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Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s with Dr. Dale Bredesen

At clinics in Roseville, Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Rosa our care teams combine modern medical approaches with proven, personalized complementary therapies to treat your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being. Whether youre facing a chronic illness or simply want to change unhealthy habits, we provide the partnership, expertise and treatment approaches you need to achieve your health goals.

We Will Not Accept An Unjust Medicine Change Starts With Us

Our current medical/health system is violent and unjust. We can no longer tolerate such as the norm. Guided by the values of healing, community, and justice, the Institute for Healing and Justice in Medicine is an interdisciplinary hub – a community, a research epicenter, and a dialogue space.

We center around publishing and uplifting perspectives related to healing, social justice, and community activism, envisioning a new medicine and public health praxis.

We foster space for vibrant dialogue and debate, consciousness-raising, and movement building, seeking to sharpen our collective and develop methods to critique structures of power in medicine through community scholarship and solidarity.

Since our launch and beginning in May 2020, we have engaged 3,000+ people from 300+ institutions all over the world to partake in our initiatives. We achieve our mission through interdisciplinary research working group initiatives, a peer-reviewed publication, a justice resource hub, and community healing gatherings.

San Francisco Primary Care And Specialty Care

Our program is committed to bringing the best in primary care and integrative medicine to San Francisco. We offer onsite access to a team of integrative medicine providers who partner with you to establish a personal care plan based on your needs.

  • Location: 2300 California St., San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Clinic: 600-3503 and 369-1382
  • Store: 600-1311
  • Parking: Paid parking is available Monday through Friday directly behind the Institute for Health & Healing in San Francisco. Parking is free on Saturdays and evenings. Enter the lot on California Street across Webster , and enter the first driveway on the right. Or park in a second CPMC garage at 2405 Clay St.
  • Muni: The 1 California bus stops at the corner of Sacramento and Webster, a half block from the Institute for Health & Healing.

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Is Chronic Lyme Disease Real

Physicians and Ph.D. researchers struggle with the term Chronic Lyme Disease due to the fact that certain antibodies are often missing during initial testing of the patient. When specific antibodies of the bacteria Borrelia Burgdorferi are not present, Chronic Lyme Disease may not be properly diagnosed, often times leading to a missed diagnosis and thus, improper treatment.

How Gut Health And Happiness Boost Immunity

Ohsu Center for Health Healing

Have you ever lost yourself in a moment of laughter? Or experienced a gut feeling about a certain situation? These events are a common part of our human experience. They are easy to take for granted. However, these seemingly insignificant moments can play an important role in our health. Our digestive health and level of happiness greatly impact our healing process. Lets explore how our brain communicates with our immune system to boost immunity.

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Research And Educational Institute Focused On Treatments That Support True Healing

We are dedicated to providing the latest in natural health discoveries backed by real science in order to help you elevate your health and wellness. Where conventional medicine breaks down each area and ailment to a specific cause without much consideration of how it affects the rest of the body, we take a more quantum approach because we understand that everything is interconnected. Our team of top doctors and researchers strive to present therapies and wellness solutions that are all-natural and free of risky side effects.

Less Of This Healthy Food Makes For More Dynamic Bio

Protein has secured a spot in the health and wellness field as a powerhouse for health and vitality. Diets have been popularized and books have been written because of its benefits. It is the prized nutrient of those looking to build muscle, whether they are fitness fanatics or emaciated by severe conditions. But, when it

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How To Best Defend And Support Immunity In An Age Of Pandemics

In an age of viral pandemics, wisdom and understanding are our best allies in keeping a level head in the face of widespread hysteria. Ancient wisdom and modern research can be used to help human existence avoid and reduce the suffering from viral infections. Knowing how viruses operate, we can use targeted nutrients to support our bodies through each of their mechanisms.

How To Overpower The Grip Of Social Isolation With Community And Connection

Your Guide for Living Cancer-Free with Gina Serraiocco, M.D.

Quarantine, social distance, lock down, and shelter in place all make sense from a cold, logical sense. But all of these roads lead to isolation. Social isolation and distancing, though helpful in flattening the curve of viral spread, also flatten the human experience. We are at risk of losing one of the strongest influences we can wield for reclaiming our health.

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What Is The Dental Connection To Healing From Chronic Illness

Could the strongest substance in your body have the strongest connection to your whole-body health? Patients and health practitioners alike often overlook the dental connection to healing from chronic illness. Microbes in your mouth make just as much of an impact on your health as anywhere else in the body.

Your Constitution And How To Get The Most From Your Personalized Treatment

How we encounter acute and chronic illness is not just encoded in our genes, but manifested by our constitutions as well. In fact, much of our inability to heal from the acute and chronic, have a connection to our constitution. Without addressing each constitution, it becomes more difficult to be fully released from the grip of disease and dis-ease.

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In 5 Adults Experience Mental Illness

Support group experiences allow people and families to make meaningful connections in a safe and supportive environment. The HHCI provides a meeting space for a variety of groups including 12-step recovery groups and other support groups, in a supportive and grace-giving environment. Our support groups are led by trained facilitators and community professionals. Learn More

Mental Health Coaching is an evidence-based treatment focused on strengths-based support for adults living with mental and behavioral health difficulties. Coaching is action oriented with an emphasis on improving ones present life and reaching goals for the future by addressing distressing thoughts and emotions. In this program, clients will find ways of obtaining and maintaining stability, rebuilding relationships, finding purpose for living by creating a clear plan of action, managing difficult symptoms, and using strengths to reach future goals. Learn More

This is an evidence-based treatment for individuals who find it difficult to regulate and manage their intense emotions, act impulsively, and engage in self-harming behaviors. These difficulties lead to distress and disturbances in the individuals life and relationships, making it hard to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. In this program, Coaches help clients cultivate effective skills in mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation and distress tolerance through individual and group sessions. Learn More

Why Should I Harness The Healing Power Of The Outdoors

Ohsu Center for Health Healing

Spending time in nature can significantly boost our immune system. Plants and trees produce compounds called phytoncides, which are a product of their immune system used to fight off insects and rot. We can breathe these compounds in and charge up our own immunity, but the benefits dont stop there

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Proven Steps To Take A Bite Out Of Chronic Illness

Our teeth and gums are an integral part of our health. This is so much the case that by looking at the current state of your teeth and your dental history, a well-trained practitioner can glean a very good idea of what youve likely been through and for what conditions you might be at risk. This inspired us to share these six proven steps to take a bite out of chronic illness.

