How To Heal Your Sacral Chakra


Chant Vam To Yourself

How To Balance And Heal Your Sacral Chakra | Carol Tuttle

Best suited to: deficient and excessive blockages

This sound matches the vibration of the sacral chakra. Try drawing out the letters into sounds, such as vaaaaaammmmmmmmm. You might also like to listen to binaural beats which helps to activate and clear all the chakras through alternating sound waves. Try these chakra healing songs.

You can also try to incorporate more humor into your life. Try watching funny movies or surrounding yourself with lighthearted people who are in touch with the sacral chakra. You might also like to explore belly dancing which is a wonderful stimulator of the sacral chakra.

How To Heal A Blocked Sacral

Meditation: Meditation is one of the simplest ways to ease your mind and let loose. During meditation, imagine tapping into your inner child and see your younger self in your minds eyecare-free, creative, and in love with the world. Practice letting go of boundaries and limits within your mind and follow your inner child into a path of wildflowers, watch them dance wildly, and chant the mantra VAM as loudly and as many times as you wish to call in the water element. This mantra will invite fluidity, freedom of self-expression, and go with the flow mentality into your energetic body. Movement: Try yoga asanas that help to align and open up a blocked sacral chakra. Emotions and tensions tend to build up in this area, so hip-opening poses are ideal. The more stressed out you are, the tighter your hip joints will be that day in comparison to a day where you feel relaxed and more positive. Balancing poses are another great option for the sacral chakra to let go of any further physical tension within the mind. Two great options are the crow pose and triangle pose. Lastly, having a solo dance party is the perfect option to breathe life into your sacral chakra and have a little more fun!

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The Sacral Chakra At A Glance

Name in Sanskrit: Svadhisthana means the dwelling place of the selfLocation: The lower abdomen below the tailbone Color: OrangeElement: WaterSigns of balance: Feelings of creativity, playfulness, and sensual and sexual pleasure Signs of imbalance: Addictive/compulsive behaviors, sexual dysfunction, fear of change, emotional instability. In the body, the sacral chakra connects with reproductive issues and lower back, kidney, or stomach disorders.

The Svadhisthana chakra relates to the water element, and like water, the sacral energy controls fluidity, versatility, and freedom, whether sexual, emotional, or creative. When in balance, someone feels an abundance of creativity and pleasure. When out of balance, a person feels emotionally unstable, sexual dysfunction, and a lack of creative energy.

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What Happens When The Sacral Chakra Is Blocked

When the sacral chakra is blocked, one may experience problems with their physical and mental health. Physical problems include issues with reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, lower back pain, urinary tract infections and negative changes in sexual interests. One may also experience issues in their adrenal glands, kidneys and bladder.

Emotionally, you may experience sexual shame, discomfort in your body and the feeling of being closed off. Moreover, you may have trouble with creative expression and feel disconnected from your sensual side. Read how to open your sacral chakra if you think it may be out of balance. The sacral chakra awakens when there is a harmonious flow of feminine energy through the energetic body.

Signs Of A Balanced Sacral Chakra

How to Heal Sacral Chakra aka Svadhisthana

The sacral chakra is the energy center for creativity, joy, sexuality, and sensuality. While the root chakra is associated with safety and stability, the sacral chakra is associated with seeking pleasure. While these seem unrelated from one another, this is one of the many examples of how the chakras arent just seven separate energy centers rather, theyre one complete system in which energy flows freely among all energy centers.

You see, when our root chakra is balanced, we feel safe, secure, stable, and centered. Feeling safe in our body and in our physical place in life is one of our most basic needs. But as you can imagine, if the root chakra was blocked, its likely that the sacral chakra would become imbalanced as well. When we dont have a steady foundation, we may overcompensate by becoming more controlling, manipulative, and fearful, and it would be difficult to engage in creativity, play, and joy.

