Plasma Pen Healing Process Day By Day


Common Side Effects And Risks

  • Edema of the skin may occur and can be minimized by keeping the area upright.
  • Urticaria often times occurs as the old skin is shed and the new skin is being formed.
  • If any of the above symptoms intensify, your clinician should be notified.
  • Discomfort, especially a sunburn feeling, may persist for a few days.
  • PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation have been noted with Plasma Pen procedures. These conditions usually resolve within 2-6 months. Permanent color change is a rare risk. Vigilant care must be taken to avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment to reduce the risk of color change. After the skin has gone through its healing phase and is intact, sunscreen and / or sun block should be applied when sun exposure is necessary.
  • Infection is not usual after treatments however, herpes simplex virus infections around the mouth can occur following treatments. This applies to both individuals with a past history of the virus or individuals with no known history. Other signs of an infection can be a fever, purulent material, severe redness, swelling in the area, and skin that is hot to the touch. Should these symptoms occur, the clinician must be notified to prescribe appropriate medical care.
  • Allergic reaction is uncommon from treatment. Some persons may have a hive-like appearance in the treated area. Some persons have localized reactions to cosmetics or topical preparations. Systemic reactions are rare.

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Other Important Aftercare Recommendations:

  • Please minimize sun exposure with shading, hats, avoiding midday sun, and masks for perioral treatments until you can apply sunscreen to treated areas, usually 7-10 days.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Taking Vitamin C supplements over the course of your healing process can give your immune system a big boost and help you to repair. Continue the use of Factor Five serum morning and evening.
  • Any additional treatments that may be required must only be performed once the skin is completely healed and has returned back to its normal color. This usually takes about 12 weeks.
  • Plasma Pen treatment is the gift that keeps giving and, on top of the immediate rejuvenation, lifting and tightening affects you will likely experience, it can actually take 8 to 12 weeks for the full effects of your original treatment to be seen.
  • Please note that if you do require a longer period of time between treatments then the delay will not alter the outcome/results.
  • Evaluation of treatment results should not be considered before 12 weeks. At which time, a future treatment plan can be discussed with you.

If you have questions about aftercare, please contact your clinician at Boulder Plastic Surgery/IV Seasons Skincare.

Our Top Tips For Post

Here is a quick list of recommendations, top tips, and best practices to consider in your clients personal plasma post-treatment routine:

  • Over the first few days, plasma crusts will form on the skin. Do not pick these! They will naturally fall off after a few days.
  • Keep the plasma crusts moist by applying our PlasmaPen Aloe Vera Gel up to three times a day. This will provide relief from itching and assist the healing process.
  • There may be some mild swelling for up to 5 days post-treatment. This is completely normal and usually very minor.
  • You must not cover the treated area with plasters, dressings, make-up, or creams until the area is healed. Only use the healing creams provided by your technician.
  • Taking Vitamin C supplements during the healing process can give your immune system the big boost it may need to repair.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption before your treatment and during the healing process. Try to avoid smoking after the treatment as much as possible.
  • Wear SPF 50+ sunscreen and facial creams every single day before treatment. Also, wear it after the treatment for up to 12 weeks.
  • Avoid exercising within the first few days after a treatment as the heat, steam, or sweat may add to inflammation caused by the treatment.

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How Does Plasma Pen Treatment Work

The plasma treatment uses plasma to stimulate fibroblast production resulting in the contraction and tightening of the skin cells. Fibroblasts are a main contributor to the tight skin of your youth. The number of fibroblasts and their activity declines with age. The plasma pen treatment ionizes gas in the air to create a small electrical lightning bolt. When the electrical lightning bolt touches the skin surface, the excess or lax skin contracts and tightens. As the skin heals the skin has better tone resulting in visible wrinkle reduction and elimination of some spots and sun-damage. When done correctly, there are usually no open wounds during the healing phase thus reducing the risk of negative side effects such as infection or loss of pigmentation or hyperpigmentation that be seen with laser treatments.

Plasma Pen treatments can be moderately uncomfortable especially on what area is being treated. Eyelid procedures, where the skin is at its thinnest, are often more sensitive. We typically apply numbing cream to the treated area prior to procedure for thirty minutes and deploy other pain management techniques to minimize discomfort.

Is Plasma Pen Fda Cleared


The Plasma Pen is not FDA cleared. Plasma Pens have been in use, especially overseas, for many years, and the technology is outdated compared to improved methods of rejuvenating the skin. In fact, the device has been banned in some countries, including Canada. This is because, in addition to negative results like scarring, the Plasma Pen lacks the safety monitors of modern options. In the U.S., the FDA has not yet evaluated the Plasma Pen for safety at all. Some Plasma Pens can even be purchased for at-home use online of course, this is not recommended.

