How To Heal Your Root Chakra


Healing Foods For Root Chakra

Heal Your Root Chakra | Sound Healing for Root Chakra | Grounding Exercise

Like crystals and essential oils, all food carries specific energy that can help to heal us energetically. The following foods help to ground you and heal the root chakra:

  • Grounding proteins: lentils, tofu, black beans, quinoa, amaranth, soy milk, green peas, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, tempeh, hemp milk, edamame, spinach, black-eyed peas, broccoli, almonds, spirulina, tahini, chickpeas, and peanut butter.
  • Red fruits and vegetables: red apples, strawberries, pomegranates, cherries, tomatoes, red cabbage, beets, etc.
  • Root vegetables: potatoes, beets, carrots, onion, garlic, and parsnips.

I also love this Root Chakra Smoothie.

What Is A Chakra

According to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the physical and spiritual come together in the chakras. These swirling wheels of energy align along the spine, starting with the Muladhara or root chakra located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae.

Read more in the Complete Beginners Guide to the Seven Chakras.

In Sanskrit, Mula means root and Adhara means support or base. The Muladhara chakra serves as the foundation for opening all of the other chakras. Think of it like a house: a sturdy foundation on firm ground ensures the stability of a home for many years.

Root Chakra Healing Practices

So what does a healthy and balanced root chakra look and feel like?

When you have a clear, strong and harmonious root chakra, you will firstly feel grounded and calm. You will no longer have fears surrounded money or loss of control, but will come to trust the divine intelligence of life. Not only will you trust yourself more, but you will also feel connected to others and nature more deeply. When your root chakra is healthy, you will find it simple to be your authentic self finding the inner peace that is always here in the present moment easier to connect to. You will give up the need to fight, protect and defend, and will instead come into alignment with ebb and flow of life.

Here are some of the best root chakra healing practices out there that I have personally experimented with:

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Want To Really Heal Your Root Chakra

Join me inside DLLMEMBERSHIP, a one-stop space to start your healing journey with guided monthly workshops + Meditations + workbooks + community & coaching calls with me! This month our theme has been ROOT CHAKRA HEALING and how amazingly apt it has been when we have felt so ungrounded collectively When triggers appear outside, its a sign to heal insidethis is the mission of #DLLmembership .

How To Heal Your Root Chakra

How to Balance Your Root Chakra Using the Energy of Mars

Several steps may be taken to heal an imbalance or blockage in the root chakra. Depending on the severity of the blockage, you may opt to use chakra healing meditation, yoga poses, or even a variety of forms of energy healing, from reiki to acupuncture and sound therapy such as the use of chakra tuning forks.

Aromatherapy For The First Chakra

Aromatherapy is another useful tool for first chakra balancing. To heal the root chakra, consider using flowering, earthy-scented essential oils to ground and balance, including

Root Chakra Healing Stones

The use of chakra crystals and healing stones for chakra cleansing is also common.

Healing stones vibrational frequencies can help restore balance when there is a deficiency or excess of energy leading to a blocked or overactive root chakra. Like the chakras, each stone has its own frequency.

Although it is common practice to choose stones of the same color as their corresponding chakra, it isnt always necessary shades of the same color will also work. The key is that the stone has the same vibrational frequency as its associated chakra.

When choosing red stones to heal the root chakra, some choices are red jasper, bloodstone, red carnelian, and garnet. Other options for stones include:

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How To Heal The Root Chakra

  • Start with physical exercises .
  • Walk in nature, spend as much time outdoors as you can.
  • Practice grounding or walking barefoot to strengthen your connection with the earth and nature.
  • Practice yoga as it can heal all your chakras.
  • Do some gardening and pottery as it will give you the chance to be in touch with the earth.
  • Examine the relationship with your mother talk to her about it. If you cannot, discuss the problem with a psychotherapist.
  • Get to know your neighbors better or make peace with them.
  • Make peace with your family.
  • Make/buy refreshing aromatherapy products with a pleasant scent such as scented candles . Use aromatic bath oils and mix them with massage emulsifiers.

Beneficial Foods for the Root Chakra

Root vegetables like parsnips, carrots, potatoes, radishes, onions, beets, garlic.

Protein-rich food like meats, eggs, beans, soy products, peanut butter, tofu.

Healing Stones:

  • black tourmaline

These stones are used to activate, balance, and amplify the energy flow. Healing by crystals is based on the belief that these stones have a natural healing frequency that can be activated. The vibration of each one corresponds and resonates to heal specific imbalances.

In order to activate their healing power, you will have to use them on a regular basis.

Colours to Wear:

Black, gray, brown, red, red jasper, black onyx.