Below are some of the signs and characteristics of having a balanced sacral chakra:

  • Yeast infections

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Dislike Isnt Necessarily A Bad Thing

This energetic center is responsible for your feelings about yourself and about the world at large. While a healthy heart chakra results in a feeling of love towards yourself and others, the sacral chakra deals with more relative aspects. How you feel in your gut about someone depends on your sacral. But how you feel about humans in general depends on your heart chakra. You would have noticed that you can feel compassion even for the most seemingly despicable characters, while still considering them less than perfect examples of human beings.

How To Heal Your Womb Chakra

  • Honor Your Sacred Vessel with Sacred Bathing. Bathe with honey, cinnamon, oranges and rose petals. Essential oils include orange, patchouli, cinammon, sandalwood and rose. Sacral Chakra healing crystals include carnelian, amber and citrine. Womb Chakra Affirmation: I am comfortable in my body.
  • Honor Your Creativity. You are a creative force. YES! You are a creative person. Is your art wood working, cooking, painting, dancing, hair braiding, poetry, kickboxing or even makeup? Choose your expression. Your crafts, scrapbooking and gardens? Art! Womb Chakra Affirmation: I have the power to create worlds.
  • Heal Your Relationship with Your Mother. Whether your mother is living or has transitioned, you can heal your relationship. If you have a narcissitic mother or mother figure who is unhealthy for you to be around, you can do this healing work without ever contacting her. Womb Chakra Affirmation: I lovingly forgive and release.
  • Heal Your Relationship with Your Mother Culture. There is a reason why we say Mother Earth, Mother Tongue, Mother Country and Motherland. We all have several cultural mothers. Heal this relationship as well. Womb Chakra Affirmation: I am powerful beyond belief.
  • Move Your Hips and Dance for Your Own Pleasure. Try hip circles, yoga, twerking, pole fitness, burlesque or cabaret. Womb Chakra Affirmation: My hips move mountains.
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    Do Creative Activities To Stimulate Your Sacral Chakra

  • If you’ve been struggling to express yourself lately, this can help. Engaging your creative side can help reawaken this part of yourself. If you’re artistically inclined, opt for projects like painting, drawing, or making a collage. If you don’t consider yourself to be particularly creative or you aren’t into art, that’s okay! You can engage your creative side in other ways:XResearch source
  • Rearrange your furniture and update the decor in your living space.
  • Cook a new recipe with ingredients you’ve never used before.
  • Play a musical instrument, like the guitar, the drums, or the piano.
  • How Can You Tell If Your Second Chakra Is Out Of Balance

    Trauma & Chakras: Healing Your Sacral Chakra (for Women)

    Because of the culture we live in today, our views about sex, intimacy, and relationships have become skewed by unrealistic portrayals. Instead of embracing our freedom for self-expression, we often feel the need to conform to what society thinks is right or decent. As a result, we turn our backs to our real selves to create an image that is more acceptable to the world.

    This can cause a serious imbalance in our sacral chakra.

    An imbalanced second chakra will manifest both physically and emotionally. As the sex chakra, you can expect physical symptoms involving problems in the reproductive system. These can include menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections, and libido issues. Other health problems could be chronic lower back pain and arthritis.

    Emotional symptoms on the other hand can be evident in a persons lack of self-confidence. They may be resistant to sensuality and self-expression. They may also find no motivation to pursue any creative projects.

    However, if youre looking for a simple way to communicate with your sacral chakra, you can try these affirmations:

    • Accept, embrace, and celebrate your body.
    • Honor your natural sexuality.
    • Open yourself up for creativity and passion to flow through you.

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    The Benefits Of Aligning The Sacral Chakra

    When the sacral chakra is aligned and in harmony, it cultivates qualities such as playfulness, humor, and fun. When there is a good energy flowing through the sacral chakra, it can also affect relationships. Its the portal to greater depth and intimacy, and embodied sexuality.

    Plus, its a vital buffer between understanding your authentic needs and desires and expressing them in the world. For that reason, it has an important role in manifestation, the process of bringing desires into reality.

    Intimacy doesnt only exist in relationships with other people, but the whole world. When the sacral chakra is aligned and alive, theres a more intimate connection with the Earth and nature itself, accompanied by a certain level of reverence of the sacred quality of the physical world.

