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Amazing Healing Crystals For Anxiety

How to perform a Crystal Healing Session for Anxiety | Crystals to help with Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are something we all encounter at one point in time or another. Some of us deal with it on a regular basis. It is important that when you have stress or anxiety that you find helpful ways to cope with it, and the more natural the better. This is where using healing crystals for anxiety can be extremely beneficial.

There are many kinds of crystals out there that do a number of things like healing the body, mind, and soul, and they can also help to promote good energy flow so that you have every advantage of becoming happier and healthier.

Lets take a look at the six healing crystals for anxiety that are the most beneficial.

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Overcome Depression And Anxiety With Lepidolite

Lepidolite is one of the most effective stones for depression and stress relief. It naturally contains lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medication. It brings balance in stressful periods when we feel emotionally overwhelmed or excessively worried.

How to use it:

  • Place raw Lepidolite on the Heart Chakra area to help you regain your emotional balance
  • Wear Lepidolite jewelry to enjoy its soothing energy during the day
  • Display it near your bed to resonate with its nurturing energy while you sleep

Lepidolite at the Village Rock Shop:

  • Lepidolite jewelry

Do Stones Really Help With Panic Attacks

Crystals have long held a reputation for being mystical, magical, and powerful. They are said to hold energy, protect us against negative energies, and heal our bodies and minds.

Crystals are now used by millions around the globe to help them cope with their daily lives and anxiety disorders.

Theres a whole world of anecdotal evidence that crystals may help calm you down while experiencing a panic attack. While there is no actual scientific evidence, there is some undeniable power in manifesting control over your anxiety, whether that is through meditation, breathing exercises, or focusing on the energies of healing crystals.

If youre ready to try something new to take control of the uncontrollable, heres our list of the most powerful crystals for panic attacks.

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How To Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety And Stress

Jun 30, 2020 / Crystal

Stress and anxiety are wholly negative emotions that trouble many of us. If youre suffering from anxiety, you may find that its hard to relax, unwind, and be your best self.

While theres no magic button you can press to stop these feelings, you can work toward a calmer and more positive outlook. Using healing crystals for anxiety is one of the options you can try. In our guide, we will take you through the basics to get started now.

Does Crystal Size Matter

Pin on Healing gems

âSize is not a factor,â says Knowles. âA piece can be small but have a greater vibration than a giant raw rock.”

The connections we have to specific crystals are also very personal. “I might hold a piece and feel the world from it, you might hold it and feel nothing,” she adds. “The connection is what matters.â

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Crystals For Social Anxiety

For those with social anxiety, youll want to choose crystals that promote relaxation, inner peace, and stress relief. Think about what negative feelings you are experiencing when you have anxiety. Then, choose crystals that tend to counteract or balance those feelings with more positive energies.

Youll also want to consider which crystals appeal to you specifically, as particular crystals may resonate with you stronger than others do. And they may work better for relieving your symptoms of social anxiety when you feel a connection to that crystal. Trust your instincts on which crystals draw you in. Crystal healers can also help guide you.

Why Do You Need Celestite

Having Celestite geodes in your home can help to create a peaceful and balanced environment. Its energy is said to be calming and soothing, which can help to ease stress and anxiety. It’s also believed to be helpful in enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness, which can be beneficial for those who are interested in developing their psychic abilities or exploring their spirituality. Placing it in a central location, such as a living room or meditation space, where they can be enjoyed and admired can also help to promote healing and well-being.

When it comes to purchasing Celestite crystal geodes, it’s important to choose a reputable seller such as KALIFANO. We are a trusted source for high-quality crystals and minerals and are committed to providing our customers with authentic and beautiful Celestite geodes that they can enjoy and benefit from. With KALIFANO, you can be sure of our authenticity and quality and also enjoy our 30 day money back guarantee.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful healing crystal that can help you find inner peace and balance and create a peaceful environment in your home, look no further than Celestite geodes. And make sure to purchase from a reliable source like KALIFANO to ensure you’re getting the best quality crystals. Don’t wait, order your Celestite crystal geode today and experience the benefits of this beautiful crystal!

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Crystal Healing: Fact Or Fiction

Harnessing the mystical power of crystals to ease anxiety certainly sounds plausible, but is there any proof that it actually works?

Despite its growing popularity, there are, as yet, no peer-reviewed scientific studies to validate crystals healing properties. Reports that they work tend to be anecdotal, and crystal healing does not have medical or scientific backing, meaning it is labelled a pseudoscience.

So, how can you explain the fact that so many people still believe that they work? The most common and most widely accepted scientific theory is that of the placebo effect. Indeed, in a research study published in 2001, Professor Christopher French, Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit in the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, found that when 80 study participants were given either a real or fake crystal to meditate with, all reported effects from the crystal even those that were fake. Whats more, participants who were primed to believe that the crystal would make a difference noticed stronger effects.

