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In Fact For Some To Achieve Health They Need To Do Quite The Opposite

How to Heal Your Metabolism with Kate Deering

As we get older, we are led to believe there is a natural aging effect. With age, we wrinkle more, we gain more fat, we lose muscle, our posture deteriorates, our bones get weak, our energy diminishes, our metabolism slows down, we feel colder, our skin gets dry, our joints hurt, our sleep becomes restless, our digestion is irregular, and our sex drive goes in the toilet. Augh. Doesnt aging sound fun?

I believe, along with numerous other researchers, that aging is based more on how we live our life vs. the years we are on this planet. Meaning, we can slow down and even reverse much of the aging process if we understand how to exercise properly, eat supportively, reduce stress, live with purpose, love, and appreciate the life weare given.

True health is established with an understanding of what things increase metabolic function and what things decrease it. A high metabolism is linked to youth. A high metabolism is linked to a lack of disease. A high metabolism is linked to good sleep, a healthy sex drive, healthy skin and hair, a lean body, and overall happiness.

Aging does not have to be a miserable process. It can be a journey of getting to know your body better, understanding your physiology and anatomy so that you can keep your body fit and healthy for its next adventure.

Allow me to take you on a journey to better health. I can be reached at

Kate Deering Fitness & Nutrition

Dr Wendy Myers: Okay Great And So What Does A Low Metabolism Look Like Exactly

Kate Deering:So a low metabolism, like a general lab, might look like high TSH. Thats kind of what your practitioners going to tell you. Symptomatically or what we also look at that you might not need a lab for, is your basal temperature. It should be around low. Were talking low. Low metabolism would be more like low body temperature, very low pulse, sleep issues and a hard time losing weight. It can be high or low blood pressure, poor skin health, poor hair health, constipation, or diarrhea. Hormonal imbalances so PMS, infertility issues, dont want no libido, so essentially everything slows down when youre in a slow metabolic rate, but on some levels, because your bodys trying to always kind of keep up with the stresses around you, you can also burn a lot of calories and have a low basal metabolism, essentially, because then were just trying to stress the system.

Kate Deering:So your bodys using high cortisol, which will essentially suppress thyroid function, and so yes, these people can actually be burning lots of calories, but were burning them in the wrong way, and the reason you would know youre actually still low thyroid is youll have more symptoms, sleep issues, constipation, right? Those are the people that say theyre burning a lot of calories, but then you look at them, and youre like, you have every symptom of somebody that is actually hypothyroid.

Dr. Wendy Myers:Yes, exactly thats what I meant. Sorry.

Kate Deering:Yeah.

Speed Your Metabolismeven As You Age

Imagine your metabolism allowed you to eat what you could when you were 15?

According to holistic nutrition coach and author Kate Deering , you can get your youthful metabolism backor at least you can speed it up despite your age. In fact, she wrote a book about it called: How to heal your metabolism: Stop blaming aging for your slowing metabolism.

In her book, she explains how to eat the right foods to increase your metabolism, how to eat more and still lose weight, as well as why your current fitness regimen might actually be decreasing your metabolism.

I would have been immediately suspicious of her books claims when I read the review had it not been recommended to me by a very trusted source. And when I dug a little deeper, it became obvious that this woman has science to back her claims. Specifically, much of her philosophies stem from various doctors who study health-related topics, from hormones to disease, to diet and nutritionincluding Dr. Ray Peat, Dr. Broda Barnes, Dr. Constance Martin, Dr. Han Selye, Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, Josh Rubin and Danny Roddy.

What Deering basically does it take the long-winded and difficult-to-decipher research done by the experts and writes in a way thats digestible and relatable to the average reader.

Here are some of the important points she makes:

Workout intelligently

  • Eat in a way that supports our bodies positively

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For over 28 years Kate Deering has been involved in the health and fitness industry helping men and women of all ages achieve optimal health and wellness. her practice is based on a holistic approach to health and wellness by looking at the entirety of a persons well-being.


Dr Wendy Myers: Okay Great And So Your Focus Is Metabolism And Thats What You Wrote Your Book About So What Is Metabolism Exactly Can You Kind Of Expand On I Think

How To Heal Your Metabolism By Kate Deering  NuStrength

Kate Deering:Sure.

Dr. Wendy Myers:I have a basic idea, but whats the full picture?