Check out this meditation to balance the vibration of your root chakra:

Did you experience an underactive root chakra? If yes, how did you heal it?

What Happens When Root Chakra Is Blocked

Understanding how to heal your root chakra starts with knowing how it feels when your root chakra is blocked. Blockage at any of your bodys energy centers has real and pervasive effects on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Your root chakra just happens to be the foundation for all the rest. So, a blocked root chakra compromises the balance and strength of every chakra above it.

Anything that weakens or agitates the foundation affects the entire structure.

Once the root chakra begins to open, especially after a prolonged blockage, you can expect some dramatic improvements in your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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The Best Crystals For Balancing Your Root Chakra

Using crystals for your root chakra helps you if you are having trouble grounding yourself both physically or mentally. Those who use crystals for the root chakra may have problems with stability or unexpected hardship. As a chakra tied to life and physical energy, this chakra is connected to the color red. Crystals like Red Jasper, Red Agate, and Red Quartz are some red stones used in healing this chakra.

The root chakra is also to the element Earth, so black stones and crystals can assist in unblocking this chakra. Obsidian is a well-known choice, as the volcanic rock shade provides protection and promotes grounding. Others use stones such as Black Jasper,Hematite, Onyx, and Smoky Quartz to address this chakra.


All in all, the root chakra is a powerful steadying force which allows us to set ourselves up for success in other chakras and in other areas of life. All things come back to our sense of balance and self-preservation, so dont overlook the root chakra! By keeping this first chakra in good shape, we will be better able to feel grounded in our identities, our surroundings, and our different seasons of life, thereby equipping us to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

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Root Chakra: Everything You Need To Know

Root Chakra – How it affects you and ways to heal it

02/08/2022 by Kristin

The moment I began traveling in Asia, I knew there was a different vibe there than what Id grown up with. There was a peace, a sense of community, and tranquility that I wanted to understand better.

For nearly a decade, Ive been a humble student of Buddhism and Tantra, learning all I can about these ancient belief systems and applying them to my life. One of my favorite areas of exploration of late has been the chakras.

The concept of chakras the name for which means, wheel, in Sanskrit dates back to ancient India, as early as 1500 B.C., with their first mentioning in the Vedas . For the last several millennia, the chakra system has been an important concept in both Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism. So while chakra balancing is often labeled New Age, it really is anything but!

Chakras are, at their most basic definition, the major focal points through which energy flows up and down the entire physical body. Imagine them like busy intersections in the body, where dozens of nerves come together to form spinning clusters of energy. And these energy centers dont just govern the wellbeing of the bodys physical properties they also have powerful connections to human emotionality and spirituality.

The earth has chakra points too, located in places long held sacred by bygone civilizations.

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How Can I Make My Root Chakra Strong

You can strengthen your root chakra by carrying red crystals in your pants pockets so that they are close to your tail bone. These crystals include carnelian, or bloodstone, red jasper, or garnet. Eating red foods is also strengthening your root chakra, inclusive of strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers. Root vegetables like potatoes and beetroots, garlic, and onion are also a great source of strength for your root chakra.

Heal From The Past Insecurity

Whether you feel safe now often has less to do with your current resources and more to do with how secure you felt as a child. Think of psychologist Erik Ericksons stages of development. The first stage closely relates to root chakra development. Balancing the root chakra might mean slowly healing from events that happened in the past associated with home, family, safety, and security.

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How To Unblock & Heal The Root Chakra

Published: · Updated: Nov 12, 2022 by Jessica Dimas · · Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, Ill earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Root chakra healing is one of the most transformative experiences you can have as our root chakra is connected to how we feel in this world.

The root chakra is the first of the seven main chakras in our bodies and it helps us to feel grounded, safe, and centered. When any chakra is out of balance or has stuck energy, it can cause both physical and emotional symptoms within us.

Chakras become blocked due to common occurrences, such as stress, past traumatic experiences, and emotional upsets. Not to worry though, because not only is it easy to unblock them, but it’s also a beautiful spiritual experience which includes growth, healing and connection.

In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing how to heal and open your root chakra. This is a free chapter from the guide and worksheet bundle Sacred Self-Care for Your Chakras. Each chakra in the guide comes with two guided healing worksheets to include in a self-care ritual.

I was listening to one of my favorite spiritual podcasts the other week and they were talking about chakras.

I’d heard of chakras a hundred million times before, but just hadn’t read too much into them. Something sparked my interest though, especially realizing that I have symptoms of imbalanced chakras.