Clear Quartz For Anxiety

Crystal Healing for Anxiety: Do-It-Yourself Demonstration

The master healer and the most powerful crystal of them all, clear quartz is potent enough to rid you of anxiety. The icy and glasslike effect of this crystal will make you feel more collected and centred. It also works well with other anxiety-busting stones as it amplifies their energy.

This crystal is one of the most commonly used during healing sessions due to its powerful properties. Any tension within your body will melt away with the vibration of its frequency. When you work with its energy you will notice a difference in your demeanour and mood. Clear Quartz is brilliant in every way and will give you everything you need to heal your anxiety.

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What Are The Risks Of Using Crystals For Anxiety

There are a few potential risks associated with using crystals for anxiety:

  • Crystals may not help to relieve anxiety. Some people may believe that using crystals will help them feel better, but this may not be the case. Some people may even become more anxious after using crystals because they are not getting the relief they hoped for.
  • Finally, using crystals for anxiety may lead to other problems. For example, people may become addicted to the crystals or may start using them in larger amounts than necessary. This can lead to physical and mental health problems.
  • What Crystals Are Good For Anxiety 3 Crystals That Help You To Relieve Anxiety And How To Use Them


    Are you looking for a way to reduce anxiety without resorting to medication? If so, you may want to try using crystals. Crystals have been shown to be effective at reducing anxiety in some people. In this blog post, we will discuss which crystals are best for anxiety and why. We will also provide tips on how to use these crystals to get the most benefit. So, if you are interested in learning more about crystals and anxiety, keep reading!

    Crystal healing is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While the efficacy of crystal healing is still debated by the scientific community, there is no denying that many people feel a deep connection to these beautiful stones.

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    How Can Crystals Help Anxiety

    Despite there being no scientific evidence to back the use of crystals for healing, there remain mass amounts of people who seek out the use of these energetically charged rocks from the Earth for the purpose of attaining wellness.

    One can work with crystals for a myriad of purposes. Some use them to dispel negative energy, attract opportunity, or amplify love. Others use them to relieve stress or manage chronic pain. There are some crystals that supposedly even work to connect one to plains of psychic ability.

    Its unsurprising then that there is help in the form of specific crystals for anxiety and PTSD. If youre looking for hard facts about how these anxiety crystals work on the human body, youll be searching until the end of time.

    Understanding how crystals can help with anxiety requires a certain level of surrender to the powers that be: those that are beyond what can be observed physically with the eyes and only experienced on an energetic level.

    Crystals work by affecting the energy of objects and beings within close proximity of the stones themselves. These crystals are naturally occurring rocks found in the Earth , and they are charged with the energy of the elements.

    When we introduce energy specific crystals into our personal vibratory field, we can attract relief from various conditions, including anxiety and stress.

    Traditional And Historical Uses

    Crystals For Depression And Anxiety

    Ancient practices, primarily from the Asian tradition, employed crystals as charms for health and protection. People used certain crystals for specific purposes. For example, the ancient Egyptians used chrysolite to ward off nightmares and evil spirits, and used green stones for burial purposes.

    Crystals also played a role in some religious traditions, and people used them up for healing up until the Renaissance period. They are mentioned in several sacred texts, including the Bible, the Koran, and Buddhist writings.

    The ancient Greeks used amethyst to prevent drunkenness and hangovers, and hematite, a type of iron ore, for protection in battle.

    In addition, as late as 1609 in Germany, the court physician to Rudolf II suggested that good or bad angels transmitted powers to certain crystals, giving them their power.

    The placebo effect may produce some benefit in people who use crystals. However, they are not a cure or long-term remedy for anxiety and depression. Instead, a doctor may recommend any of the following treatments for long-term success:

    • recurring therapy sessions

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    What Color Crystal To Use For Anxiety

    Green crystals, purple crystals, pale pink crystals, white crystals, and soft blue crystals are all good for alleviating anxiety. Green crystals connect to the heart. Purple crystals swim with soothing energy. Pink crystals whisper self love. White crystals promote peace, and pale blue crystals are full of fluid water energy that invites us to let go and embrace the flow.

    Lets Take A Walk Through My Healing Routine

    This is my personal routine. I honor the time in meditation and incorporate crystals as a tool. Although there hasnt been any scientific research on this process, Im hoping youll see the importance in quiet ritual.

    While my routine is always changing depending on what my heart and body need, there are a few important steps I always make sure to take:

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    Whats The Secret To Storing And Charging Crystals

    After you purchase and/or receive your crystals, its always a good idea to cleanse them. By cleansing crystals, you are clearing away any energy good or bad that doesnt belong to you.

