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Lung Cancer Can Be Controlled By Home Remedies

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The worst thing about lung cancer is that, there is no permanent cure for this condition and so, the patient has to resolve to chemotherapy and radiation therapies. These therapies are not only painful, but also do not guarantee a complete recovery. They have various side effects too and so, the patient has to go through a lot of mental and physical stress. But, thankfully there are some home remedies that can be of great help in this condition and help the patient combat side effects caused due to treatment of lung cancer and even help in curing this disease.

These home remedies are easily available at our homes. They are very effective in strengthening immune system of the patient. You can use them, but before that, you should definitely consult your doctor, as he/she is your best advisor, in this time of need. Also, as you know, smoking is the main causative agent for lung cancer, so dont forget to improve your lifestyle and stay away from both, active and passive smoking.

When Can I Use Natural Therapies

It depends on your health and the cancer treatment that youre having. Your doctor and natural therapist will work out the best time for you.

It may be okay to use different therapies throughout cancer treatment, but there are some natural medicines that can stop your cancer treatment from working properly. You may need to wait till treatment is over.

Cancer Diet: Foods To Add And Avoid During Cancer Treatment

Cancer can affect every aspect of your health, including your appetite and diet. Selvi Rajagopal, M.D., a specialist in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine, explains why your diet is so important during cancer treatment, and provides tips on foods to add and avoid.

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Extraordinary Natural Cancer Cures

In the years Ive spent as Editor of Underground Health Reporter eAlert, Ive written about dozens of cancer cures that are stunningly effective. From among them, Ive compiled the cures that have been consistently hailed by alternative health practitioners as the best of the best.

According to the American Cancer Society, 41% of all adults will develop cancer in their lifetimesor die from it! Thats 4 out of 10or 2 out of 5 people.

In fact, you might already have undiagnosed cancer right nowand not even know it.

Whether you or a loved one already suffers from canceror you fear that cancer might strike you or your family one day, you must get the full story on 10 powerful natural cancer cures that have helped many thousands of cancer patients reclaim their health and their lives.

Why The Interest In Alternative Therapies For Cancer

5 Herbal Remedies For Colon Cancer

In my professional experience, patients want to be active participants in their care. Many people have expressed concerns about ineffectiveness of traditional therapieseven citing conspiracies of ‘big pharma’ and hidden curesand a desire to try something unique to cure themselves, says Dr. Yu.

Most of the alternative or complementary medicines a patient might consider taking fall into one of two categories:

  • Mind/body therapies like yoga, tai chi, meditation
  • Therapies taken orally, topically, or intravenously like traditional Chinese medicines, vitamins and minerals, and botanicals or herbs

Some may improve comfort and quality of lifeif they arent substituted for and dont interfere with proven cancer treatments and dont cause financial strain, says Dr. Johnson. But, there is no evidence that they cure cancer.

What many people dont realize is that some complementary therapies can interfere with chemotherapy or radiation and make them less effectiveor they can have other negative effects. For example, there are some who believe that amygdalin, which is derived from apricot kernel extract and other fruits and nuts, can kill cancer cells. But what they dont know is that it can also cause cyanide poisoning, Dr. Johnson says. Another example: Some patients receive bee venom in hopes of killing cancer but, if there is an undetected allergy, they run the risk of anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening.

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Phenethyl Isothiocyanate From Cruciferous Vegetable

PEITC, along with sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables, such as watercress, broccoli, cabbage, etc., have been studied for induction of apoptosis in cell lines. PEITC has shown very strong potency against melanoma. It has been intensively studied for chemoprevention against breast cancer cells , non-small cell lung cancer , cervical cancer , osteogenic sarcoma U-2 OS , prostate cancer , and myeloma cell lines . PEITC induces apoptosis in some cell lines that are resistant to some currently used chemotherapeutics drugs.

Echinacea Supplements May Improve White Blood Cell Counts After Chemotherapy Or Radiation

What is echinacea?

Echinacea is popular as a safe and powerful immune system booster to fight colds, the flu and other infections. Of the nine echinacea species, three are used medicinally. They appear in many preparations, which utilize different parts of the plant and come in a variety of forms. The active ingredients in echinacea are thought to strengthen the immune system.

What does echinacea do?

Echinacea acts by stimulating various immune system cells that are key weapons against infection. It also has some antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal effects and contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavonoids, selenium and zinc. Studies suggest that the herb boosts the cells production of a virus-fighting substance called interferon.

Echinacea may prove effective against some types of cancer, particularly in people with weak immune systems. In a German study, a small group of patients with advanced colon cancer received echinacea along with standard chemotherapy. The herb appeared to prolong survival in these patients.

How to take echinacea

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The Truth About Alternative Medical Treatments

Almost 40% of Americans believe cancer can be cured through alternative therapies alone, according to a survey conducted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. This is alarming because evidence shows that people who use alternative therapies in place of standard cancer treatments have much higher death rates.

