Stones And Crystals For Healing


Does The Shape Of The Crystal Matter

Do Crystals Really Heal You?

The shape of the crystal also brings its own spellbinding energy and can make a difference to how you experience the healing stone and its powers.

  • Point – a point can be good for directing energy and is often used for manifesting
  • Sphere – a sphere offers full harmonic energy that comes from all sides
  • Cube – a cube has solid grounding energy and creates calm and balance
  • Pyramid – a pyramid connects earth to heaven, its pinnacle sens energy up
  • Tumbled Stones – stones can be easily carried as talismans or placed on chakras

Good Crystals And Stones To Combine

Pairing a piece Rose Quartz with Garnet can be a wonderful combination because it will enhance the romantic love that you have in your life.

It will work on your intimacy and connectedness, and it will make sure that you always have sexual attraction and passionate commitment.

Crystals like Citrine and Jet also make a great combination because these stones symbolize success and abundance.

They will attract prosperity in all aspects of your life, and they will spread goodness and positivity all around.

This combination will give you very high energy levels, but you will also remain stable and grounded. It will keep you focused on your financial stability and security.

Opalite and Goldstone are crystals that also work very well together. This combination carries strong energies of manifestation, especially if you also add the January Birthstone.

It will help you do amazing things with your life by directing your energies to worthwhile pursuits and connecting you to wonderful people.

Pairing Celestite and Amethyst will help reduce your stress and anxiety. This combination will promote calm and relaxation.

It will encourage positivity and quell any tense or anxious energies that are coursing through you.

With this combination of stones, you will be able to express yourself lightly and easily.

You will also be able to restore the balance that you have lost in your life.

Guide On Crystals Or Healing Stones That You Should Know

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Since ancient times, different types of crystals have been used in alternative medicine as allies to promote health and well-being. Do you know its main uses?

December 27, 2021

Many people rely on alternative medicine practices to promote health and wellness. Although the science keep discussing its effects, there are those who find benefits in these forms of therapy. Among them, one of the most controversial consists of the application of healing stones. Do you know them?

Crystals such as quartz, amethyst, jasper, among others, are used in Hinduism and Buddhism as a way to generate a balance of the body, mind and soul. However, its effects are not supported by scientific evidence and there is skepticism about it. So why are they still being used? We will tell you.

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Recharge With Large Charging Crystals

Lastly, you can also replenish and recharge your crystals for healing by leaving them with large crystal quartz or amethyst clusters. Quartz is known as master healers and chargers, making them suitable for recharging and even amplifying any energetic crystals close to their radius. So, if you want the easiest and simplest way to recharge multiple crystals stones at the same time, then you can just let them sit with these recharging crystals.

How To Choose Your Crystals

Healing Crystal Gemstones Large 16

As well as researching crystals that are relevant to your individual concerns, Knowles recommends “choosing your stones from your gut”. This is because “using your senses will drive you to what you need rather than your mind dragging to what it thinks you should.” By working in this way, she suggests, we “energetically reach out for what we need be it the colour, feel or what we’ve learnt about the stone”.

In terms of colour, in general, dark-coloured crystals tend to focus on safeguarding an individual, with black for protection and brown for cleansing, while white is the colour of purity, and green the shade to choose when seeking moments of calm. In a similar way, pink-coloured stones are said to focus on love, red on energy, and yellow on wealth and plenty.

Crystals that are round are also said to help emit energy equally around them, while those with a point direct positive energy inward or negative energy out from the body .

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Emotional And Psychological Support

Another hugely popular reason that people choose crystals is that they can lend a lot of emotional and psychological support. Healing gemstones can put you in touch with blocked feelings and can soothe and temper frayed nerves. They can also balance big emotions and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Again, different crystals bring different skills when it comes to emotional balance and support. For example, Rose Quartz is a great gem for helping to improve your sense of self-care, healing old wounds, and opening you up to love. Clear Quartz can help bring clarity and understanding, Amethyst calms the mind, and Moonstone balances big hormonal energy.

Meditation With Crystals And Stones

Crystals and stones have been a large part of the world of meditation.

The energies of these metaphysical objects have often been used by people who wish to seek spiritual guidance and wisdom or want to experience a spiritual phenomenon.

Various stones and crystals hold distinct, unique energies that play a huge role in a persons healing or enlightening processes.

The most can be made out of the energies of this stone by truly incorporating them into your everyday life and pairing them with the July Birthstones.

If you want to experience the impact of these energies in their essence, you will need to truly harness them and allow them to lead your life in the right direction.

The remarkable powers of healing crystals are such that they can transform your life for the better in unbelievable ways once you start meditating with them.

The spiritual energies beheld by some of these spiritual instruments can be a large aid when it comes to achieving a sense of balance in life.

Such crystals hold harmonizing energies that ensure stability in your yin and yang and allow all aspects of your life to come together and work in unison.

Other kinds of crystals will help you to cleanse your personal being by removing toxic energies from your life in order to make room for healthier ones.