In fact, you will find that physicians in the U.S. do not offer Plasma Pen. Instead, this system is usually offered by non-medical technicians with less extensive training and knowledge. At Reflections Center, our non-surgical procedures are performed by physicians, who have extensive knowledge of the treatments they offer and ensuring safety for their patients.

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Keep The Tattoo Clean

This is one strategy that requires no background. If you can keep the tattoo clean, you can minimize the proliferation of bacteria and avoid infection-related symptoms in the process. However, taking frequent showers isnt going to cut it and you must opt for a fragrance-free soap and continue to gently wash the area with warm water, if and when possible.

However, if the water quality is questionable, purifying the same before washing is the best way to proceed.

Check With The Doctor

It is necessary to check for any allergies before getting inked. Your skin might start reacting abnormally if the composition of the fresh tattoo ink is loaded with allergens. Therefore, before getting a tattoo, it is necessary to check the quality of the fresh tattoo ink and evaluate it against the allergic components that the skin might react to, abnormally.

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What Is A Plasma Pen Used For

As the human body ages, our dermal layers of skin naturally start to thin out and produce less collagen. This can cause our outward appearance to become wrinkled or saggy. Fibroblasting therapy can counteract this natural process and get collagen production jump-started again to halt or even reverse the signs of aging.

The collagen-boosting effects of Plasma Pen treatment make it a great choice for pursuing a wide range of esthetic goals and treating a variety of dermatological conditions.

Some of the most common applications for Plasma Pen treatment are:

  • Sagging or excess skin. Most often around the face, jowls, or neck, but Plasma Pen treatment can be used on pretty much any part of the body that has loose skin from aging or weight loss.
  • Eyes. Puffiness, hooded lids, and drooping bags can all be successfully treated with Plasma Pen fibroblasting. It may even provide a viable alternative to eye lift surgery in some cases.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines. Including crows feet, accordion lines, furrows, laugh lines, marionette lines, and creased brows.
  • Scars. Including acne scars and stretch marks.
  • Milia. Dead cells beneath the epidermis that appear in the form of white bumps.
  • Spider veins. Twisted blood vessels that can be seen through the skin.

Common Questions About Microneedling Aftercare

after plasma pen

There are still some questions about the procedure. Here we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about microneedling:

What to put on skin after microneedling at home?

Some aftercare products are recommended to apply to your skin. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, Aloe vera gel and natural coconut oil could be useful for prompting the skin to stimulate collagen production.

Can I wash my face after microneedling?

Its better not to wash your face for 5 to 12 hours after microneedling, and also do that only with lukewarm water.

Is Coconut oil after microneedling useful?

Yes, coconut oil contains natural hyaluronic acid and is useful for dry skin after the microneedling session.

Is Exercise after microneedling harmful?

Itâs better that you avoid physical activities that cause sweating for at least 2 days after microneedling.

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Consume Foods Loaded With Antioxidants

You can add food items like garlic, tomatoes, salmon, tuna, olive oil, broccoli, and other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-loaded options as a part of the daily plan to make any tattoo heal faster than usual.

Besides these changes, you must increase your existing water consumption levels to keep the skin hydrated and supple.

What Does The Plasma Pen Do

Mostly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten sagging skin, the Plasma Pen really can work wonders on your complexion.

Usually applied around the eyes and eyelids, the non-surgical treatment is also used to tighten the throat area, instantly remove skin tags and minimise acne scars, age spots and stretch marks.

What does the Plasma Pen do?

Mostly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten sagging skin, the Plasma Pen really can work wonders on your complexion.

Usually applied around the eyes and eyelids, the non-surgical treatment is also used to tighten the throat area, instantly remove skin tags and minimise acne scars, age spots and stretch marks.

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What To Expect Following Your Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment

If youre reading this you are probably considering getting a fibroblast plasma skin tightening treatment and want to know what to expect. Or perhaps you are a beauty or skin specialist and you are thinking of adding the service to your treatment menu.

Its important to know what you are getting in for before you book a treatment. The Fibroblast Plasma recovery time is not for everyone, and you need to know how to look after your skin during the healing process.

You should allow a minimum of 10 days between the treatment and any important events where you may be self-conscious or expecting to be photographed such as a public speaking event or a wedding.

This healing time may be shorter for some but it is always better to allow more time for your skin to recover, just in case. The duration of the healing time is dependant on the following factors:

  • The device and applicator that is used to perform the Fibroblast Plasma Treatment
  • The intensity of the Fibroblast Plasma treatment
  • Your skins natural recovery and response
  • The area that is being treated

The finer the tip of the plasma applicator and the lighter the treatment intensity, the shorter the recovery time will be. Our Fibrolift device uses the finest applicator on the market, and our specially formulated aftercare products significantly reduce this downtime. Both are available for purchase through our online training academy and store here.


How Does Plasma Pen Fibroblast Treatment Work

Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen is a clever handheld device that harnesses energy found in the air to create its very own source of plasma energy.