    And, of course, once aligned the sacral chakra acts as a powerful vessel to unlock your creative potential. That doesnt only mean in artistic endeavors, such as making music, painting, or writing, but it applies to life itself. Life is art, and the sacral chakra is the palette from which your inner artist creates the life you want. An unbalanced sacral chakra can take away from that.

    Whats The Difference Between A Healthy Chakra And An Imbalanced Chakra

    When a chakra is open and operating optimally, its spinning with ease. This allows it to receive information from outside, AND transmit information from within, through the physical, emotional and mental bodies, and beyond into a persons auric field.

    Quite simply, this feels good! When our chakras are balanced, were functioning healthily.

    Yet, its not uncommon for chakras to be imbalanced , or worse still, have blockages. When this occurs, an individual will experience negativity in the form of fearful or destructive thoughts, difficulty learning of holding focus, depression or anxiety, or any host of other emotional and physical disorders. Long term chakra imbalances can also result in chronic physical illness, so true physical healing needs to take this into account, and go deep into the bodys energetics.

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    Activating And Healing The Sacral Chakra

    Below are 11 powerful practices for sacral chakra healing. For deeper insight into how to open, balance, and heal the sacral chakra, check out my post, Sacral Chakra Healing: Open & Balance the Sacral Chakra.

    Color Therapy

    Immerse yourself in all things orange! This could mean eating orange foods, such as mangoes, cantaloupe, and oranges wearing orange clothing surrounding yourself with orange items painting with the color orange and lighting orange candles, among other things. If you dont generally have a lot of orange around, see if you can pick up a few small items to have around for moments when you feel an imbalance in this energy center.


    The sacral chakras element is water, so a fun and relaxed day at the pool, lake, or beach is a perfect way to restore balance to this energy center. If youre not big on swimming, relaxing near a body of water will still get you these same benefits.

    Take a Bath

    If youre not able to go to any pools or lakes, create a relaxing water environment right at home. Draw a warm bath, turn off the lights, and maybe even light an orange-cinnamon scented candle.

    And if baths arent your thing, take a nice, warm shower. You can even close your eyes for a few minutes and do a mini-meditation, visualizing a bright orange light below your navel.


    Each chakra has associated yoga poses to help heal imbalanced energy. For an imbalanced sacral chakra, choose hip-opening positions.


    Signs Of Imbalance In The Sacral Chakra

    credit tips sacral chakra healing sacral chakra sacral chakra stones

    Much like the Root Chakra, the sacral is often neglected as many of us attempt to attain enlightenment via the higher chakras. Yet just like its associated color orange, the second chakra is like the birth of a sunrise bringing forth a new dawn in our lives.

    It is in this chakra that we design the life we want. Therefore, it is important that we do not neglect this ever-important foundational chakra.

    Many illnesses that can originate from this energy center are manifested through fear of losing control in the relationships we have built with others and even with our connection to physical things such as business deals or projects we have become closely attached to.

    Difficulties arise when we feel we cannot create the physical expression of our life outside the familial authority of the First Chakra. In these cases, we are bringing baggage from the Muladhara into our Sacral Chakra.

    A few of the common health problems that manifest from an imbalanced Sacral Chakra are:

    • Chronic lower back pain

    Imbalance in the Sacral Chakra can manifest into low confidence, lack of motivation, inability to create intimate connections with others, lack of interest in self expression or artistic abilities, infertility, urinary problems, difficulties giving birth, producing orgasms and a low libido.

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    How To Regain A Balanced Sacral Chakra

    As guilt is one of the biggest blocks to the sacral chakra, a great starting point is to rediscover your innocence. Thats why play is such a vital component in healing and unblocking the chakra it reminds us to remain lighthearted, that the process of healing doesnt always have to be serious or stoic.

    The emotional work of balancing the sacral chakra includes developing self-awareness to create clarity around your emotional landscape, not just in your physical body. With clarity comes self-understanding, and with self-understanding comes the ability to accurately express your needs and desires. Along with self-awareness, there is an element of emotional intelligence required in handling big emotions.