These stones contain powers that shield you from the adverse impact that negative people and things have on you.

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Smudge Your Crystals For Healing

Smudging is also a great way to cleanse the energies of your crystal stones. In particular, sage is the best plant to use. Smudging can clear the inharmonious and toxic energies accumulated in the stone and restoring it to its natural energy. Another pro for the smudging method is that all crystal stones can be cleansed with this.

Mixed Messages: What Stones Are Good For Healing

Reiki Aura Energy Plucking with Gemstones [Real Person ASMR]

If youve ever searched what are healing stones or looked for the meaning of your favorite gems online, youve probably encountered some mixed messages. So how do you know which healing crystals and stones are right for you?

There are many books and websites which will tell you the attributes of gemstones, says Tanya. In my experience it is great to discover these for oneself. Any specific gemstone combines with the individuals energetic signature to work in a specific way or be applied to a purpose.

She considers healing stones and crystals keys to unlock blocks, and lets the individuals energy guide her when selecting which stones to use in a session. Everyone is different and resonates with different gemstones, she says.

When purchasing stones for healing, Tanya recommends trusting your instincts. Run your hands over the stones one to two inches above, she suggests. The one that feels like it wants to jump into your hand is the stone for you.

Rose quartz for example, one of Tanyas favorites, can be used for love, forgiveness, grief and anxiety depending on the individual using it. She also uses sand selenite as energy scrubbers, calcite to remove fear, amethyst for crown chakra connection, and a trinity of hematite, selenite, and obsidian for grounding.

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How To Choose Your Stone

There is a whole world of different crystals and healing gemstones out there. It can seem daunting to know which stone you want to welcome into your world. One of the most important lessons that crystals teach us, is the reminder to tune in and listen to our own intuition and to trust that we have the knowledge we need. Our body, mind, and soul are all connected and we are made up of energy just like everything in the universe. If we can tap into that power, we can listen to the signs and messages that the world has to show us.

Finding the right crystal means feeling into which ones you are drawn to . Even just hearing a crystals name, seeing a picture, or reading a blurb – you may feel a tug deep down inside that is calling you to that exact stone. Each crystal also comes with its own healing properties. As we sometimes have awareness of our own strengths and weaknesses, we can choose healing crystals based on their specific traits to help guide us.

Another method for choosing crystals could also be turning to the zodiac. Certain crystals work with certain zodiac signs, so having this information can help link you to a set of stones that harmonize in accordance with the stars.

Is Crystal Healing Safe

Crystal healers become healers by passing a certification course, often offered over the Internet from “natural medicine” universities or clinics, many of which are not accredited by any central organization. Currently, there are no state or federal laws that regulate or standardize the practice of crystal healing or the licensing of crystal healers specifically. In some states, this type of alternative treatment may fall under the category of massage or bodywork therapy. In those states, crystal healers may be required to obtain a license in order to practice their trade.

Non-profit organizations such as the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork also administer voluntary board certification exams for massage therapists and alternative healers. NCTMB endorses schools and businesses that offer certification to alternative healers, but only if they fulfill certain criteria established by the organization.

Some medical doctors tolerate crystal healing to a limited degree, seeing it as a therapy that can induce relaxation, which ultimately is therapeutic for stress management. Those seeking a crystal healer, however, should be careful not to forgo legitimate treatment for life-threatening disease.

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How Are Crystals Formed

Crystals and stones are formed geologically within the earth, combining heat, compression, and time. There are mainly three ways in which this goes about.

The first classification of crystals and stones is called igneous rocks. Amethyst, citrine, moonstone, and diamond are among the worlds most famous igneous rocks. They are formed by magma crystallizing beneath the earths surface. Another way igneous rocks are formed is by lava flowing into the earths surface.

The second classification, called sedimentary rock, includes opal, zircon, jasper, and malachite. These rocks are formed from the sediments of other rocks, thus its name, and often near a water body. When rock is worn down by water, fragments of mineral-rich water seep into the earths surface and compress over time.

And lastly, metamorphic rocks are exactly that: stones and minerals that have undergone a metamorphosis. Heat and pressure often change pre-existing minerals within the earths surface and turn them into something new. The most notable examples of metamorphic rocks include emerald, aquamarine, jade, and ruby.

Use Earth Sun And Moon Energies

Best Crystals &  Healing Stones 2021: Shop Affordable Crystals Amazon ...

Crystals for healing can be metaphysically cleansed and recharged in the natural earthy elements. Simply leaving these stones out in a rich garden or forest for a few hours can help nourish and replenish their exhausted energies, releasing the toxicities and negativity back to earth. And since youre doing it outside, you also get to expose your stone with the sun or a full moon for extra healing and nurturing energies.

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What Do We Still Not Understand

While the placebo effect has been observed in many scenarios, theres still a lot about it that we dont understand. Studies are ongoing and we learn more every year.

One of the big questions is the connection between mind and body. How are psychological factors like expectations affecting whats going on inside us?

