Prayer Of Comfort And Healing


A Prayer For Healing And Grace

A prayer for healing, strength and comfort

Dear God,

We confess our need for you today. We need your healing and your grace. We need hope restored. We need to be reminded that you work on behalf of those you love, constantly, powerfully, completely. Forgive us for trying to fix our situations all on our own. Forgive us for running all different directions and spinning our wheels to find help, when true help and healing must be found first in You. Forgive us for forgetting how much we need you, above everyone and everything else. We come to you and bring you the places we are hurting. You see where no one else is able to fully see or understand. You know the pain we’ve carried. The burdens. The cares. You know where we need to be set free. We ask for your healing and grace to cover every broken place. Every wound. Every heartache. Thank you that you are Able to do far more than we could ever imagine. Thank you for your Mighty Power that acts on behalf of your children. We reach out to you, and know that you are restoring and redeeming every place of difficulty, every battle, for your greater glory. Thank you that you will never waste our pain and suffering. We love you. We need you today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Debbie McDaniel

Prayers For Peace In The Home

These prayers are for marriages experiencing turbulence. The Lord hears and He answers prayers. Call on Him and He will give comfort.

I speak the peace of God into your marriage. May your marriage enjoy calmness of God henceforth.

I pray every storm raging against your marriage be silenced in Jesus name. May your home begin to enjoy divine peace. Amen.

Let every satanic manipulation against your marriage be destroyed in Jesus name. I speak the life of Jesus into your home.

May the Lord heal your home and free you from every form of satanic bondage in Jesus name.

May the power of the Almighty reignite the fire of love in your home. May you enjoy peace like a river in Jesus name.

May the Lord heal you of your broken heart. May He reunite your family in Jesus name. Amen.

May the Lord show up for you and give you all round peace in Jesus name.

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    August 20, 2022

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  • Comfort For Sinner Redeemed By Grace

    Dear Lord,

    As I start my morning, remind me that every day is a new beginning. Help me understand that your forgiveness is more powerful than the time when I fail to lift your name high.

    Help me desire your blessings and bless my understanding that I may know you as my only Savior.

    As the night creeps, bless me with your words and allow me to recollect that no battle was lost, for you stood as my Savior and corrected every wrong.

    Permit me to offer this thanksgiving and prayers for comfort to you in silence. Amen.

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    Prayer For Healing And Protection

    Please pray for me as I grow old. My body is getting weaker and Im worried about my kids. Please heal my body mind and soul as my lifes journey continue to support and protect my family.

    Lord father I pray for a hedge of protection around my son. Protect his health or any harm. Protect my daughter in college these next three years and bring the right people in her path that love and know you personally. That can help build her faith and love for you. Guide her through her studies and finals. I am praying for all my debt to be cleared as I have many and still in school for my Masters. Lord I pray you protect and guide me my son and daughter even when we travel. I am praying for a new home as my job is helping with closing cost but my credit is bad and cant get approved for the loan. I am praying for my husbands salvation. In Jesus name Amen.

    Prayer For Comfort For Grief For Loss Of Loved Ones

    Bernadette Gerace on Twitter: " Continued and unceasing prayers for ...

    Heavenly Father,

    We humbly ask that you let your peace reign over your people, especially those who have a grieving heart after having recently lost someone close to their heart as well as those who have suffered in despair at the hands of evil. Be their refuge, Lord, and take hold of the grief they have in their hearts.

    Allow them to walk by your side, especially during their hard times, and allow your wisdom to fill their minds and hearts and remind them that your mercy is superior to any circumstance in this world.

    Our faithfulness lies in your truth, oh God, and we trust in your grace till eternity, in Jesus name, Amen.

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    More Healing Scriptures For The Sick

    27. “Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope…” Romans 5:3-4

    28. “Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14

    29. “Have mercy on me, LORD, for I am faint heal me, LORD, for my bones are in agony.” Psalm 6:2

    30. “Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you” Exodus 23:25

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    31. “The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them he delivers them from all their troubles. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:17-18

    32. “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

    33. “When Jesus came down from the mountainside, large crowds followed him. A man with leprosy came and knelt before him and said, ‘Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.’ Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. ‘I am willing,’ he said. ‘Be clean!’ Immediately he was cleansed of his leprosy.” Matthew 8:1-3