Kate Deering:Yeah, and I think its a really good question cause I think a lot of people have a misconception about what it is. I think most people just think its burning calories. Like you have a high or low metabolism. I burn a lot of calories. I dont burn a lot of calories, and theres some truth to that. Ultimately though, metabolism is a sum of every metabolic process thats going on in your body. Its how your body essentially converts food into energy. And so some people do that well and others not so well. Where we get into the burning calorie situation is because you can have a very stressed metabolism, and we have different pathways when were stressed at how we utilize energy, and then we have a very normal high thyroid or not yeah, high working thyroid function, and that produces a good metabolic function in your whole system, so thats more of like you have a well running basal metabolic rate or resting metabolic rate. So I always think thats a good assessment of how healthy someone is and how much energy theyre burning at rest.

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Dr Wendy Myers: And Thats Right But What Are Some Of The Best Foods That Support Metabolism

Kate Deering:So if we just look at it as far as first as energy, we always want to make sure that we have enough energy to support the demands on our bodies. So our bodys best source of energy is always going to come in the form of carbohydrates. Your body likes carbohydrates, and its easier to utilize. It produces more things like carbon dioxide, actually produces more ATP or more heat, and so our body prefers those resources. Now, when I say carbohydrates, people are like, oh, I can just go eat like a cookie or a loaf of bread, and Im like, not really what Im referencing, and of course, when we refer to things like cookies or cakes, those arent just carbohydrates, theres lots of fat in those foods. So usually, what Im referring to are carbohydrates that are going to contain a lot of nutrition. And those usually come in the forms of fruits, juices, root vegetables, vegetables, not all vegetables, more cooked vegetables, honey, things that are easily accessible that our body doesnt have a really, really hard time breaking down and can utilize its energy to support the system.

Warrier School Podcast Allerigies Vitamin D And The Importance Of Progesterone

Episode 123: Allergies, Vitamin D and the Importance of Progesterone

Allergies: what causes them and what we could do to treat them Vitamin D supplementation: should or shouldnt we supplement? How Kate supports her clients who live in the northern hemisphere when daylight is limited What hormones increase, or decrease under stress Misconceptions surrounding peri-menopause and menopause Menopause and progesterone – How can we make more progesterone? What should women in their 40s and 50s do to support the transition into menopause

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Dr Wendy Myers: Yeah And Then What Does Someone Look Like That Has A High Metabolism What Is That Like

Kate Deering:So a healthy-

Dr. Wendy Myers:Im very, I dont like those people, but who are they?

Kate Deering:So a healthy metabolism would look like your body temperature. The ideal body temperature would be about 98.6. It can be around 97.8 or 98 when youre awake. Its going to be a little bit lower. Your resting heart rate will be between 75 and 90 beats a minute. Youll have healthy hair and healthy skin, and youll have a healthy bowel movement. So youll have a bowel daily. Its going to be like a normal stool, not too loose. So youre not excessively going to the bathroom. You might be urinating four or five times a day, not 25 times a day. You can sleep through the night, deep sleep through the night without not waking, youll have a healthy libido, pain-free periods, fertile, and youll want to have sex. All of those things would be synonymous with somebodys system running well, cause then we know that theyre using energy well and they have enough energy coming in to support all of their systems.

How To Balance Your Blood Sugar For A Healthy Metabolism And To Regulate Your Hormones With Kate Deering

How to Heal Your Metabolism with Kate Deering

Balancing your blood sugar is a key foundation of a healthy metabolism and balanced hormones.So we thought wed get together and talk more about what it actually means to balance your blood sugar as well as:What happens to your body when you go many hours or days without eating enoughMyths surrounding carbs, fats, and blood sugarHow blood sugar is regulatedProtein and blood sugar regulationEating for and after your workoutSnack ideas that we like for regulating your blood sugarHow we simplify meal planning in our busy livesAnd more tips to balance your blood sugar levels!

Listen Now

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Dr Wendy Myers: Right Interesting Very Interesting And So Lets Talk About Your Book So How To Heal Your Metabolism So What Are Some Of The Topics That You Cover In The Book

Kate Deering:So I certainly give you an overview of what metabolism is, kind of what we talked about here, so people can have a basic understanding. I really try to break it down into really easily digestible chapters so that its not too complex without being too sciencey, but we talk about certain carbohydrates, understanding what sugars are, and understanding what the best ones are to fuel your system. I talk about saturated fats versus polyunsaturated fats. I talk about protein, how much you need, and what are the best sources of protein? What sources may not be best as far as in abundance. I will talk about dairy. Im a huge proponent of dairy. I love dairy. I think it gets a bad rap, and so I think its a superfood and that most people probably, if you cannot tolerate it, I have chapters in there and talk about how you can learn to get your body to re tolerate dairy and how you should do that.