What Happens When Root Chakra Opens

Root Chakra Healing in 6 Simple Steps

Now that you know the signs of a blocked root chakra, Itll be easier to notice and appreciate root chakra opening symptoms.

Lets start with the physical symptoms of root chakra opening:

  • Tingling sensations in the root chakra area
  • Improved sleep fewer disturbances and a better sleep pattern
  • More energy healthier adrenal glands and improved energy flow
  • Less pain/discomfort aches and pains fade as your chakra is restored

You may also notice the following mental and emotional symptoms:

  • Feeling grounded more secure, more stable, more focused
  • Feeling connected to your body, to the earth, and to others
  • Feeling more aware of your body, your habits, and your power

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Addiction & Recovery: Aligning Your Chakras For Mental Physical & Spiritual Health

Home » Blog » Addiction & Recovery: Aligning Your Chakras for Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Health

If youre familiar with Eastern medicine youve probably heard a great deal about the bodys chakra system and even if youre not, chakra healing is gaining traction right here in the US. Many are seeking to bolster traditional Western medicine with more holistic approaches to healing, which focus not only on the physical body, but the emotional and spiritual spectrums as well.

The focus of yoga is to energize and balance all of the seven major chakra systems. A chakra is simply an energy center within the body, ruling over certain aspects of the culmination of our existence. The chakra system is derived from an Indian belief system, and is implemented throughout many religions, including Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism. Many who are Christian or Jewish also practice chakra healing and meditation.

The act of aligning your chakra centers does not have to be religious, as it does spiritual. If you choose to align your meditation with the divinity of your choosing, thats entirely up to you. The ultimate end of chakra alignment is to fulfill you emotionally and spiritually, while energizing you physically as a direct result of the alignment of your higher energy centers.

Connect To Your Highest Self

What does this mean? Who is your highest self?

Your highest self is your truest, most authentic self. This part of you is untouched by external circumstances, appearances, and experiences. It is eternal and unchanging. This essence exists beyond your body and physical appearances.

If you stripped everything else away, this part of you would remain: the real and true you.

Your highest self is also the person you are when all of your chakras are open and balanced and energy is flowing freely throughout your body. And this all starts with your foundation: your root chakra.

One of the most powerful chakra healing practices you can do is to spend a day walking in the shoes of your highest, most authentic self. For root chakra healing, set the intention to walk through a day as your highest self with an open, healed, and balanced root chakra. Start the day feeling grounded, secure, stable, strong, and supported. Keep this version of you in mind as you interact with others and also in the way you talk to yourself. Anytime you find yourself straying from your highest self, simply choose to realign.

It may help to first journal about your highest self so you have a clear picture of who that person is before you start your day. No matter what, remember to refrain from self-criticism and judgment, and have compassion and love for all parts of you. Let this experience serve your highest good and support your growth.

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How To Balance The Root Chakra

Chakra balancing is the process of restoring the harmonious and balanced flow of prana or energy throughout the body. Your chakras are in constant fluctuation. Practicing chakra balancing and aligning is a regular and sometimes daily activity to explore. But how do you balance your root chakra?

Anchor yourself in your environment

Your root chakra is highly influenced by your feelings of stability and safety. Developing a harmonious relationship with your environment and immediate surroundings helps restore balance to your first chakra.

Connect With the Earth

When balancing your first chakra, it is important to connect directly with Mother Earth. Spend time outside, walk unpaved paths, plant a garden, or keep plants inside your home. These are all ways to form a personal connection with the earth to support a more grounded and sustainable energy flow.

Physical Activity

The root chakra plays an important role in your physicality. Physical activity supports root chakra balancing. Yoga can be particularly helpful in balancing your root chakra. Below are specific movements to help ground and connect you with the energy of your first chakra:

  • Mountain Pose |Tadasana
  • Warrior One Pose | Virabhadrasana 1
  • Bridge Pose | Setu Bhandasana

Inner Work Journal Bundle:

Root Chakra Healing: Everything You Need to Know

As someone who has struggled with a severely imbalanced root chakra before, I found that bringing more mindfulness into my days helped immediately and immensely.

Try slowing yourself down, taking more breaks, and connecting with your breath these are simple and easy first steps you can take. Afterward, you can implement the other healing practices described above.

Tell me, do you have any other root chakra healing tips? Lets build a free knowledge base here!

To read more about chakra healing, check out my other articles and test in this series:

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Kambaba Jasper is a prehistoric algae fossil from millions of years ago. It only has two colors, green and black. However, Ocean Jasper is a multicolored stone with orb-like shapes and other spherical patterns. Both stones can be found in Madagascar. But the two stones have very different colors, compositions, and properties.

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