    That involves doing the necessary trauma work. The ethos of the sacral chakra is safety, and without healing and integrating difficult experiences, the body itself can feel unsafe or on high alert. As Bessel van der Kolk writes in The Body Keeps the Score:

    Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.

    The Sexual Energy Of The Sacral Chakra

    Svadhishthana Chakra enables us to shape our desires. As the center of passion, the Sacral Chakra awakens the power of creation. This allows a person to discover the power of choice and create intimate relationships. Motivated by pleasure, Sacral Chakra promotes emotional well-being. It plays an active role in our sexuality and the expression of our emotional needs and desires.

    Emotional Intimacy, Relationships, and the Sacral Chakra

    Svadhishthana Chakra is centered on personal identity and how it responds to the seductive forces of the physical world. When the second chakra is unbalanced it causes emotionally disturbed, irritability, lacking creativity, and obsession with sexual thoughts. A balanced Sacral Chakra has the ability to take risks and experience positivity and compassion.

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    Use Sacral Chakra Stones And Jewelry For Healing

    There are specific stones that have ancient links to each of your chakras. All of them can be held in your hand, carried on your person, or bought in the form of sacral chakra jewelry.

    Here are the major sacral chakra healing stones worth finding:

    • Orange calcite: The sacral chakras color is orange, so many of the sacral chakra healing stones are orange as well. Orange calcite is said to enhance creativity, help you move past the emotional barrier, and reunite mind and body.
    • Moonstone: Moonstone comes in many colors, but you may want to opt for peach moonstone due to its connection to stimulating the mind. It is also meant to reduce worry and carry a kind of loving energy.
    • Carnelian: This semi-precious gemstone has a reddish-brown hue, though it comes in various shades. It is perfect for sacral chakra work because it is the Singers Stone. This means it has an intrinsic link with your creativity and artistry.
    • Citrine: Citrine stones are a golden yellow in color, and theyre sometimes called the stones of the mind. It is also meant to increase self-esteem, which is ideal if your blocked sacral chakra is leading to reduced confidence or issues with jealousy.

    Signs Of An Imbalanced/blocked Sacral Chakra

    Distance Reiki Healing for Your Sacral Chakra

    Before we cover how to heal your sacral chakra, lets review how an imbalanced or blocked sacral chakra can lead to physical and emotional symptoms. Emotional symptoms of a blocked sacral chakra can manifest as feeling overwhelmed, hypersensitive, prone to depression and addictions, and easily magnetized towards conflict and drama. It is also important to mention that an imbalanced sacral chakra can often lead to physical symptoms such as reproductive issues, urinary tract issues, kidney problems, and lower back pain. But dont fret, as there are multiple ways you can begin to clear and balance your sacral chakra.

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    Symptoms Of An Underactive Sacral Chakra

    If you tend to feel low, sluggish, overwhelmed and unmotivated, your sacral chakra may be underactive. Lets look at some common symptoms of a sacral chakra that is blocked from receiving energy.

    Excessive Fantasizing: Do you find yourself fantasizing about a celebrity rather than enjoying your partner? This is a sign that your chakra needs attention.

    Laziness: Are dishes piling up in the sink? Would you rather watch TV than accomplish anything? Laziness can be a symptom of an underactive chakra.

    Self-depreciation: If you constantly make jokes at your own expense, this can be a sign that youre not connected to your feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

    Pessimism: Do you assume the worst will happen? Pessimism is a classic sign of an underactive sacral chakra.

    Depression: An imbalance in this chakra can also lead to severe depression, which may involve long periods of isolation, feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts.

    Constipation: Your sacral chakra is located within the abdomen, so you may experience constipation when it needs to open up.

    Low Libido: A lack of sexual energy is common when the sacral chakra is underactive. Do you lack a sex drive? Do you tend to push away feelings of sensual pleasure?

    Irregular Menstruation: The understimulated sacral chakra can create an imbalance in the reproductive system that leads to irregular periods, irregular ovulation and hormonal imbalances.

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