Powerful Night Prayer For Healing


Prayer For Strength And Patience

Deeply Powerful Goodnight Prayers For Peaceful Sleep | Fall Asleep In God’s Presence

Lord, lift me up for Your blessings today. I pray that you will anoint me with strength and self care today, tomorrow, and always. I pray that You will grace me with patience and wisdom. I pray that You will encourage me throughout the day to take the correct steps to walk proudly, and behave well. I pray all of these things in Your name. Amen.

A Prayer Of Thanks And Gratitude

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for the moments that made me smile and the moments that made me cry. Thank you for the people who have come into my life and the people who have left. Thank you for the love and the laughter. Thank you for all the small moments and the big moments.

Thank you for giving me another day to be alive and to experience all the wonderful things you have in store for me. Thank you for the chance to grow and learn. Thank you for the chance to make a difference in the world. Thank you for the chance to love and be loved.

Thank you for this day, Lord. Thank you for making me a part of your plan. Thank you for giving me a chance to make a difference in the world. Thank you for the chance to love and be loved. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

How Do You Know When God Is Speaking To Your Heart

It sometimes can be very difficult to know when God is speaking to our hearts. Is it his voice, or our muddled and finite hearts and minds? Here are a few things you can keep in mind when you are struggling to know if you are hearing a nudge for God.

  • Does it align with scripture? God will not contradict himself.
  • Is your heart at peace? God often uses peace to help confirm his leading.
  • Is your emotions running high? Take some time to let your emotions calm before making a decision.
  • As you use these powerful night prayers, I have made a resource pack for you that includes scripture cards, prayer cards, phone wallpaper,

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    Night Prayer To Dispel Fear

    You may be long past your fear of the dark, but the quiet of night can still bring about worries and fears. If youre struggling to sleep because of fear in your life, pray 2 Timothy 1:7 , a powerful verse about the courage God gives each of us:

    For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

    Prayer For Better Sleep

    Pin on prayer

    Psalms 3:5 I lie down and sleep I wake again because the LORD sustains me.

    Dear God, I am before You to bring my panic and anxiety, which have overwhelmed me with sleeplessness, tension, and worry.

    Fears and stresses have crumbled me, but remind me of your power and grace. Encompass me with Your peace as I trust in You.

    Still, every storm causes me insomnia. All on my own, I cannot get over these tensions and stressful conscious vigils. But with your help and support, my burdens will definitely fade away.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

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    A Bedtime Prayer Asking For Help

    Perhaps youre facing a difficult time. This nighttime prayer will help guide you through the storm, while also asking God to help you wake up with a new perspective. Asking for Gods help is an important form of reliance and its relational.

    Lord, I am feeling uncertain about what Im facing. Please guide me and help me to cope with what is unfolding, Please also grant me the peace that only You can give. Amid my worries, please come alongside me and sustain me. I know that I can put my trust in You. Please grant me reminders along the way, so that I do not become overtaken by the unknown. Please help me to wake up with a fresh and renewed perspective. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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    Bedtime Prayer Against Anxiety

    Dear Lord Jesus it seems that the problems and anxieties of life that I am going through, always seem to multiply and magnify during the night time hours. Help me never to forget that You have promised to be with me even in the darkest times.

    Thank You that Jesus is my Saviour and has promised to be with me throughout the long, night time hours. Keep me from dwelling on anxious thoughts and help me to hand all my cares over to You,, as soon as they come into my mind – so that my heart may be filled with Your quietness and promised peace.

    Help me to give every single anxious thought over to You and keep me from going to sleep with worries and problems flooding through my mind. I pray that I would learn to keep the eyes of my heart looking to Jesus, and the thoughts of my mind resting on You – because You have promised to give Your perfect peace to the everyone whose mind is stayed on Jesus .