The terms alternative, complementary, and lifestyle medicine are used to describe many kinds of products, practices, and treatments that are not part of standard or traditional medicine. Alternative therapy refers to non-standard treatment used in place of standard treatment, while complementary therapy usually means methods used along with standard treatment. Lifestyle medicine is a newer field that describes its approach as preventing and treating illness through healthy eating, physical activity, and other healthy behaviors without the use of medicine.

In some cases, complementary methods can help cancer patients feel better when used alongside standard treatment and with the advice of a health care provider. Alternative and complementary therapies are often appealing because they use your own body, your own mind, or things that may be found in nature. But sometimes these methods wrongly claim to prevent, diagnose, or treat cancer even when they have not been proven to work through scientific testing.

Top 10 Natural Cancer Treatments

Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer

Natural cancer treatments are becoming more and more popular due to the rise in cancer diagnosis and the failure of the medical system to find lasting and successful cancer therapies. Today, you can find clinics all around the world that use a wide variety of different natural and alternative therapies to help people with all forms of cancer.

Cancer may arise from numerous physical problems including the lack of oxygen to cells, a weakened immune system, excessive acidity and the toxic accumulation of carcinogens . Many of these problems can be treated and therefore so may cancer itself.

Natural cancer approaches are available but they do require a committed approach to healthy lifestyle changes. The following 10 natural cancer approaches have been shown to naturally relieve cancer symptoms and limit the spread of tumor cells.

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Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer

Green Vegetables And Fruits

You should take a well balanced diet including sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and fats. For this purpose, you should include more of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. This would improve your digestive system and give boost to your immunity.

These vegetables and fruits also help in preventing fatigue, diarrhea and other side effects of lung cancer and its treatment. Including carrots, papaya and other fruits containing vitamin A will strengthen your metabolism and immunity, while including fibers will improve your digestive system and prevent constipation.

Asparagus Juice

Asparagus juice is also one of the most trusted home remedies for lung cancer. It has the potential to curb the possible side effects of cancer and heal the lung tissues. You can boil a bowl of asparagus roots in water for 10 minutes and then strain them. Consuming this water three times in a day can be very effective in combating lung cancer.


Ginger is very effective in controlling nausea and so lung cancer patients should include it in their daily diet. It also cleans the impurities present in your blood and improves the health of your lungs.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Bicarbonate and Maple Syrup mixture

White Grape Juice

White grapes juice possesses great healing properties. It is very effective in healing the damage done to the lung tissues by cancer as well as radiation and chemotherapies.

Truth: Meditation Can Help With Healing

Wellness routines can make a huge difference in anyones life, whether youre physically healthy or in the middle of your cancer journey. Music therapy, meditation, stress management and yoga are all useful complementary therapies during and after cancer treatment.

Studies show that meditation in particular is effective for a range of health conditions and helps with many of the side effects of cancer treatments, such as pain, anxiety and depression.

Williams noted that meditation and yoga improve quality of life, especially for breast cancer patients.

We are lucky enough to have a meditation room right here at ThedaCare Regional Cancer Center, said Williams. It is located at the far end of the front lobby and available for patients, family members and staff to use anytime they would like!

The great thing about meditation is that it can be done nearly anywhere, at almost any time. It takes just four steps to start feeling the immediate benefits of calming your mind and focusing on the present:

  • Find a quiet place with few distractions.
  • Take a comfortable position. This may be sitting, lying down or even walking.
  • Focus your attention on one positive thought, such as I choose to have a good day. If youre having a hard time keeping your mind on one thought, focus on your breath and breathing deeply.
  • If youre interrupted by external distractions or intrusive thoughts, acknowledge them and then let them go without judging yourself.
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    Help Fight Cancer With Natural Remedies

    Cancer is one word thats on almost every dog owners mind. And if cancer isnt on your mind, it should be because stats say your dog has a 50/50 chance of getting it.

    My old dog, Chili, developed cancer a couple of years back after she needed an emergency spay. I had great results with the following supplements to keep her cancer at bay!

    My other dogs also benefit from these herbs. Living in the country has its perks but I never know what the farmers spray the surrounding fields with. So Ive always got cancer on my mind and I always take steps to prevent it. After all, the best cure for cancer is prevention.

    So here are my top ways to fight cancer with natural remedies

    Cats Claw Supplements May Support Cancer Treatment

    20 Home Remedies for Skin Cancer Cure

    What is cats claw?

    This herb is thought to boost the immune system. Tea from cats claws bark has been used to treat wounds, stomach illness, arthritis, cancer and other ailments. Several compounds in cats claw may account for its alleged cancer-fighting and immune-boosting effects.

    What does cats claw do?

    Modern scientific studies have identified several active ingredients in cats claw that enhance the activity of the immune system and inhibit inflammation. Their presence may help explain why this herb traditionally has been used to fight arthritis, cancer, dysentery, ulcers and other infectious and inflammatory conditions.

