair?

Lucky for you, Im sharing my complete guide about repairing bleached hair:

  • Proven products that repair and maintain bleached hair FAST 1 hour method
  • Natural remedies how to fix your bleached hair Slow method
  • How to hydrate hair after bleaching
  • What peroxide does to the hair
  • What to avoid after your bleach your hair
  • 7 Steps Bleached hair care routine

Go In For Regular Trims

If youve been putting off your haircut or trying to grow out your tresses, you might think youre giving your bleached locks a break. However, trimming your ends can help mitigate some of the hair damage caused by bleach.

The reason? Since bleach can weaken and dry out your hair, it can cause you to experience more split ends. Split ends may only affect the tips of your hair at first, but if left untrimmed, they can work their way up your hair strands.

Does Bleaching Your Hair Kill Lice

A fairly common, and well-intentioned, assumption is that chemicals like hydrogen peroxide can kill headlice. While this isnt untrue, its not a method you should rush to try out.

Lice and nits have very strong bodies and shells, so you would need to use the bleach for a while before it kills them. And by the time it has, its likely done serious damage to your hair that just isnt worth it.

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Don’t Try A Quick Fix

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When hair is freshly damaged, Lee says to stay away from it in the immediate aftermath. “Dont touch it again,” she says. “And stay away from YouTube tutorials! Do some proper research to get in with the right colorist in your area to help you achieve your hair color goals without compromising your hair texture or length.”

Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5


Already delicate bleach damaged hair gets even more of a break with this multitasking formula thats 100 percent free of potentially irritating dyes and parabens. Dispense a dime-sized amount of Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5-in-1 Invisible Hair Oil in your palms and rake through your strands. Avoid roots to keep things from looking too greasy. And just like that, youve provided your hair with extra nourishment, frizz-fighting power, increased smoothness, mirror-like shine and color-fade protection.

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How To Avoid Bleach Damage

If youve ever wondered, Does bleaching your hair damage it every single time? the answer is, well, yes. However, that damage can certainly be minimized to a point that its hardly noticeable. This is particularly true when working with an experienced hair care professional who understands how to safely bleach hair and minimize damage.

Your colorist can also utilize a pro-level hair strengthening treatment during the bleaching process, which further promotes the integrity of your hair and keeps it healthy, shiny, and strong.

Note that if youre interested in a light blonde, fantasy hair color trend, or pastel shade, understand that your stylist will have to pre-lighten your hair first if you have naturally dark strands. Over the course of several salon appointments, he or she lifts your natural color to create a blank canvas for your dazzling new shade.

Good hair day by @realericvaughn.

Opt For Balayage Instead Of All

Balayage highlights are a lot gentler on your strands than all-over hair color . If your hair is dry ask your stylist for balayage highlights instead of going fully blonde.

Whether youve just gone blonde and need a new hair care routine, or are just looking to hydrate overly-bleached strands, weve got you covered with everything you need to know about how to hydrate your hair after bleaching.

Cover photo credits: Color by Melanie GuillePhotographed by Saty and Pratha

Cut by Aliza Esmail

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Use Nourishing Hair Products

Next, find a rich deep conditioner. My favorites are It’s a 10 Miracle hair mask and any of the Organix deep conditioners . You can also use any product that is designed to be used in the shower and left in your hair for two to five minutes before getting washed out. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

  • Take your deep conditioner and slather it into your hair while it is still dry. Start from the ends and work up to the scalp and get a good thick coat on.
  • Then loosely twist your hair up and put on a shower cap.
  • Let the conditioner sit overnight and wash it out in the morning. This will help to coat hair and get the restoration process started.

Use A Heat Protectant

HOW TO HEAL & STYLE DAMAGED HAIR | Day 4 After Bleaching

When you put heat on your hair, make sure youre protecting your tresses with a heat protectant. This is important whether you have bleach damage or not, but becomes even more crucial if youre dealing with stressed hair.

If you are heat styling, use products that put a barrier between the heat and compromised hair, says Bodt. If there is no barrier its likely the heat will burn the hair.

Redken Extreme Play Safe Heat Protection and Damage Repair Hair Treatment helps prevent split ends and helps reduce the appearance of split ends by 70 percent. It also helps fortify hair fiber for less breakage.

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Bleach Damage On Afro Hair

Bleach damage on coily, Afro-hair textures differs slightly because coily hair is extremely fragile, and as a result, bleaching occurs much faster. “Textured hair is already the most delicate of all hair types. It’s finer and absorbs the lightener much faster than wavy and straight hair types, which can cause more damage,” Lyn says.

“The kinkier the curls, the drier the hair,” Sims says. “If you’re already taking out pigment and compromising the strength of the hair with hair that’s already dry, it’s just going to become more brittle and more prone to break.”

