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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Healing Powers Of Crystals

How to Sense Crystal Energy – Experiencing the Power of Healing Stones (June 6, 2010)

However, I was super skeptical too.

So, if you told me a few years ago when I moved to LA that I would be writing a post about the healing powers of crystals, I would have laughed and said absolutely no way. Im not going to lie, the crystal obsession in LA is real. So, I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

First, do they really have magical properties? Second, is there something behind them Im missing? So, lets set the record straight once and for all whats the deal with crystals, and do they actually have healing powers?

Rose Quartz And How To Use It

The soft and gentle energy of Rose Quartz is perfect for connecting with and opening your heart. When it comes to relationships, Rose Quartz can support love of all kinds â friendship, family, romantic partners, and even self-love.

Place Rose Quartz over your heart to infuse this energy center with comforting vibrations. Use the following crystal intention for Rose Quartz: I am love.

How Do I Choose A Crystal

There are two main ways to choose a crystal â with your intuition or based on your intention. If you arenât sure what you want to work on, letting your intuition guide you to the energies you need is one of our favorite ways to select your stones. Once you know the crystal basics from our healing crystals guide, you can use your intuition to choose the right healing stones for your spiritual journey by looking at or feeling different stones until you feel drawn to one or a few of them. Although it may feel as though you are picking your crystals, crystal experts often say that the crystal chooses you instead of the other way around. They grab your attention and pull you in with their dazzling colors or otherworldly shapes and patterns. Because each crystal has a unique vibrational energy, your intuition will guide you to the stones that are right for you at that specific time in your life.

Finding the right stone is like any practice of wellness. It requires patience while you quiet the mind and learn what works for you. One way to âtestâ different crystals is to hold the stone in your hand and quietly think of your intention. Notice if you feel sensations such as hot or cold, pulsations, or calmness and tranquility. These are all signs that this particular stone is perfect for your healing needs.

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Introduction To The New Age Movement

New Age crystal healing ties to three cultures, British, Indian, and Native American. British culture has a Pagan history which has inspired many people who practice modern-day witchcraft. Indian culture uses crystal healing as a form of holistic healing and is written in the holy texts of Indian culture.

New-age healing in the Western world has ties to the British, and more specifically paganism. While many people may not want to practice animal sacrifice, modern practices have simplified many ancient rituals and practices, making them more available, and attractive to those in Western society. Western astrology is also used with crystals, and ties into modern paganism. Practitioners believe certain stones align with and share properties with certain planets. Using astrological birth charts someone may also use types of stones that are compatible with their star signs.

In the Vedic texts of Hinduism, specifically the Garuda Purana and Graha-gocara, there is a lot of information about the importance of crystals in Indic culture. In these texts Hindu Demigods trick the Vedic demon Vala into attending a pretend sacrifice ritual and after allowing himself to be tied to a stake, Vala learns the demigods are not pretending and the Demigods dismember Vala, whose body parts turn into gem seeds which contain talismanic powers, made more powerful the purer the gem. Vedic crystal practices is still alive in modern India and are used by both the older and younger generations.

Looking For Something More In Depth On Crystals

The healing power of crystals

One source of info, from basics to the deeper questions when it comes to crystals? I hear ya.

You can check out the below guide and workbook which comes with 9 printouts to help you understand crystals, and how to use them for your own benefit.

This guide is perfect if youre completely new to crystals and want to learn more, or if you already have some basic knowledge but arent sure how to use crystals yourself.

I cover the main topics of crystals including chakras, meditating and manifesting with crystals in real simple terms.

You can check out all the info about the guide and workbook in this link, which includes a video and a sneak peek into the guide.

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Healing Crystals For Teens And Young Adults

For many teens and young adults, making the leaps between school, college, and university can provide excitement and anxiety in equal parts. You may find yourself excited and eager one moment, then nervous, worried, stressed or overwhelmed the next.

With so many big changes happening, finding a supportive, accessible complementary therapy can provide positive benefits to your energies physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Find out more about which healing crystals can help you:

  • have a more restful sleep
  • counter self-doubt

The Celebrity Crystal Obsession

Today’s crystal craze has been amplified by the famous and influential, who increasingly share their possession of semi-precious stones and participation in using them for self-care. Adele, for example, has been open about her battle with stage fright before shows and is frequently quoted talking about her use of crystals to calm her nerves. As someone who doesn’t present as particularly ‘woo woo’, her endorsement serves to validate their benefits for those who are crystal-curious but might not be knowledgeable on energetic traditions like acupuncture, yoga or ayurveda.