We know that the placebo effect can lead to the release of various small molecules like neurotransmitters and hormones. These can then interact with other parts of the body to cause changes. However, we still need to work out more details about the specifics of these complex interactions.

Additionally, the placebo effect seems to have a significant impact on some symptoms, such as pain or depression, and not others. This brings up more questions.

Crystals For Good Luck


For centuries, green jade has been synonymous with fortune and good luck. In feng shui, the green jade is used as a money attracter and shields you from bad investments.

Tigers Eye

The black and gold bands intertwined within the tigers eye should tell us everything there is to know about this crystal it will lead us to the path of success. This stone teaches us that we are the masters of our own universe, and we have the strength within us to reach our goals.


The bright and sunny citrine is drenched in good luck which is why it was nicknamed the merchants stone! Fortune follows this stone wherever it goes, so make sure youre prepared for good vibrations and pure joy.

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Improving Mood Or Outlook

Crystals can provide support when youre feeling down or stressed too.

Just as they can provide support for mental health issues, crystals can help you boost your mood. They can be used as a tool to invoke feelings of:

  • a sense of something greater than yourself

This likely has more to do with your relationship to the crystal rather than the crystal itself.

Types Of Healing Stones And Their Uses

Digging for Top Quality World Class Amethyst Quartz Crystals in South Carolina

Historical facts speak of healing stones as an ancient form of natural medicine that promotes the flow of energy in the body and mind to produce physical and emotional benefits. Although these effects have been disproved by science, there are those who are still attracted to its meaning and its supposed powers.

In fact, some experts agree that these treatments may work in some people, but not precisely because of the properties attributed to them. As explained by a study disclosed in The Permanente Journal, the mind has a stronger healing capacity than is believed.

According to this, the healing stones produce a indirect psychological effect that affects both mood, hope and the way to deal with health problems. So if youre thinking of trying them, be sure to avoid skepticism about their capabilities and put their effects to the test. Get to know them!

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Finding Ethically & Sustainably Sourced Crystals

As far as purchasing ethically and sustainably sourced crystals, Leavy says the four main questions you want to consider include:

  • Are the working conditions for the people mining those crystals safe?
  • Are they given fair pay?
  • Was there child labor involved?
  • Is there minimal environmental impact?

“A lot of times people use ‘ethical’ as kind of a blanket term,” she adds, so it’s worthwhile to ask a supplier these questions.

Leavy also advises getting familiar with specific areas of the world where there are big environmental impacts from mining, where workers are not paid fairly, where there are unsafe mining conditions, and where there are child labor issues, and intentionally being more cautious when purchasing crystals from those areas.

Where To Keep Crystals

You can keep your crystals wherever you wish, but keep them close to you so that they have an effect on the energy around you. For example, Knowles, just like Kerr, likes to keep them on her skin, so that they are always close to her chakras.

Try wearing crystals as part of your jewellery, such as the delicate designs from Missoma, which include rose quartz necklaces designed to be worn over the heart and special birthstone pendants, and Roxanne First’s R.F. Vibes collection of crystal necklaces. Crystal jewellery is designed to work in a similar way to individual crystals and allows you to keep them close.

You can also incorporate crystals into your beauty routine, using a face roller or gua shamade of jade, rose quartz or amethyst to massage and meditate with. And try salt crystals for bathing, or when soaked in essential oils for inhalation.

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Crystals For Weight Loss

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is a healing gem rife with deep empathy and compassion. These emotions are highly important as you trudge through your weight loss journey.

Blue Apatite

The blue apatite helps strengthen your body as you go through a weight loss journey. It curbs cravings for junk food and puts you in the mood to eat something healthier.


Always the happy stone, the citrine gives you that much-needed boost of vitality and makes you feel good about yourself as you go through the difficult notions of losing weight. This stone also provides you the positivity to celebrate small wins.

Charging Your Crystals At Home:

Genuine 7 Chakra Healing Crystals Set / 12 pc Kit

For each crystal to fully absorb your intentions you have to programme the stone for it to manifest. Think of it like growing a flower, you gotta give it some TLC in order for it to bloom – the same applies to crystals, a process known as ‘charging’.

There are various ways to charge your crystals, here are the main techniques:

  • Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand and imagine a white light surrounding the stone while you recharge the stone and set your intention.
  • Place the crystal under the moonlight or sunlight for 24 hours.
  • Tingsha chimes, singing bowls, or tuning forks can be used to recharge crystals as they absorb the vibrations of the sound.
  • Place the crystal that needs charging with other crystals such as amethyst, quartz, and selenite, which can absorb the energies of other crystals and regenerate them.
  • Go back to the earth and bury your crystal in the garden for 24 hours. If you don’t have a garden, pop your crystal into the soil of a flower pot.

When charging your stones you have to visualise what you want from it and set your intention, making sure to open your mind and heart to their healing vibrations.

Some people use crystals to help guide them into a new direction in life and reach a goal -these can be as small or big as you want or need them to be.

Remember, the art of healing crystals is ultimately all about you and your journey. If you’re feeling overwhelmed the best way is to start small.

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