Use A Blow Dryer With A Cold

When your hair is damaged, the last thing you need is to deprive it of moisture. But if you use a blow dryer, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

The only thing that hot air does to your lovely locks is to dehydrate them even more.

So if you’re pressed for time and need to leave the house in a rush, try using a dryer on a cold air setting to dry your hair.

If you don’t really need your hair to be dry right this second, then try doing other things while you’re getting ready and just let your hair air dry on its own. The latter is definitely a better option because your hair has already been through way too much. Poor thing. Is there such a thing as hair therapy?

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I Used Clingfilm On My Hair Overnight

A couple of times a month, I used any leftover repairing conditioner on my hair overnight, and locked it into my hair using clingfilm.

Using 65p Sainsburys Own clingfilm on my head locked the conditioner in my hair and prevented it from drying out and having next to no effect.

Each morning Id use a de-tangling comb very carefully so as not to damage the hair and let it dry throughout the day.

Note: This isnt a good method if youve got work the next morning. Do it on a Friday/Saturday night especially as damaged hair takes much longer to dry.

As I bought a roll of clingfilm every 6 months , this is a super cheap way of getting that extra bit of nourishment into your hair each month.

Cost: 65p

There Is A Right And Wrong Way To Bleach Your Hair

How I Salvaged My Bleached Hair After a Disaster at the Salon

Beginner experimenters often mistake lathering bleach on as they would dye, and theyll start with their roots. Both newbie mistakes are the wrong way to bleach.

If you start with your roots, youll end up with lighter, more bleached hair than the rest however, if you start at the very tip of your hair, youll damage it more than you intend to. You must aim by starting about half an inch away from your scalp and work your way down. Only the last fifteen minutes should you lather your roots and tips.

Keep checking your hair every five minutes. When your hair looks white or very pale, its time to rinse it out. If you leave bleach in for too long, you risk hair breakage, dryness, and fallout.

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Wrong Choice Of Shampoo

The first thing to do is make sure that youre using a shampoo formulated for blonde hair. Blonde hair, particularly bleached blonde hair, has special needs when it comes to cleansing.

Thats where Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo for Blondes comes in. This nourishing, gentle silver shampoo is specially formulated with creatine, Vitamin B5 and organic plant extracts from aloe vera, mango and blueberry to moisturize bleach damaged hair and protect it from further injury.

Plus, it has active violet pigments which neutralise unwanted brassiness. Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo for Blondes also has a pH thats almost identical to human skin, which means that it wont irritate your scalp.

Learn how to use it step-by-step in this video below:

Tresemm Biotin + Repair 7 Shampoo And Conditioner

TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Shampoo and Conditioner both contain strengthening vitamins as part of a patented pro-bond complex that helps restore strand-by-strand breakage from bleaching. It works to mend the hair fiber from the inside out, not only helping your hair visibly look better upon washing, but also fortifying it, which is a key benefit if youre continuously dyeing your locks.

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Schwarzkopf Blondme Keratin Restore

Another fantastic product that helps fix bleached hair damage is the Schwarzkopf BLONDME Keratin Restore range. It works by repairing the internal structure of the hair, creating new bonds within the fibres to help moisturise porous hair.

To use, apply the Schwarzkopf BLONDME Intense Bonding Potion to the hair, section by section. This amplifies the effect of the Schwarzkopf BLONDME Blonde Mask, which you apply directly on top.

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Tip #: Don’t Forget The Extras

5 Ways To Heal DRY Damaged Hair In One Day

Aside from shampoo, conditioner, masks, and my beloved air-dry spray , the only products I ever use in my hair are heat protecting and detangling leave-in conditioners, serums, and clear oils. After I unwrap my hair from the turban, I’ll smooth a nickel-size amount of hair oil into the entire length of my hair, and then I’ll spritz through with my leave-in. If I feel like my hair needs even more TLC, I might use another specialized serum or cream, but it’s just as needed, and again, just depending on what my hair is feeling and looking like. My favorites are below!

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How Does Bleach Cause Damage

Bleach is invasive and always harmful to your hair to a certain extent. Here are the main ways bleach causes damage:

  • Swelling of hair strands Alkaline agents cause the hair to swell, opening the cuticles and allowing for rougher, fuller hair.
  • Melanin dissolution Melanin produces the natural hair color you were born with. Bleach rids this color, making your hair neutral, which is damaging.
  • Changes in the look and feel of your hair Your hair may become frizzy dry with split-ends. Bleaching does this because it decreases elasticity and causes porosity.

The damaging nature of bleach is most commonly exacerbated by impatience, as too frequent bleaching and overexposure cause more harm and may lead to severe issues, such as hair loss and, in rare cases, even skin burns.