The pen doesnt need to touch your skin to have an effect. Its instead held a millimetre from the skins surface close enough to create a small stream of energy as the plasma reacts to your bodys electrical charge.

Every time this stream of energy, known as the plasma arc, makes contact with your skin a tiny scab is formed, while the area around the scab is instantly tightened. After the Plasma Pen has created a series of small scabs in the area of skin youre targeting, the scabs will soon fall off to reveal your new, tightened skin.

The best bit? The heat from the plasma arc also boosts your skins production of collagen in the affected area, meaning that your skin will continue to tighten months after you leave the clinic!

How does Plasma Pen fibroblast treatment work?

The Plasma Pen is a clever handheld device that harnesses energy found in the air to create its very own source of plasma energy.

The pen doesnt need to touch your skin to have an effect. Its instead held a millimetre from the skins surface close enough to create a small stream of energy as the plasma reacts to your bodys electrical charge.

The best bit? The heat from the plasma arc also boosts your skins production of collagen in the affected area, meaning that your skin will continue to tighten months after you leave the clinic!

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Plasma Fibroblast Healing Stages

It takes at least 12 weeks to see final results and complete the healing cycle. Changes are likely to be subtle from day to day and more dramatic as they cumulate over time. Improvements may continue for up to 6 months. The healing cycle unfolds in two stages over 3 months.

Fibroblast Healing Stage 1: Dots

Stage 1 of fibroblast healing is when scab dots are on the treatment area. Face dots shed approximately 4 – 14 days following treatment . Dots on the body often take longer than the face, potentially around 2-3 weeks.

Fibroblast Healing Stage 2: Dots no more!

Stage two begins when the last dot has fallen and continues until 3 months from the date of treatment has passed. You may apply makeup at this stage and slowly return to your normal skin routines.

  • Always apply broad-spectrum SPF 50 to the treatment area until at least 3 months after your date of treatment. Healing skin can become damaged by UV rays, causing hyperpigmentation and/or premature aging.

  • Update SPF 50 every 80 minutes.

  • Avoid harsh products until the 8 weeks post-treatment healing point. Use common sense: if it doesnt feel good, then dont do it. Patch test and re-introduce active ingredients slowly.

helpful hints:

The following are optional additional suggestions to maximize results and get optimal healing. I have found these methods to quicken the healing time significantly.

Upgrade Your Treatment Portfolio With Plasmapen

The PlasmaPen delivers fibroblast treatments like no other device on the market. Our nitrogen plasma is non-chromophore dependent, which means interactions with skin tissue are not reliant on making contact with the parts of the molecules responsible for color. This ensures that aestheticians can offer non-invasive treatments that do not require a general anesthetic, as required with more traditional surgeries. Give your clients the best treatment possible and order your PlasmaPen today.

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Healing Process For Eye Treatment

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5.Day 6.Day 7Week 2Week 3 and 4Month 2At Home CareDON’TS

Introducing the FDA-cleared blue LED light medical device clinically proven to treat & heal acne-prone skin during & even before a breakout.

*This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Invest In A Good Sunscreen

Web Exclusive: How the Plasma Pen Works to Combat Fine Lines and Wrinkles

While you need to avoid direct sunlight exposure for the first week, it is necessary to invest in high-quality sunscreen lotion for the subsequent weeks to offer sun protection to the tattooed area. Direct sun exposure during the first few weeks can be catastrophic to the overall design and might blur out the designs, making the tattoos appear lighter in time and this is where a good sunscreen can help.

If you are interested in the composition, I would recommend one with ample quality of zinc oxide in it. Plus, you need to look for a broad-spectrum cream if you are a frequent traveler. Not just that, if you are a fitness enthusiast, it is necessary to get water or sweat-resistant cream.

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First Stage Factoring In The Redness And Occasional Oozing

Things to know

  • More of a detailed post-op treatment
  • Aims to get the tattoo completely healed
  • Takes care of an infection that develops gradually
  • Aftercare module can last anywhere between one to three months


Tattoo aftercare might seem a tad dissociated with the healing process but it carries a lot of significance in keeping the tattoo healthy, in the long run. While you dont need to clean your tattoo extensively at this stage, you might have to continue using moisturizing lotions, warm water baths, and even take care of the new skin that starts growing after the scabbing is over.

Still, if you notice redness at this stage, medical guidance might be necessary as the outer layer hasnt fully healed despite the detailed aftercare routine. While a weak immune system might be a reason, you should know that these issues might persist if you have dry skin.

Plasma Pen Treatment Pre And Post Care Instructions

Plasma Pen Treatment or Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that contracts and tightens the skin, while stimulating new skin fibroblast formation that in turn produces more collagen in your skin. The result is smooth, firm, lifted younger looking skin.

Like most skin rejuvenation treatments, a Plasma Pen treatment may cause some side effects.

You should must follow the important guidelines below carefully to avoid any side unwanted effects and to optimize your results.

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