    34. “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

    39. “God heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. Psalm 147:3

    A Prayer For A Breakthrough

    Father, I ask You for a fresh vision for what breakthrough will look like in my life. Help me to pursue healing while I wait for my miracle. Show me how to rest right in the middle of the storm. Help me to enjoy the feast You prepare for me, right in the middle of the battlefield. I want my whole life to testify that theres a God in heaven who knows my name and who will get me safely home. Fill me afresh with the wonder of Your love and power. I am determined to win this battle with anxiety. Help me to discern when to rest, when to feast, and how to actively engage my faith as I wait for You to breakthrough. May my life display Your power. Do the impossible in and through me, I pray. Amen. – Susie Larson

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    Give Us Health Of Mind And Body

    Almighty God, you know that we are surrounded by many great dangers, and because of our human frailtywe cannot withstand them. Give us health of mind and body so that we who suffer under sin may overcome and win the victory in you through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

    Renew My Mind Body And Soul

    Comfort & Healing: 3 Hour Prayer & Meditation Music

    Lord, I come before you today in need of your healing hand. In you all things are possible. Hold my heart within yours, and renew my mind, body, and soul.

    I am lost, but I come to you with grace. You gave us life, and you also give us the gift of infinite joy. Give me the strength to move forward on the path youve laid out for me.

    Guide me towards better health, and give me the wisdom to identify those youve placed around me to help me get better. In your name, I pray, Amen.

    Also, read Bible verses about healing to find comfort in God’s word.

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    For Strength To Endure

    Lord, I am weary and dont know when this race will end in my life. I feel like Ive been running forever, trying to outrun this trial. Help me to stop trying to outrun my pain but rather run with endurance the race you have set before me. I know that because of you I am ultimately a victor over the trials in my life. I know that nothing in this world can separate me from your steadfast love. Please give me a measure of your love today give me the strength to endure this trial. Thank you for your love for me that never ends! And thank you for the crown of joy that awaits me forever in your Kingdom! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    – Adrian Rogers

    A Prayer For Freedom In Healing

    You are a miracle-working God. Give me a vision for what freedom looks like for me. Give me faith to believe You for my miracle. Show me what makes me tired. Show me what masters me and slows me down. Help me to lose my taste for that which weakens me, and acquire a taste for that which strengthens me. Heal me from the inside out! Help me to make the necessary changes. I want to participate with You in my healing process. Awaken fresh life in me! – Susie Larson

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    A Prayer For A Troubled Heart

    Lord, we wont live in a perfect world until we join you in heaven. This current situation wont be the last crisis for the world or for me. I cant outrun, outpace, outdo, outsmart, or outlive trouble. It has a way of popping up even in the good and prosperous seasons in the culture, my life, and the lives of those around me.

    Lord, quiet my raging emotions so that I can be a beacon of healing love and peace to those in my sphere of influence who are overwhelmed by panic and fear. Please help me memorize John 14:1 to share with others who ask me where my peace comes from: Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God believe also in me. These are the words that your Son Jesus spoke to His disciples to comfort them and they also give me comfort when I dont know how the story ends.

    Use me Lord as your disciple to bring healing to a hurting world. I love you Lord, Amen.

    A Prayer For Soul Healing

    50 Magical Prayer for Healing Quotes to Comfort You

    Precious Father, I marvel at the way You love me from immaturity to maturity, from brokenness to wholeness. You dont berate me for my blunders or belittle me for my weakness. You meet me in those places and make me strong. You bind up my wounds so they can heal. You give rest to my heart so it can beat strong again. You are with me. You are God Most High. Do a miracle in and through me, Lord! Heal my soul and make me whole. Make me a Kingdom woman. Help me to live a life totally disproportionate to who I am. May others pursue You when they see what You do through me! In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen. – Susie Larson

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    A Prayer When You’re Watching A Friend Suffer

    Heavenly Father, It is so hard to watch _________ suffer. It doesnt seem fair for her to have to endure so much pain. Even though I am powerless, I believe that you are powerful and capable of stepping into this situation and completely altering the outcome. In faith, I am responding to the promises in your word that you listen to our prayers and those prayers can make her well. So, I am bringing my friend before you to ask for your healing touch in her life. Thank you for the forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal healing, but I am asking you to provide healing for her on this side of heaven. Amen. – Lisa Samra

    What Are Prayers For Healing And Recovery

    When we are faced with sickness or injury, prayer can be a powerful source of comfort and healing. Whether we are praying for ourselves or for others, the act of prayer can help to ease our fears and anxiety and bring us closer to God. There are many different prayers for healing and recovery, each tailored to specific needs and situations. Some prayers focus on physical healing, while others emphasize emotional and spiritual healing. Whatever the form, prayer can be an important part of the healing process. If you are in need of prayer for healing and recovery, there are many resources available to help you find the perfect prayer for your situation. You can also ask your friends and family to join you in prayer, knowing that you are not alone in your journey to wellness.