Health Healing And Flourishing

How can we help both providers and patients move from healing to flourishing, inside and outside the family doctors office? What are the core values of family and community medicine? What does healing look like from a patients point of view? How can light and the biofield therapies produce therapeutic effects? What is the impact of programs and policies on upstream drivers of health? These are the types of questions were asking as we examine ways to make primary care more comprehensive for both health practitioners and patients and to better understand the healing process. As we move from health to healing to flourishing, were also helping medical professionals identify mental health issues and offering evidence-based interventions to promote thriving and post-traumatic growth.

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Biofield Science And Healing: A New Chapter

Institute Scholar Emeritus and renowned neuroscientist, Richard Hammerschlag, PhD, is part of a visionary team of scientists who recently founded the Consciousness and Healing Initiative , an international collaborative accelerator of scientists, health practitioners, innovators, educators and artists, that aims to forward the transdisciplinary science and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices. As a co-founder of CHI and its Director of Research, Dr. Hammerschlag guides an effort to review, disseminate and design research studies that explore the science of consciousness, with particular emphasis on the biofield view of health and healing.

Biofields, generated by all living systems, include the electromagnetic patterns from the brain and heart . The use of biofield-based therapies can be traced back to ancient systems of care including Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. While evidence continues to build that biofield-based approaches can have a positive impact on health, significant research funding to examine the effects of biofields has historically been limited as it is often perceived by federal funding agencies as high-risk and outside the dominant biomedical paradigm.

Visit to learn more about CHI activities, to join CHI , and to receive electronic access to the special issue, Biofield Science and Healing of Global Advances in Health and Medicine.

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Is Your Lymph Making You Sick And Tired

What can patients expect at a Penny George Institute for Health and Healing outpatient clinic?

A poor functioning Lymphatic system negatively affects your Bio-terrain, as well as our always-adapting gut microbiome. The Bio-Restorative Method used at the Institute for Restorative Health helps us locate your slow, sticky lymph and activate the pump of freely-moving fluid. Many people ask what they can do about their slowed and stressed lymph, realizing they have issues in this area. Here are five ways to increase this fluid movement in your own body while you sit.

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Protecting Your Body In The Digital Age

We know that the human body is composed of ions, minerals, and water and is a strong conductor of electrical energy. This also makes the body an effective antenna, able to absorb strong fields from surrounding environmental factors such as power lines and Wi-Fi. How safe is this exposure for our nervous system, cellular dna strands and hormonal balance?

Finding Your Calm After The Storm

MondaysZoom Link | +1 929 205 6099 | ID: 886 8496 2495 | Passcode: 332332

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Fridays11am: Happy Hour of Hope & HealingZoom Link | +1 929 205 6099 | ID: 873 9993 5481 | Passcode: 155725

For more information about IFPRs Hope and Healing Ida program, please contact Carol Hudak at.

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Why You Should Use This Time

Suffering with chronic pain, fatigue, or debility, wellstinks! Our brains are wired to escape pain and seek pleasure. In this pursuit, we can overlook the tried and true. As much as we appreciate and utilize the latest technology at the Institute for Restorative Health, we continue to value the therapeutic workhorses of old. We consistently recommend therapies that give the most benefit for the time and resources invested. Castor oil packs provide a great return on the time invested while remaining quite cost effective!

The Sutter Health Institute For Health And Healing

Center for Health &  Healing Building 2 media kit

Clinical Psychology, Internal Medicine 4 Providers

1210 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa CA, 95405

Make an Appointment

The Sutter Health Institute For Health And Healing is a medical group practice located in Santa Rosa, CA that specializes in Clinical Psychology and Internal Medicine.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of California
  • CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • First Health
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Limb Swelling Caused by Fluid Overload
  • Lipid Disorders
  • Osteoarthritis of Hand or Wrist
  • Osteoarthritis of Knee
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or Knee Pain
  • Perimenopause
  • Radiculopathy
  • Reflux Esophagitis
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Does The Sutter Health Institute For Health And Healing…

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Does The Sutter Health Institute For Health And Healing offer weekend appointments?

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  • Offer virtual visits or other telehealth services?

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  • Physically located within a hospital?

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  • Offer appointments outside of business hours?

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Solid Truths To Reclaim The Right Approach To Lyme Disease

Treatment for Lyme disease should not simply focus on killing a bug. Lyme disease is far beyond a single infection and is, in fact, polymicrobial. Studies confirm that there are many microbes involved and not just one to blame. Acidic environments allow these bacteria to shift, via pleomorphism, into more virulent microbes.

What Can Vibrant Fascia Do To Brighten Your Health

Recently, scientists have discovered a new organ called the interstitium, which is part of the fascial network. While it is a major component to our structural integrity, fascia influences so much more! Conditions ranging from a stiff neck to fibromyalgia, cellulite to chronic fatigue, or IT band syndrome to IBS can be associated with fascial restrictions.

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