Victoria Beckham is another A-list fan, telling Allure that she travels with her crystals because she’s “quite a superstitious person”, and reportedly uses them backstage at her fashion shows. “I’ve got all different colours,” she said. Likewise, Naomi Campbell is said to keep black tourmaline and a rose quartz in her bag as symbols of protection and love, while Miranda Kerr quite literally keeps her crystals close to heart. In a video interview with us, Kerr reveals she keeps a rose quartz in her handbag and in her bra:

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Okay You’ve Got Your Precious Stones Now What

Regardless of which one you choose, make sure to charge your crystal by letting it sit in a sunny window sill or outside in direct sunlight or moonlight for at least four hours, Mercree says. Soaking up sunlight and moonlight helps your crystals hold more energy, she explains.

If crystals can support us in a way that we cant see but we can feel, isnt that powerful enough?

Then, in the same way that you need a sense of direction in order to be most productive, so does your crystal, Askinosie says. “Giving your crystal a job allows you to set your intention for the work youll do together.”

When setting your intention, try to get specific as possible, suggests Askinosie. If you’re trying to bring more energy into your life, visualize how you would feel with that added boost. If you’re trying to cultivate more peace, think calming thoughts.

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To “program” your crystal, Askinosie recommends sitting quietly, holding the stones in both of your hands, and thinking about your goal. “The stone then absorbs your intention, and becomes activated,” she says. You can then use the crystal in whatever way works for you, such as wearing it as jewelry, placing it in your desk or on a windowsill, or simply holding it in your hand every time you need to be reminded of your intention.

For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah,

What The Science Says

The Healing Power Of Blue Calcite And How To Work With It

In all, U.S. consumers spend about $30 billion a year on complementary and alternative medicine. Some — like meditation and yoga — are backed by scientific evidence.

But for many others, thereâs little supporting research.

One of the only studies ever to explore crystal healing was done in 2001 by University of London psychologist Christopher French. He gave 80 volunteers booklets explaining the sensations they might have while holding crystals, including tingling limbs, increased concentration, and heightened energy. Then he gave half of the participants genuine gemstones and the other half fakes made of cheap plastic. Those holding a fake were just as likely to respond physically as those holding the real thing. Frenchâs conclusion: The power of suggestion — not flowing energy — was to credit.

A study done in 2013 examined magnetic bracelets, often used as remedies for pain. Researchers assigned 70 people with rheumatoid arthritis to consecutively wear one of four different devices for 5 weeks each. They found no difference between the bracelets in easing pain or inflammation.

While Himalayan salt lamp sellers say their lamps give off negative ions that can boost feel-good brain chemicals, they can cite no quality studies.

But that is not to say they donât help some people, he says.

In other words, if you believe it helps, it just might.

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What Is Crystal Healing

Crystals are rocks, minerals, and other healing stones that humans have used for thousands of years for their healing powers. Crystal meanings are the healing properties ascribed to each type of crystal and gem. They are determined through a combination of experimentation, intuition, and sometimes channeling. An example of a popular crystal meaning is that amethyst helps with psychic development and intuition. The above list of crystals and their meanings with pictures should help you understand their powers.

Healing Powers Of Crystals

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is known as the loving stone. It opens the wearer to love whether that be platonic, sexual or spiritual. A healer of physical and mental heart aches, use this crystal if you desire to learn self love or seek to find inner peace.


Fluorite is known as the protector gemstone, with abilities to ward of negative energy from other people. This stone can also help the wearer find spiritual peace and aid in meditation practises.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has been said to unblock mental confusion or emotional burdens. It is thought to be the crystal that links material and celestial worlds and has healing energy.


Hematite is a grounding stone and is good for calming the spirits when going into stressful situations.


Jade carries calming energy, helping the wearer to find inner peace and self-acceptance and love. It can also help relieve physical pain such as cramps and flushes toxins out of the body.


Amethyst has powerful healing qualities. It brings a sense of calm and balance, clearing the mind of confusion and soothes negative or stressful feelings and emotions. This stone can also balance hormone levels and strengthen the immune system.


Turquoise is said to help interpret dreams, ward off evil and strengthen love and friendship bonds. It can also give a person a sense of confidence in public and impart wisdom to the wearer.




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The Youth And Crystals

It has been interesting to note that the younger generations are getting more attraction than the older ones. I think this is an extremely positive thing happening with humanity. I do believe the reason for this is because they are much more attracted to psychedelic experiences and the connection to their soul being able to openly and freely express themselves. The older generations had to deal with a lot more repression of expression. There was a brief moment in our timeline, during the hippy generation of the 1960s, where expression was extremely popular.