    Some doctors prescribe cats claw to stimulate the immune response in cancer patients, many of whom may be weakened by chemotherapy, radiation or other conventional cancer treatments.

    How to take cats claw

    • Take a standardized extract as directed by a health-care practitioner or following the manufacturers instructions.
    • Pills containing the crude herb are often available in 500 or 1000-milligram capsules.
    • Cats claw tea is sold in health food stores. Consult a herbalist or naturopath for a dosage recommendation. You can combine or rotate cats claw with other immune-stimulating herbs, such as echinacea, goldenseal, reishi and maitake mushrooms, astragalus or pau darco. Cats claw may increase the risk of bleeding and should be discontinued two weeks before surgery.

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    Most Effective Natural Cancer Treatments

    1. The Gerson Therapy and Juicing

    I see in him one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them. Yet, he has achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. He leaves a legacy which commands attention and which will assure him his due place. Those whom he has cured will now attest to the truth of his ideas.

    ~ Albert Schweitzer, MD

    Who was Albert Schweitzer talking about?

    He was referring to Dr. Max Gerson, the German-born American medical doctor who developed one of the most effective natural cancer treatments over 90 years ago. Coined the Gerson Therapy, Dr. Gerson helped hundreds of cancer patients activate their bodys extraordinary ability to heal itself by recommending:

    • Organic, plant-based foods
    • Natural supplements

    In the words of the Gerson Institute:

    With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates your bodys magnificent ability to heal itself with no damaging side effects. This a powerful, natural treatment boosts the bodys own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases.

    How the Gerson Therapy Works

    • Supplements The Gerson Therapy recommends the following organic medicinal therapies:
    • Lugols solution
    • Vitamin B12

    2. The Budwig Protocol

    How the Budwig Protocol Works

    My Beyond Budwig Recipe

    3. Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

    4. Vitamin C Chelation

    Milk Thistle Supplements May Support Cancer Drugs And Protect The Kidneys And Liver During Chemotherapy

    What is milk thistle?

    The medicinal use of milk thistle can be traced back thousands of years to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, researchers have completed more than 300 scientific studies suggesting possible benefits, particularly for treating liver-related ailments.

    What does milk thistle do?

    Milk thistle is one of the most studied and documented herbs in use today. Scientific research continues to validate its healing powers. Most of its effectiveness stems from a flavonoid complex of three liver-protecting compounds collectively known as silymarin.

    Milk thistle is used to support people with cancer undergoing chemotherapy. It appears that milk thistle helps some cancer drugs destroy tumours while protecting the kidneys and possibly also the liver against damage by these drugs. Laboratory research suggests it may also prevent or treat some kinds of cancer, including prostate and breast cancer.

    How to take milk thistle

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    Research Into Herbal Medicine For Cancer

    There is no reliable evidence from human studies that herbal remedies can treat, prevent or cure any type of cancer.

    Some clinical trials seem to show that certain Chinese herbs may help people to live longer, might reduce side effects, and help to prevent cancer from coming back. This is especially when combined with conventional treatment.

    But many of the studies are published in Chinese, and some of them don’t list the specific herbs used. Some journal articles don’t give enough detail on how the researchers did the studies.

    It is difficult to know how reliable the research is and which herbs may be helpful. But there are trials looking into this.

    Some laboratory tests have found certain plants or plant extracts have anti-cancer qualities. Manufacturers made these into cancer drugs such as Taxol from the yew tree.

    But, there is no scientific evidence from human trials that herbal medicine can treat or cure cancer. We need large trials to prove this.

    Researchers did a laboratory study in 2019. They looked at the use of Chang-wei-qing as a treatment to prevent a certain type of bowel cancer. The researchers found that CWQ showed an anti-cancer effect. But this was a laboratory study, and we need more research.

    They felt that CHM can help to control certain cancer genes. And that it can influence the way cancer cells work. But they recommended more research to understand exactly how CHM works.

    Top 10 Natural Cancer Treatments & Alternative Therapies

    Natural Cancer Cures and Why You Don’t Know About Them

    Discover right here 10 truly remarkable natural cancer treatments and alternative remedies most people don’t even know exist.

    These powerful and informative articles are a definite “must read” for all cancer suffers…

    Article by Troy Sawyer

    The simple fact is you MUST be looking at using natural cancer treatments and natural remedies to heal yourself of this shocking disease right now…


    Because they work better than anything else!

    Statistics show that 150 years ago only 1 in every 100 people would get cancer. Fifty years ago it dropped to 1 in 50. Today, its a staggering 1 in 3! .

    Contrary to what researchers and the medical profession may be telling us, we are going backwards real fast with our current approach of orthodox treatments for cancer .

    For instance, do you know what the 5 year survival rate is for chemotherapy?

    This may surprise you but its only a pathetic 2-3%.

    So after 5 years, only 2 to 3 cancer patients out of every 100 are still alive after undergoing chemotherapy! .

    Then to top it off you have radiation therapy, which actually causes cancer. .

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