    May I cast all my anxious thoughts on You rest in Your love throughout the night and wake refreshed in the morning, in Jesus name I pray,


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    Prayer To Cast Off The Niggles Of The Day

    Dear Lord Jesus, thank You that You have kept me safely through another day. Forgive me Lord, for the wrong thoughts and attitudes that I have allowed to trouble my mind today. Forgive me Lord, for the times that I have allowed pressure to take away the perfect peace I have in You. Lord, I hand the irritation of the day over to You and pray that I may rest quietly in Your loving arms. Help me not to permit any of these daily pressures to affect the refreshing sleep of peace that You give to all Your children. I am sorry that I have allowed the little niggles of the day to unsettle my heart and disturb the peace that I have in You. I pray Lord, that I will not retain any wrong or damaging thoughts in my sub-conscious mind, but rather Lord, I ask that my heart may be washed with the water of Your Word and filled with healing balm of Your love and truth. Thank You that Your Word is life and light. Into Your hands I commend myself Lord, as I settle down to sleep. Wake me up tomorrow I pray, ready to serve You, for Your mercies are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

    Powerful Prayers For Sleep And Healing

    Night Prayer for Protection | Powerful Bedtime Prayer for Sleep!

    Here is a good selection of 30 Powerful prayers for sleep and healing

    Ending your day with prayer is a wonderful way to let go of stress and find peace before falling asleep. No matter what you faced today, talking to God through a night prayer for sleep and healing will renew your faith and help you experience true rest. Evening prayers also help you reflect on all the events throughout your day and the ways that God has been present with you.

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    Bedtime Prayers For Couples

    We come to you tonight thanking you for the love we share. We pray that you will bless our relationship and help us to grow closer to each other. We ask that you keep us safe and protect us from harm. We also pray that you will help us to be good to each other and to always cherish the love we have.

    As we prepare to sleep, we ask that you send your guidance Angels to guard us and our children from any satanic attack while we are asleep. Your word says no weapon that is fashioned against us shall prosper, and we declare that over our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

    A Prayer For A Good Nights Sleep

    Dear God, I thank you for another wonderful day and for bringing me and my family back home safely. As we prepare to sleep, I pray that you grant us a good nights sleep tonight. I ask that you would grant us a peaceful sleep and dreams tonight. I also ask that you would refresh and rejuvenate our bodies as we sleep tonight. This I ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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    Additional Good Night Prayer Points

    11. The Lord will watch over me tonight. I am covered by His grace.

    12. I rebuke the spirit of death tonight. It shall never find solace in my household. We are covered with the blood of Jesus.

    13. Everything that I cannot oversee nor protect by myself tonight, the eyes of God will protect them for me in Jesus name.

    14. I pray for you tonight, no weapon fashioned against you shall succeed. Youre under his watch in Jesus name.

    15. No evil shall be heard from your dwelling tonight. The Lord will protect you with His outstretched arms.

    16. Where my name is being mentioned for death tonight is scattered in Jesus name.

    17. You shall not die, but live to see another beautiful and glorious day. The Lord will prove His faithfulness to you as you sleep tonight in Jesus name.

    18. Every evil hand planning to cause my downfall tonight is cut off. I shall live to witness many nights in Jesus name.

    19. You shall not die in your sleep. The Lord will be your watchman tonight. Youre highly protected under the shadows of the wings of the Almighty God.

    20. God will surely secure you from all evil tonight. You shall overcome whatever may come your way in Jesus name.

    21. I stand against every cloud of darkness over me as I sleep. Youre destroyed in Jesus name. I am covered by the shield of the Almighty God.

    22. I will not answer the call of the evil ones at night. Ill only recognise the voice of God, cause He is my Shepherd and I am His sheep.

    Forgive Us God For The Times We Missed The Mark Today

    Heal the sick

    Forgive us for the times we tried to do things all in our own strength, getting too easily distracted, or forgetting our need for you. Forgive us for letting fear and impatience control us, or for allowing pride and selfishness to dictate our choices. Forgive us for not following your ways or for living distant from your presence. Cleanse our hearts and renew our minds in you, as we lay it all to rest.

    We ask that you would provide for our needs, even as we sleep. We pray for your huge grace and favor. We thank you that you never sleep or slumber, that youre always at work, even in the dark of night, even behind the scenes where we cant fully see. We pray for your blessings to cover us, that you would make every plan youve birthed in our hearts to succeed at just the right time. We pray that youd be opening doors, clearing pathways, closing the wrong roads, and setting up our way for tomorrow.

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    Evening Prayer For Uncertain Times

    Dear God, as we go to sleep tonight, we are surrounded by uncertainty and fear. But we know that you are with us and will always watch over us. We pray for your wisdom as our leaders make decisions that will impact our future. We ask that you watch over us and keep us safe from harm.