Tip #: Haircuts Are More Important Than You Think They Are

The very first order of business post-bleach-apocalypse back in 2013 was a haircut. The stylist I saw said that although they would give me a protein and moisture treatment to help stop the immediate breakage , I would continue to shed, so the best thing I could do was to part with as much length as I could emotionally handle. Not only would the cut help even out the look of my hair, it would also help prevent further splits and snaps. At the time, he chopped my boob-length hair to my collarbones, and I was diligent about coming into the salon for trims every month or two.

Years later, my cadence is every three months or so, and I make sure to see the same stylist who knows my hair’s history and my goals for length and thickness. My hair has never been so long or as thick, and I attribute that in part to my consistency with trimsâeven if it’s just a dusting off the ends prior to a coloring appointment .

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Bleached Hair Sos: How To Fix Bleach

Bleaching is a one-way ticket to lighter-colored locks. And though it gets great results, it can damage hair if not done carefully. If youâre experiencing a bleach overload, follow our top tips for how to fix bleach-damaged hair. Get your tresses back on track with our simple tricks to calm, nourish, and restore your hair to its blonde beauty.

What is bleach-damaged hair and what does it look like?Bleaching is the chemical process that gives you that beautifully bright blonde look. Whether you get beachy highlights or go all-over ice-blonde, when you color your hair it loses the proteins that give strength and volume. Over time, your hair could become dry, dull, and brittle. Luckily, weâve got somesolutions for you.Is it possible to repair bleach-damaged hair?Whether youâre recovering from a bleach-out or wondering how to fix color-damaged hair, fear not. With a little care you can improve your hairâs look and feel following bleach damage.How to fix bleach-damaged hair?When youâre looking to bounce back from bleach, try these tips to restore your tresses.

Can You Repair Damaged Hair

How To Fix EXTREMELY Damaged Hair At Home

Unfortunately, no. There isnt anything you can do to truly repair damaged hair. Once the damage has been done, thats pretty much it. Luckily, the great thing about hair is that its always growing! If you have bleach damaged hair or heat damaged hair, youll just have to give your hair some extra TLC while you wait for fresh, undamaged hair to grow.

Another thing you can do is control the damage before it gets any worse. This will help mitigate some of the unpleasant effects of bleach damaged hair and heat damaged hair like breakage and split ends.

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Sleep On A Satin Pillowcase

Help avoid friction from tossing and turning in bed. Simply by switching to a satin pillowcare. The smooth material will allow your hair to glide across the pillow. You also will never wake up with snarls. Wake up to a good hair day!

These Tips How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair really work. I dont have to cut my hair.

Im growing out my natural dark color now for fall and winter. Ill probably add streaks for the summer as usual.

In conclusion, hair peroxide strips away the strong proteins in your hair during the bleaching process of removing melanin, so take it easy unless youre living at the Playboy Mansion! I hope you enjoyed learning about bleached hair care.

Want to see photos of bleached damaged hair before and afters.

Also, another way to repair bleached damaged hair that has TONS of snarls: Learn How to Untangle a whole head of snarls here

Only Wear Gentle Hair Ties

You should wear your hair loose when possible to put less stress on fragile strands, but if you need to tie your hair up, opt for silky ties that wont fray or tug your hair. You should also consider working low-slung styles, like a nape-hugging ponytail or chignon, as these looks will pull less on your scalp and just happen to be trending for 2022.

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Why Does Bleaching Damage Your Hair

Bleaching raises your hairs outer cuticle to allow the bleaching agent to fully penetrate. Repeated bleaching can permanently raise your cuticle, which allows rapid and continuous loss of moisture from your strands.

Damage from bleaching includes:

  • Hair that is prone to breakage
  • Hair that is prone to split ends

Bleached hair is also more porous, and therefore more vulnerable to other chemical and non-chemical hazards. These include everything from heat-styling with blow-dryers and tongs, to the effects of sun, rain and wind.

While all bleaching agents have a damaging effect on your hairs protein structure, this is intensified each time the process is undertaken. In other words, the more often you bleach or highlight your hair, the more damaged it will be.

If you are suffering from damaged hair, our Clinics in London and New York specialise in hair and scalp treatment and are here to help.

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How To Restore Damaged Hair

This article was co-authored by Gina Almona. Gina Almona is the Owner of Blo It Out, a New York City-based hair salon. With over 20 years of beauty training experience, Gina’s work has been featured in People Magazine, Time Out New York, and Queens Scene. She has been able to keep a fresh perspective in the industry by demonstrating and participating in trade shows and workshops like the International Beauty Show. She received her cosmetology training from the Long Island Beauty School, Astoria.There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 11 testimonials and 91% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 1,181,013 times.

Does your hair feel brittle and stiff? Dyeing, bleaching, straightening or blowing out your hair a lot can damage it over time. These processes dry out your hair and leave it prone to breakage and split ends. Once your hair is damaged, the best way to restore it is to give it time to grow back in healthy and strong. Use deep conditioning treatments to help bring back its luster, and be healthy from the inside out to promote the growth of new healthy hair.

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