    • Place your crystals in a bowl of saltwater. You can make this with distilled water and sea salt. Leave the stone overnight. If desired, you can enhance the solution with healing essential oils, like patchouli or lavender.
    • Some people prefer to leave their crystals outside under a full moon to clear them fully. Or you might want to place them in moon water .
    • You can also cleanse your crystals by leaving them out in sunlight for the day. Just be careful about leaving stones in direct light for prolonged periods certain transparent crystals, such as rose quartz and amethyst, may fade.
    • Other crystals such as carnelian and clear quartz may actually cleanse other stones, so you might have them surround or touch your new additions.
    • A singing bowl could cleanse their vibration, too.

    Overcome Your Anxiety Attacks With Shungite

    CRYSTALS FOR ANXIETY || 9 crystals that can help cope with and prevent anxiety

    This mysterious black stone can be used to relieve anxiety and insomnia. It is a very old, ancient healing stone. It attracts peace, tranquility, and protection. The use of Shungite has become an effective and incredibly popular form of self-care.How to use it:

    • Shungite is considered the best stone for EMF protection, place it near laptops, computers, phones
    • Wear Shungite jewelry, pendants, or bracelets to benefit from its revitalizing energy
    • Display Shungite cubes, spheres, or pyramids at home or at your office to protect you from negative influences

    At the Village Rock Shop, we offer authentic Shungite products, including:

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    Mother Nature Is A Powerful Healer

    In addition to countering anxiety with crystals Mother Nature herself is an incredible ally and brings powerful earth healing.

    Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to counteract anxiety.

    Forest Bathing or quite simply, spending time in a forest setting breathing, is being studied and scientifically proven to improve positive emotions while reducing tension, anger, fatigue, depression, confusion, and anxiety.

    Living completely immersed in nature is of course, almost impossible in our modern age. And if you happen to live in a busy City, or need a way to counteract anxiety at times when youre not able to peacefully be and breathe in nature Healing crystals can be a great way for dealing with stress and anxiety right where you are as it arises.

    Reduce Anxiety And Ease Panic Attacks With Sodalite

    Sodalite is often referred to as the stone of peace. It can help us calm the mind and ease panic attacks. It is very helpful in preventing us from becoming too emotional. It stimulates self-confidence and self-expression, gives us a sense of calm, and helps us to release tensions, anxiety, and fears.

    How to use it:

    • Display Sodalite spheres in your bedroom to create a peaceful atmosphere
    • Carry tumbled Sodalite in your pocket
    • Wear Sodalite jewelry, it can complement your outfit
    • Make short relaxations at work with Sodalite palm stones

    Sodalite at the Village Rock Shop:

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    Best Crystals For Fear And Anxiety

    There are many ways to come face-to-face with your fears and learn to handle and reject them. Crystals for fear can offer powerful ways to explore your relationship to fear and mend the ways it has held you back.

    Try one of these fear crystals or combine them to enhance their fear-fighting vibrations

    The Benefits Of Crystals

    Pin on Rocks and Minerals

    The proposed healing benefits of crystals predominantly surround areas of mental wellbeing including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity and focus, as well as enhanced immunity and pain relief.

    Individual crystals are also known to have their own special energies that align to different areas of your life, with their shape and colour as well as their type affecting their influence.

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    A Brief Look At The Origin Of Crystal Healing

    It is interesting to note that peopleâs fascination with crystals dates back thousands of years. Crystal healing has its roots in India, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia where people used stones to aid healing. The Ancient Sumerians not only used stones for jewelry-making, but they used crystals for healing purposes as well.

    In Europe, the conviction in the healing properties of crystals continued into the Middle Ages. The Hopi Native Americans of Arizona made use of crystals for diagnosing disease as well.

    If our ancestors used rocks for healing, does that mean we should use them too?

    Letâs dive deeper and explore how crystals help in treating mental disorders such as depression and anxietyâ¦

    The Practice Of Healing Is Similar To An Art Or A Spell

    To calm my mind and body, I usually turn to writing, yoga, meditation, or crystal healing.

    My crystals are some of my most precious possessions. Not only do they remind me of my childhood growing up as a third-generation New Age energy healer, but Ive also learned how to identify and categorize them, love and care for them. I personify each one as an ailment, emotion, or desire. I learn from it and practice healing, guidance, self-assurance, and self-love.

    Im more than aware that modern witchcraft or New Age practices arent everyones cup of tea especially when it comes to medicine. But I do encourage you to think about the minds ability to heal. Just look at the placebo effect.

    Researchers have studied this interesting effect. They claim that the placebo effect is a form of interpersonal healing thats different from natural spontaneous healing and healing from the aid of medication or medical procedures.

    Those researchers consider the placebo as neither a homeopathic or pharmaceutical treatment. Its something else entirely that can help treat conditions and disorders just the same. Harvard Womens Health Watch also reports that even when a person knows theyre taking a placebo, they still often feel better.

    These studies suggest that the placebo effect is real and powerful. How can we harness this power of the placebo to enhance healing?

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