    Your word says in Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. We claim this promise tonight and pray for your peace to fill us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    Prayer For Sleep And Healing

    Why do we have issues sleeping? Why do we have issues healing? It’s for the same reason. Sin.

    Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned

    Romans 5:12

    It sometimes can seem unjust and unfair that sin came into the world through one man, but we forget, sin is a choice that we make. However, sin does not automatically imply sickness or decay. Although that is the ultimate result of sin, and what Jesus will someday make right again, there are still plenty of bad things that happen in this world that we will never know the reason for.

    Why do little kids get cancer? Why do bad things happen to good people?

    Simply put, we are not sovereign. We are not God. There are reasons for difficult situations that we will never see the reasoning behind. We simply are called to trust that someday Jesus will make all things right. Do you have enough faith to do that?

    And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

    1 Peter 5:10

    Dear Lord, thank you for the day and thank you for the night. Thank you for the energy to continue through the day, and the rest during the night to replenish. Guide me through my daily tasks and the troubles that I face in this world. Provide me with the rest to share your name with the world. Amen.

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    A Prayer For Those Waiting On Healing

    Father, you can heal us in a heartbeat. We pray for Your miraculous healing today. From depression, life-long disease, sudden failures, addictions and massive handicaps. We pray for miraculous healing because we know you are as capable of fixing our physicalities as you are to hold the oceans in place as the earth spins around. Through Your Sons death on the cross, we have the opportunity to be healed spiritually. By believing in Jesus we are connected straight to You in prayer and presence. Bless our hearts to believe in You beyond our hearts capacity. Strengthen our faith where it is weak and strengthen our resolve to linger in Your presence a little longer each day.

    Take our pain away, according to Your will, in Your time. Were not promised a painless life on this earth, but You do want us to live a happy one. Send Your Spirit to help us see past our circumstances and onto Your calling on our lives. Sickness and injury cant stop God-placed dreams. Fill our hearts with hope as we wait on You to move in our lives and flow out from our hearts. In Jesus Name, Amen. – Meg Bucher

    Prayer For The End Of The Day

    The Best Good Night Prayers To Fall Asleep | Peaceful Bedtime Talkdown

    Heavenly Father,

    My prayer this evening isI adore You and thank you for all the graces You have given me this day.

    I offer You my sleep, my dreams, and all the moments of this night.

    I pray that you give me rest so that I may wake to Your holy face.

    Please pour out Your blessings upon me, for You are the answer to all things, and You alone.


    This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24

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    A Prayer For Healing And Grace

    Dear God, We confess our need for you today. We need your healing and your grace. We need hope restored. We need to be reminded that you work on behalf of those you love, constantly, powerfully, completely. Forgive us for trying to fix our situations all on our own. Forgive us for running all different directions and spinning our wheels to find help, when true help and healing must be found first in You. Forgive us for forgetting how much we need you, above everyone and everything else. We come to you and bring you the places we are hurting. You see where no one else is able to fully see or understand. You know the pain we’ve carried. The burdens. The cares. You know where we need to be set free.

    We ask for your healing and grace to cover every broken place. Every wound. Every heartache. Thank you that you are Able to do far more than we could ever imagine. Thank you for your Mighty Power that acts on behalf of your children. We reach out to you, and know that you are restoring and redeeming every place of difficulty, every battle, for your greater glory. Thank you that you will never waste our pain and suffering. We love you. We need you today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen – Debbie McDaniel

    A Prayer For Healing Power

    Father God, many of us need healing. I need healing for past hurts, random physical pains that I allow to waylay my days and Spiritual healing for various reasons. I reach up to You to receive this healing so that I may be whole and that I may be able to then minister to others in a way that brings You fullness of glory. How wonderful to be able to worship You without stain or blemish and to be totally healed. Show others Your healing power so that they may also be healed and walk in wholeness. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen! – Dawn Mast

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    Evening Prayer For Family

    Lord Jesus, please bless me and my family. Under your protection fill our life in harmony, hope and health. I pray for a sign of mercy, rescue us with a financial miracle out of debts. Let us find peace and able to live in a house with nature and fill our hearts with the holy spirit. I pray to all saints and our holy mother Mary, lord have mercy, Amen.

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