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Dahle Self Healing Cutting Mat
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Types Of Materials To Cut

And, finally, perhaps another incredibly important consideration? What youll be cutting on your new self-healing mat. We understand that not everyone using these quilting mats are going to be quilters or will be using their mats exclusively for cutting out fabric. There are mats out there that have features that are assets to other types of crafters, such as being translucent in order to use with a lightbox, or spin so that you can quickly get to cutting the perfect angle.

Hardness Of Out Cutting Mats

The hardness is an important quality factor for cutting mats. Too hard is not friendly to the knife, the knife will then wear out too quickly. Too soft is of course not desirable. The optimum hardness is 80 to 82 shore. Shore is the unit for measuring hardness. You measure shore with a shore hardness tester.

Dont be fooled: Our cutting mats are 100% homogeneous. Companies that offerthese cutting mats with a harder interior and a softer top layer do not tellthe truth. In fact, they even lie.

It is impossible to produce these cuttingmats in multiple layers because these mats are produced with the technic ofhot extrusion. Hot extrusion is a process whereby a plastic in a heated stateand therefore in liquid form, is pressed through a mold plate andthen cooled. The mold plate to produce cutting mats consists of a nozzle inthe desired width with many small holes. Extrusion production will alwaysresult in a 100% homogeneous product.

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The 5 Best Self Healing Cutting Mats

Self Healing Cutting Mats

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For this post, I have put together a collection of the best self healing cutting mats available for purchase.

The cutting mat is the unsung hero of the architecture and crafting world, saving your table and providing an excellent work surface. To reduce potential damage, store your mat flat, out of any direct sun, do not iron on it, and keep it away from extreme temperatures.


Self Healing Cutting Mat: Large

Alvin 18"  x 36"  Green/Black Professional Self

Our largest Cutting Mat is perfectly sized for cutting full widths of fabric right off the bolt, extra-large fabric squares and long fabric strips. A self-healing mat with measuring grids on both sides gives you a work surface that outlasts other mats. Included bias lines make shape cutting and cutting at angles a breeze.

  • Extra-large mat provides ample space for all your fabric-cutting needs
  • Self-healing mat provides a cutting surface that lasts longer than others
  • Easy-to-read measuring grid on both sides means you can turn the mat over for double the usage
  • 30-, 45- and 60-degree bias lines make creating triangle and star shapes easy
  • Store flat away from sunlight, heat and cold
  • Clean with warm water and mild soap
  • Lifetime warranty

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Size Of Your Workspace

The main thing you need to pay attention to when deciding which cutting mat for sewing to purchase is the size of your workspace. You wont want to purchase a huge cutting mat if its going to hang off the table you have available for it. In fact, that will only make your task more difficult and your cuts less accurate.

Why Self

Self-healing mats are the top go-to cutting mats by many quilters. Its durability lasts longer than its plastic-only counterparts. In the long run, self healing mats can save you money and reduce waste. Not only are they wallet-friendly, but theyre Earth-friendly, too! Cuts made using the same rotary cutter and lines will leave divots and gutters in your mat as you work with different fabrics. A self-healing mat will fill in those marks when its hydrated.Taking care of a self healing cutting mat is much easier than you might expect! The self-healing materials swell quickly in the bathtub with only water. Although it will not heal as quickly as it would if you soaked it, you can mist the mat with water if it is attached to a table or other flat surface. Rolling for storage is not recommended. These mats will warp over time, which will make precise cutting difficult. Make sure to store them flat or vertically, which is easy as theyre thin enough to fit between the wall and shelves. Self-healing mats are less likely to splinter as you work. Plastic cutting mats are more likely to shred the more you use them, which might create splinters.

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