The later years changed that aspect and more repression came about until today, where it seems like we have made a full circle back to the freedom of expression. There seems to be a lot of similarities of interest from then and now, including the festival scene which plays electronic psychedelic music, like trance. In essence, this music puts you into a trance-like state through which people, like those in the younger generations, can connect with nature, other people, and their consciousness. Some have started using crystals and other forms similar to explore their consciousness.

Black Tourmaline And How To Use It

Pin by Barbaras hand made jewerly and on Crystals

One of the most powerful stones for protection, Black Tourmaline acts as your energy bodyguard to create an energetic boundary and protect you from unwanted energy. It works by absorbing the lower vibrational energy around you so you do not take the hit.

Place Black Tourmaline on either side of your front door or carry it with you to keep its protective energy nearby and keep bad vibes at bay. Use the following crystal intention for Black Tourmaline: I am protected.

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How To Use Crystals

There are many different ways to use crystals, and as you work with their energies more you will know exactly how to use each stone. Some of our favorite general ways to use crystals are carrying them in your purse or pocket, placing them in your home, meditating with crystals in your hand, or wearing them as crystal jewelry.

The Best Options For Buying Crystals

  • small independent shops where you can see, feel, and ask questions about the product
  • retailers who provide a certificate of authenticity for rare crystals
  • retailers who provide information on how their crystals are sourced, like Mystic Wolf
  • retailers with realistic price points, since cheaper isnt always better

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What Do We Still Not Understand

While the placebo effect has been observed in many scenarios, theres still a lot about it that we dont understand. Studies are ongoing and we learn more every year.

One of the big questions is the connection between mind and body. How are psychological factors like expectations affecting whats going on inside us?

We know that the placebo effect can lead to the release of various small molecules like neurotransmitters and hormones. These can then interact with other parts of the body to cause changes. However, we still need to work out more details about the specifics of these complex interactions.

Additionally, the placebo effect seems to have a significant impact on some symptoms, such as pain or depression, and not others. This brings up more questions.

Best Healing Crystals To Start With

Do High Quality Crystals Have Super Healing Power More Than Other Crystals?

If youre a beginner and youre not too sure what to do at first or youre not too sure about the chakra system and want to try how the crystals feel for you, the following crystals are the best to start with:

Tiger eye

They are some of the most common ones and are widely available. I like to use Psychic Tree,Energy Muse or Etsy to get my crystals.

To make this a little bit easier for you, I have curated a special list of crystals right hereeesuited to your brand-spanking-new journey with crystals. We all start somewhere, right?

We also love Healing Crystals, they have a super collection of crystals and 10% off your first order.

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Clear Quartz : For Healing

Properties: psychic abilities. healing, energy

Crystal Quartz is a popular crystal for healing, due to the belief that it is ‘the energetic bridge between our conscious and unconscious minds’. It is said to hold and regulate negative energies to allow for a balanced and revitalised self, boosting one’s internal strength.

Amethyst And Rose Quartz To Deepen The Love For Yourself And Others

Also included in our healing crystals guide as part of the beginner starter set, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are a wonderful combination for healing the heart and bringing peace of mind. When used together, these healing rocks have a synergistic effect that opens the heart to unconditional love while soothing the mind with peaceful and relaxing vibes. Knowing how to use crystals like this powerful yet gentle pairing starts with setting an intention for unconditional love. Then, place Amethyst over your third eye chakra and a Rose Quartz over your heart. Meditate with these stones for 6 minutes or more, allowing the energy of love to fill your mind, body, and spirit.

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Healing Power Of Crystals

Crystals arent new age. They have always been a part of our 4.5-billion-year-old-planet. Crystals are powerful healing tools and you can use them to boost your natural spiritual healing power. Crystals can help with your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health and they can support your romantic life, help you and your children sleep better, amplify your healing power and assist you in feeling happy and peaceful. Although they may seem like inert objects, crystals are very much alive. Theyre both filled with energy and are conduits of energy. Thats one reason why crystals are used in watches, radios and modern medical devices.

Crystals amplify their own energy as well as the divine universal energy that has different names, including spirit, chi, qi, prana, light and love, and Reiki. Our experience with this type of therapy has taught us that crystals are alive and filled with exciting and healing messages for us all. As you shop for crystals, you may discover that some of them are human-made, while others are created naturally by mother Earth.

As you conduct crystal therapy, keep in mind that your intention sets the tone for the outcome and because crystals amplify energy, theyll also boost your underlying intention.

Crystal Bath: Acting as a cleansing agent, salt and mineral baths help keep the auric field clean by removing the residue of old unwanted energy.

Elixirs: Adding powdered crystals to water creates a potential elixir.



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