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    Divine Healing Prayer And Peace

    Dear God,

    In this quiet moment,

    I feel divine healing hand and energy moving throughout my body and mind.

    Your energy, your healing power flows within every atom, cell, and organ of my body temple. There is no condition greater than your power to heal, dear God, and there is no reason for me to doubt that healing and recovery are coming forth right now.

    I trust you, dear God.

    I feel stronger and healthier and filled with the peace of knowing that healing is taking place within me right now.

    True healing is mine through your Spirit.

    I surrender to you, God, in total faith and total peace.

    I trust you, God.

    I rest in an awareness of you, knowing that I am being renewed, restored, and revitalized.

    In Jesus Christs name, Amen.

    A Humble Prayer For God’s Power

    Grief: Comfort and Prayer for Those who are Grieving

    The times were in right now feel so uncertain. Were battling fear and worry at every turn. We dont know what the future holds, but we believe youre holding us and wont let go. Were desperate to feel your presence surrounding us. We humble ourselves before you, aware of our need for you and believing in your great power. Thank you that no matter what we face, we know you are still greater. We praise you for your truth and are so grateful youve set us free from the clutching grasp of sin and death. Forgive us God, for the times weve missed the mark. Help us to live strong and walk wisely, filled by the power of your Spirit within us.

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    Prayer For Comfort And Healing Of A Broken Heart

    Dear Gracious God,

    I acknowledge that only you have the power to give and take away. I adore your mighty name, Father God, and I have faith in the plans you have for me as your servant. I accept your gift of salvation and eternal life and stand with courage against every enemy.

    Allow me to carry the truth that you will be there whenever I feel weak and devoured by earthly pain. Heal my heart, Oh Lord, and be the very present help whenever I need rest and comfort.

    I offer this prayer in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    A Short Prayer For Healing

    #1: Lord you are good and your mercies endure forever. We ask for healing from all illness as you have promised to always be our healer.

    #2: Its your grace that has kept us and for this we are grateful. So God, touch our bodies with healing power, and restore your children to sound health.

    #3: You are the mighty God, the one that holds the earth in place. Theres nothing impossible for you. We are asking for your healing power to work in our lives.

    #4: Almighty God, Your rule is unquestionable and your kingdom is forever, amen. In this times, we ask that your healing would manifest in our lives.

    #5: All-knowing, sufficient God, the great physician, we trust you. We depend on you and we know you can heal so we pray for your touch.

    #6: Though the doctors have spoken, we depend on your word almighty King. Our faith is not in the utterances of men but in your eternal grace. We ask for your healing in the life of .

    #7: God of heaven and heart, we bless you for your power and might. We pray that you do more than what the doctors can do. Heal all our bodies today.

    #8: Dear God, creator, teacher, the wise one, all-powerful father. You are the one who has my future in your hands. You know how much our health means to us because good health is your plan for us. Your promises are for me and my family to flourish and succeed. Everyday you give me is another opportunity to be alive and I am grateful for this.

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    Healing A Broken Home

    Lord, this is hard. This hurts. My heart longs to fix things, but I know I cant. I know I cannot change anyone, but You can. I surrender my hurts, my thoughts, my loved ones, and our broken family to You. I release my grip and my desire to control. Give me the strength and courage to do so, not just now as I sit in Your presence, strengthened by Your Spirit, but each moment my fear rises up. Allay my fear by reminding me of truththe truth that You are, even now, working all things out for my good and Your glory . The truth that You love my loved ones even more than I do, that You desire wholeness and restoration, family unity, even more than I do. And the truth that You will never leave us or forsake us. I know Youre fighting for me and my family. And I entrust my heart to You. Thank You for being here, ever by my side, to guide, hold, strengthen and comfort me in my time of need.

    Jennifer Slattery

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