Dr. Wendy Myers:Yeah. I love that. Because I think a lot of people, they, they dont understand about water and theyre drinking way too much. Okay? I hear people boast they drink three liters of water today or four liters. They do that every single day, and you really need to listen to your body. Your body will cry for the water if you use your thirst as your guide.

Kate Deering:And your pee, right?

Dr. Wendy Myers:Yeah.

Kate Deering:And use your pee for your guide, like it is clear as a bell, and you are peeing 20 times a day. Its too much, right?

Dr. Wendy Myers:Yeah.

The Great Fat Vs Carb Debate

In this episode, I sat down with Kate Deering and Dr. Jamie Seeman for a fun discussion on nutrition and our metabolism. This was a great, civilized conversation between two people who have different approaches to nutrition. They both agree on a lot, including the importance of eating real foods, especially animal products, and avoiding highly processed foods like seed oils. They both have a great deal of experience in the department of womens health and the effects of lifestyle on hormonal health.

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How To Heal Your Metabolism: Learn How The Right Foods Sleep The Right Amount Of Exercise And Happiness Can Increase Your Metabolic Rate And Hel

How to Heal Your Metabolism will help educate you on how eating the right foods, eating the right amount of food, consuming the right food supplements, consuming the right amount of water, sleeping and resting, doing the right amount of exercise, and finding happiness will increase your metabolic rate and help heal your broken metabolism. How to Heal Your Metabolism will question everything you thought you knew about health and nutrition. If you are ready to understand nutrition and health in a completely different light, then you need to read this book.

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The Truth About Estrogen Replacement Therapy Calcium And Milk Myths With Dr Ray Peat And Kate Deering

How To Heal Your Metabolism

So excited to have Dr Peat and Kate back on the podcast and this one is jammed with incredible information so I suggest getting a snack, pen and paper and get ready to take notes.

In this episode Dr Peat covers:

Does estrogen therapy really help against heart disease? Or is something else helping women live longer

with less heart disease?

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Blood Pressure Cholesterol Depression Diabetes & Heart Disease

Is our modern health care system helping us when it comes to understanding & actually treating these conditions, or are we simply managing symptoms? With over 25 years under her belt in the health + fitness industry, Kate Deering is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, & experience.

In this week’s episode, we teamed up with the legendary Kate Deering to tackle some of the most controversial topics in modern health: hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

Dr Wendy Myers: Yes Yes Yes Yes And So And Then What About Stress So How Does Stress Factor Into That Were All Dealing With A Lot Of Different Types Of Stress I Mean People Are Unaware Of The Amount Of Stress That Theyre Dealing With How Does Stress Affect Our Metabolism

Kate Deering:So stress is like your thyroids worst enemy. So in a high-stress state, the thyroids always going to be suppressed. So on a short-term basis, like working out, so actually when you go work out, your thyroid is slightly suppressed, and thats okay. Thats a normal function of what happens when youre working out, but when you get out of that, it should return back to a normal function, right? We should be able to recover quite well, and now our bodys working more optimally. So short-term acute stresses are fine for our system as long as we can handle them. Its now in this world. Were all under some level, or not everybody, but a good bit of people are under chronic stress, and so when youre under chronic stress, your thyroid stays suppressed for long periods of time. Thats when you kind of see these hypothyroid states or even subclinical hypothyroid states.

Dr. Wendy Myers:Yes. Yeah, yeah. And thats the thing. A lot of people with diabetes are super, super thin also as well. Its just you cant let that fool you-

Kate Deering:So-

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Kate Deering brings 25 years of experience in the holistic health and wellness space, along with a robust and tested approach to healing someone – nutritionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

With a dense background in sports performance, biochemistry, and physiology, Kate has recently shifted her thoughts on what true-health meant, focusing on a more root-cause, holistic approach towards optimal health, while also writing the book How to Heal Your Metabolism

She often is associated with the likes of Ray Peat and Jay Feldman, embracing fruit, sugar and carbs as a natural and fundamental source of energy, focusing on the underlying issues that leads to intolerances in handling carbohydrates.

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